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John Melton
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January 24
Country lawyer. Recently left an awful law firm where I represented large banks. Now I represent PEOPLE. Doing lots of criminal defense work and representation of small businesses. I feel better.

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AUGUST 21, 2011 3:04PM

Make The Deadbeat Poor Pay Up!

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I'm shocked! I just read a blog by Markinjapan (lefty liberal). He posted a video clip of the Jon Stewart show. Stewart cites a Fox News story that reports that more than 99% of "poor" people in America-presumably including those freeloaders on welfare-have refrigerators! What's worse, about 25% of these so-called "poor" have dishwashers!

No wonder we're so far in debt! These "poor" people live in the lap of luxury while hard working hedge fund managers are getting buy on as little as $100,000,000.00 per year and have to fork over 15%-17% of this in taxes to support these deadbeats. It's just shocking!

No wonder our rich are unable-try as they might-to create good jobs. So much of our precious resources are just wasted on luxury items like refrigerators for the poor.

This problem is just going to grow. In 2008, 39.8 million people were in poverty, up from 37.3 million in 2007 -- the second consecutive annual increase in the number of people in poverty and this trend is expected to continue (Census Bureau 2010). This means, the burden on the rich just gets more burdensome by the day.

Why do so many in America choose poverty? The answer is clear-to avoid paying federal income taxes. Nearly 51% of Americans now pay no income tax. Most of these non-payers are poor or at least low income people. Sure, some rich folks avoid paying income tax, but it's much harder for them. The best way to avoid income tax is clearly to be poor.It's tried and true. If you want to avoid income taxes, being poor is the way to go.  No wonder so many choose this lifestyle.

What is the answer to this growing problem with poor people? How do we discourage poorness? Make them start paying income taxes! If they have to sell those fancy refrigerators to pay their fair share to Uncle Sam, that'll teach 'em that being poor just doesn't pay. Before you know it, people will be giving up their "poor" lifestyle choice and becoming rich. America will be good again and poverty will disappear.

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I almost snorted milk through my nose reading and laughing with this post!
I detect sarcasm..and the detector is clamouring.
And of course, there is a sad story in this as well.

Nice spoof!
Excellent post, John.

I needed a good laugh this afternoon...and you provided it.

The perennial malevolent moron took off on a M.A., and soon to be PhD, earlier today. Now he's chosen to spread his fetid seed on a lawyer's blog.

The guy whose brains could fit on the head of a pin with room to spare relishes, especially challenging profesionals.

The idiot who can't even spell his lord and savior's first name right:



shows that his empty head is matched by the lack of a heart.

Too cowardly to view the blog himself, he vents his spleen on You, John.

Remember, this is the same idiot who admits he loves to argue and is proud to have been thrown off of three blogs, so far.

Wear his scorn as a badge of courage, John.

Nice satire John. It's like the unemployment rate where very decade an extra 5% of the population cavalierly gets lazy and abandons their jobs.
Enjoyed this, John. THANK YOU. My dishwasher gave out ages ago and as it's a built-in it's quite beyond my limited imagination (and budget) to figure out how/whether to replace it. So the sink is full of unwashed dishes (and fruit flies). But the refrigerator works "jes fine"! So am I "poor"? or "rich"? ???? ;-) R