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MAY 9, 2010 10:46PM

Patrick Kennedy: Congressjockey Off the Wagon

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PK rant 

Congressman Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) finally spoke to the press in his home state when they asked him about reports he had recently been shut off at the bar in the congressional lounge after downing 6 shots of vodka. Kennedy didn't respond directly to the allegations in the story which first appeared in Roll Call, newspaper staple of D.C. insiders. He did say that he has always admitted to having, "the disease" [of alcoholism] and that he has, "good days and bad days."


Kennedy also talked about how fortunate he is that, when he falls, he has enough support to, "get back on the horse." That statement may be a mixture of the old adage about always getting back on a horse that throws you, and the metaphor about staying on the proverbial "wagon" to stay sober.


Then again, maybe not.


I have written twice in recent weeks about the congressman's struggle with sobriety. I am sympathetic and I wish him well. But whatever Patrick was trying to say now, he is in no condition to take up equestrianism at this point. He's already had a boating accident and at least one automobile incident since going to Congress. He also had an airport confrontation involving a loud verbal exchange and alleged shoving of a female security guard at LAX (who eventually sought and received a settlement.) But horseback riding is probably not the answer to his dwindling transportation options.


Patrick, it's a WAGON!!  Usually you ride on it or in it and someone else drives it or pulls it. It frees you up to concentrate on staying sober; but it's an inanimate object, a metaphor, a word picture of how one might stay above the fray. That means if you screw up, at least no horse gets injured in the process!


So do yourself a favor; stay off the horses and get on the wagon, and try to ride out the last 8 months of your term quietly, safely, and with as much dignity as you may have left.


A lot of us are rooting for you!



(Click the link below to see Patrick Kennedy's comments for yourself)


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Good luck Patrick. Try not to kill anybody on your "bad" days. You are kind to him Mary Ann.
Horses, wagons,programs...all very confusing. How about put the damn bottle down, Patrick! Maybe he should just go to Maine and stay with family there.
Is THAT a wig? hmmmm.... he isn't the most handsome of the Kennedy men, is he?
Is it just me Mary Ann, or is there something un-grownup about a middle-aged man who wears a fringe like that ? He reminds me of the disgraced guy from Chicago.

It may seem like a superficial observation, but I do think people's hair - coiffed, permed, shaven, dyed - tells us much about them.
I think of Donald Trump, and wonder what goes on beneath the fringe. Is it Elvis, do you think ?

I'm aware that JFK and Robert wore fringes, but not like Patrick.
Tell me I'm reading too much into this, Mary Ann.
He will be fine, once he opens his sub shop in Hyannis next year.
He really should forget about the politics thing. He is tilting at windmills here and for the sake of everyone concerned, he needs to withdraw from the political game. He's just not cut out for it, and I mean that in a way that has nothing to do with his alcoholism. He doesn't have the internal conviction, he has been going through the motions his entire life. He needs to detach, rehab and then find some other thing, away from politics --- that will give him a reason to live.
Nice post, Mary Ann. I'm rooting for him.
All of our Politicians are like petulant children dressed up in adult costumes. Man am I getting jaded about stuff....
Great, funny post!
His hair? Not handsome? I need a drink.
Deb- I'm glad you thought this was "kind" - I almost didn't post it because I didn't want to kick him while he was thanks.

Poppi- I hope he CAN put the bottle down. Mostly I hope he gets out of public life and starts being his own person. I think he hates politics, frankly.

PattyJane- No, it's not a wig...they are blessed with enormourly thick heads of hair...(I wish I had some of that!)

Larry - You keep mentioning the sub shop at the Cape...Do you know something we don't know??

And Kim - Now that you point it out, they kind of ARE fond of fringes in that family! (They were also very fond of women...Patrick, on the other hand, is no lothario.)

Ablonde- You are right on target (again!) Thanks

Fay- I am too!

deadzoned - Your description is kind...I call them whores.

catnmus- Welcome to my page...glad I made you smile

nerdcred- Cheers! and Thanks for the read and comments