"Netanyahu’s ‘Telegenically Dead’ Comment Is Grotesque but Not Original"


By Glenn Greenwald 

"Benjamin Netanyahu, yesterday, on CNN, addressing worldwide sympathy for the civilian victims of Israeli violence in Gaza:

"They want to pile up as many civilian dead as th

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"israel Admits Shelling UN School in Gaza, Bizarrely Claims No One Killed

At Least 16 Confirmed Dead by Locals in Last Week's Attack"

by Jason Ditz, 

 "israel’s narrative on the Thursday shelling of a UN school full of refugees in the Gaza Strip continues to morph, going from initialRead full post »

"Since its creation in 1948, Israeli politicians have refused to accept the existence of Palestinians by demonizing them in a variety of ways. As an example, in 1996 Golda Meir stated the following: “It was not as if there was [sic.] a Palestinian people in Palestine and we came and threwRead full post »

Now it’s Israel’s IDF Leveling Gaza

"About six years ago, as part of his Bar Mitzvah, my son Jed did a project on the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, producing his own graphic novel about the underground fighters who used courage, creativity and the city’s sewer system to,

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"Lament for Shejaiya 

by NORMAN POLLACK July 23, 2014

 "Among Jews today, Israel is an end in itself, the demand for uniformity of acceptance, synchronized with acts of invasion, now deafening. Thirteen days into the present military attack, onslaught, really, given an intensified warRead full post »

"The Arab-Israeli author moved to Jerusalem as a child and has devoted his life to telling Israelis the Palestinian story. But last week he decided to emigrate with his family to the US.

on I am going away from here. In a few days we'll be leaving Jerusalem,… Read full post »

"Those who turned Gaza into an internment camp for 1.8 million people should not be surprised when they tunnel underneath the earth."

By Amira HassJul. 21, 2014 | 5:42 AM

"I’ve already raised the white flag. I’ve stopped searching the dictionary for the word to descr… Read full post »

Worldwide protests against Israel's Gaza slaughter

Tens of thousands of people around the world took part in demonstrations protesting Israel's latest military operation against rocket-firing Palestinian resistance fighters in Gaza, a week-long offensive that has overwhelmingly killed innocent civil

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"Since its creation in 1948, Israeli politicians have refused to accept the existence of Palestinians by demonizing them in a variety of ways. As an example, in 1996 Golda Meir stated the following: “It was not as if there was [sic.] a Palestinian people in Palestine and we came and threwRead full post »

JULY 10, 2014 3:26PM

Ignorance is bliss

"Who Started ‘the Cycle of Violence’ in Palestine?

And who keeps it going?

by Justin Raimondo, July 09, 2014

"The latest spate of violence in Israel and the occupied territories has been the occasion for anguished references to the "cycle of violence," as if it were l… Read full post »

Obama's "No Tolerance" for Freedom of Speech Policy (or Lament for Sunshine Week)

By Dr Marsha Coleman-Adebayo, Black Agenda Report

"The Obama Administration has once again earned the shameful reputation for being the most secretive and punitive administration against whistleblowers in the histoRead full post »

By Karen Garcia

"Remember around this time last year when President Obama gave his big ballyhooedDrone Speech, promising more transparency to the citizen-consumers of America about who, when, where and why he obliterates and maims with his flying missiles?

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This post is expressly requested by odor/(UN)exaggerated:

 By Gene Healy

"Good news: thanks to a ruling by the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Monday, the “most transparent administration in history” is going to have to tell American citizens when it believes it’s legallRead full post »

"By Joachim Hagopian

Global Research, April 16, 2014


The US government has always been the first to call out other nations with poor track records on human rights abuses. Invariably they are the two nations viewed most threatening to America’s global hegemony and power – rivals Rus… Read full post »

APRIL 3, 2014 7:40PM

Lies of omission and commission

obamamaniacs like to point to the landmark achievement of this larcenous, deceiving administration as being the Affordable Care Act, which is indeed an act; but is neither affordable, nor does it offer care to those it was billed bilked to help; the uninsured, principally the poor.

 We have… Read full post »

The Imperial Bully 


"I doubt that the Ukraine crisis precipitated by Washington’s overthrow of the democratic government is over.  Washington has won the propaganda war everywhere outside of Russia and Ukraine itself. Within Ukrai… Read full post »

MARCH 23, 2014 9:02PM

"Obama’s Dumbest Plan Yet"

Needless to say, Mr. Whitney is no friend of the liar/war criminal-in-chief, having been the basis for a recent previous post, and I find the FACTS in his analysis compelling, here - a continuation of the ham-handed approach, which values expediency over principles and morality :

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by Eric Zuesse

 "No, he didn't say it; no politician does; instead, he proves it, by both what he does and what he says (as will be shown here)."


"A politician shows his values, and makes clear his priorities, not by what he says, but instead by what he actually&nbsRead full post »

MARCH 14, 2014 2:46PM

"Obama: The Willing Executioner"

The Politics of Illusion



"“The crimes of the United States have been systematic, constant, vicious, remorseless, but very few people have actually talked about them. You have to hand it to America. It has exercised a quite clinical manipulation of power worldwide while maRead full post »

DECEMBER 1, 2013 5:13PM

Pretend It Was President McCain

By Anthony Gregory 

 "The president has had a tough few months. Many of his defenders wish to shift blame for the big policy problems to his detractors. I have a question for them.

What if McCain had won in 2008 and 2012? What if the current scandals, power grabs, and policy disastersRead full post »

The Discussion Option as Ploy

How to Stifle the Democratic Process by GENE GLICKMAN

"Politicians and military strategists are prone to talking about options. They say things like “all options are on the table,” or “we have no option but to….” When resistance starteRead full post »


Some smart people thought, and perhaps some still think, that the 2003-2011 war on Iraq was unique in that it was promoted with the use of blatant lies.  When I’d researched dozens of other wars and failed to find one that wasn’t based onRead full post »

Buy Congress Than To Go It Alone


Will They Back Another American War Crime?


"While still claiming dictatorial powers to start a war on his own authority, Obama put his unilateral attack on Syria on hold when he received a letter from more than 160 members/… Read full post »

One would think that an american president in this new millenia, especially one deemed a Constitutional scholar would be quite well-schooled in the provisions of the Geneva Conventions, their implications, and ramifications.  However, the current occupant of theWhite House, as many here maintainRead full post »

"War on Syria: Twenty Pounds of Stupid in a Ten-Pound Bag"

By William Rivers Pitt

"I'm just going to throw this out . . . : instead of attacking Syria, how about we don't attack Syria?

Crazy, I know; this is America, after all, and our presidents like nothing more than to… Read full post »