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obama: a good and decent man!

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Warrior in Chief


Published: April 28, 2012


"THE president who won the Nobel Peace Prize less than nine months after his inauguration has turned out to be one of the most militarily aggressive American leaders in decades."


"Liberals helped to elect Barack Obama in part because of his opposition to the Iraq war . . ."


"If those on the left were listening, they didn’t seem to care. The left, which had loudly condemned George W. Bush for waterboarding and due process violations at Guantánamo, was relatively quiet when the Obama administration, acting as judge and executioner, ordered more than 250 drone strikes in Pakistan since 2009, during which at least 1,400 lives were lost.

Mr. Obama’s readiness to use force — and his military record — have won him little support from the right. Despite countervailing evidence, most conservatives view the president as some kind of peacenik. From both the right and left, there has been a continuing, dramatic cognitive disconnect between Mr. Obama’s record and the public perception of his leadership: despite his demonstrated willingness to use force, neither side regards him as the warrior president he is." 


"Compare Mr. Obama’s use of drone strikes with that of his predecessor. During the Bush administration, there was an American drone attack in Pakistan every 43 days; during the first two years of the Obama administration, there was a drone strike there every four days. And two years into his presidency, the Nobel Peace Prize-winning president was engaged in conflicts in six Muslim countries: Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and Libya. The man who went to Washington as an “antiwar” president was more Teddy Roosevelt than Jimmy Carter."


"Once in office, Mr. Obama signed off on a large increase in the number of C.I.A. officers on the ground in Pakistan and an intensified campaign of drone warfare there; he also embraced the use of drones or covert military units in places like Somalia and Yemen, where the United States was not engaged in traditional land warfare. (Mr. Bush, who first deployed C.I.A.-directed drones, did not do so on the scale that Mr. Obama did; and Mr. Obama, of course, had the benefit of significantly improved, more precise, drone technology.)"


"What accounts for the strange, persistent cognitive dissonance about this president and his relation to military force? Does it stem from the campaign in which Mrs. Clinton repeatedly critiqued Mr. Obama for his stated willingness to negotiate with Iran and Cuba? Or is it because he can never quite shake the deliberative tone and mien of the constitutional law professor that he once was? 

. . . yet many continue to see him as the negotiator in chief rather than the warrior in chief that he actually is." 

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NOT my definition of a "good and decent man."
An unrelated aspect of this “disconnect” that I have noticed is in the area of immigration. The administration made one weak run at immigration law reform, which clearly is required. The silence on that issue has been deafening since. On the enforcement side, however, it would be hard to imagine a more aggressive administration in terms apprehension and deportation. Depending on one's point of view, the word “heartless” might come to mind.
The face of a puppet however kind shown is still a guy getting his strings pulled....

It is getting increasingly ugly out there Mark.
Ugly indeed.
But you may have made the point- I don't see him as gleefully playing a video game to blow people up, as I did a certain previous CiC. His persona is that he's doing it because it needs to be done. How many times has mankind tried to negotiate peace only to find out that the only way to achieve it was to beat up the bully, first? When you are a bully yourself, you don't see that distinction.

Obama, to me, looks like the guy who was bullied, and the 2008 campaign had a bit of that in it and the Republican obstructionism has overtones of bullying. He approaches it with an even demeanor. And goes ahead and does his job. I hope he is learning to negotiate better, too. I think he gives in to Boehner too easily.

Up with Chris Hayes is discussing this now, and how Obama has actually fulfilled all of his foreign policy promises. He wants to end the mindset of going to war. The Stark Treaty with Russia? To decrease nuclear stockpiles. I hadn't heard of that.

While all you say here is true, and would be no matter who was POTUS, it's nice to see a dearth of gloating at the podium.
Brassawe, I know many here compile lists of the liar-in-chiefs accomplishments. I find it FAR easier to see the multiplicity of abject failures.

I think that if the next unemployment report is as abysmal as yesterdays, a new plantation owner will be chosen by big money.

Thanks for adding that pithy facet to the blog, and needless to say, thanks for coming.
Mission, as You know,nI read a lot of economic forums and blogs. I'm alarmed at how many predict that the misery index is on the verge of turning into blooding the streets.

No matter, how this story unfolds, it won't be pretty.

Thanks for taking the time to visit.
Phyllis, as You know, our relationship started with a "speed bump," for which I accept FULL and TOTAL responsibility.

Since then, my esteem for You has been and continues to grow exponentially, but I have to take issue with You concerning fulfilling his promises - many remain unfulfilled.

One I would cite is his promise of transparency. This is one of the most secretive administrations in my memory.

Another ruse is Guantanamo. Yes, it has been, largely, emptied, but Bagram now hold three times as many detainees as Guantanemo did at its height.

One thing I want to make crystal clear, is that You are ALWAYS welcome here, whether You agree or disagree with me.

Thanks, once again, for visiting.
no political leanings here...but i think most presidents who have no real military experience...base actions on what they are told NEEDS to be done.
This is the comment I left over on libbyliberal's related post:
"Not to get picky but a commando raid and some drone attacks seems to me a lot more rational than invading the wrong country and pissing away over 4000 KIA, 30,000 wounded and God only knows how many Iraqi lives wasted because Saddam plotted to assassinate your Daddy... lesser of many evils."

Obama's walking a tight rope to a second term and since I live in California, a forgone conclusion, I have the luxury of creatively wasting my vote by casting it for the Green Party candidates.
Steel Breeze, it's always an honor to have a new visitor and I thank You for coming. As in my response to Phyllis, dissent is tolerated on this blog, but there HAVE been instances, when this, as You point out non-mitary experienced guy has ignored the advice of others.

Libya comes to mind. He was clearly told that his proposed actions were ILLEGAL, but he went ahead with them anyway.

Thanks for visiting, and please come back WHENEVER You are moved to.
I'm not disagreeing, just still more on his side than not. You're right- I am disappointed about the transparency and Guantanamo and the laws passed to restrict demonstrations and the list could go on. But we're going to get this from whomever is in office. Obama at least SAYS he doesn't want war with Iran. He's not singing songs about turning them into a parking lot.
Jmac, nice to see You, agin, but I must take issue with Your word "wasted;"

I think the more people reject the increasingly dangerous tradition of voting for the lesser of two evils "they" offer us, and vote with our hearts, based on morals and principles, that that is the only way this rapidly decaying country can be salvaged - maybe it will take years, but four more years of obama, I think, will destroy the last vestiges of hope.

I, already, have given up on any change from this man.

Thanks, again, for taking the time.
Well, my good friend, Torrito, we got half of the bill of rights.

Only thing is, we didn't expect it to be further destruction of that Bill.

Thanks for echoing my expectations, my friend.
But Phyllis, at the risk of alienating You, I am compelled to say, that despite improved locution, this guy has a propensity for saying one thing, and then turning around and doing the other.

In my mind, that's lying; and lying not about trivial matters.

I ALWAYS appreciate return visits - thank You SO much.
It'll take more than a reasoned discussion to alienate me, and I appreciate being able to read other viewpoints on my thoughts.

Don't all politicians lie? It's a given fact, discussed in a totally bipartisan fashion. I want to believe that this guy will watch out for me. I don't believe that Republicans care as much about domestic issues. I want someone who gives lip service to equality. The other party has shown, especially in the past 2 years, what our future is going to be unless we stand up. I think i said before, at least it seems to be going slower in that direction with this guy. Yes, it could all be a fake out. But again, what can we do? I live in a county that votes straight Republican. Indiana. Read the comments in the IndyStar and the Journal & Courier. We have a choice- full steam ahead to the 18th century or a fake out behind the scenes. Not much of a choice, is it.
Well, Phyllis, at this point I have no choice, but in good conscience to agree with You. It is a rare creature, indeed, who feels the thrill of power and doesn't use it to lie to us.

Here in Japan, we've had six "leaders' in the past seven years - all have been liars, and one a drunk, too.

I have been taking much of my cue from Libby, and may likely vote for Jill Stein. Others have swayed me in the direction of Rocky Anderson.

There are one or two others, whom may merit consideration. I doubt that I could vote democrat in ANY circumstance, as they have been too complicit in so many crimes, both in this administration and the past one.

I have NEVER voted republican in my life.

One thing I DO know is that I consider this election to be VERY fluid, and there may be some VERY unforeseen circumstances to occur between now and November.

A second thing I know is that, although my vote may be "wasted," I will not under any circumstances be expedient at the expense of my personal morals and principles.

It is now the last day of Golden Week holidays, here, and as most things Japanese, the holiday is NOT a week, and especially this year, is far from golden; so any who comment hereafter will please accept my apologies for late responses.

Finally, I'd like to express my profound gratitude to You, Phyllis, for Your forbearance. Truly, You are a special woman; which leads me to one final point:

I believe the adage that generally speaking, men are warriors; women, nurturers. This creaky Earth desperately needs more and more and more nurturers.
Someday Mark, my friend, you'll be able to write TINK: A GOOD AND DECENT MAN, and use the same points.

It doesn't matter how they start out, Washington DC changes a person into what it wants, and apparently DC wants war and yelling and screaming and hissy fits.

Just watch a typical issue debate on the Hill, lets say, WE SHOULD HELP THE POOR AND GIVE THEM SUICIDE BOOTHS, an issue you'd think people would agree with, poor people should just kill themselves but oh no, the Democrats would be all crying about how poor people have the right to live too!


Seriously, Power and the All Mighty Dollar changes people, no matter how much they say it won't, it will. Politics is a game no one should play, especially those who go into politics on choice!!

Stupid politicians!!!

~wanders off~
Tink, it's feels like a long time since I've seen You in these parts; and I can't think of anyone whom I'd rather send me off to beddy-bye.

Actually, were I to let my latent prurience run wild, I, likely, COULD think of some who I'd like to ACCOMPANY me to beddy-bye!!!

You say with humor, much the same that I say with fire and brimstone, and EVERYONE knows that humor IS the best medicine, so as I am seldom given to the lighter-side:

Let me be perfectly clear about this: TINK: A GOOD AND DECENT MAN (with no ifs, ands, buts, or maybes).

What You doin' later tonight, You cute Kitty?

Sorry Ya' all, but I gotta go, NOW - I may have a HOTT date, later tonight - good gosh it's morning here, already.

Tea and crumpets, my dear Kitten?
I can only echo what I said on Libby's blog

Obama dishonors and disgusts anyone who has a claim of being a true "Warrior"- The "honor" of a "warrior" is in faithfully carrying out a task assigned by his commander in chief, no matter how revolting or filthy the warrior may personally find the task.

Obama revels in the Filth
To sort of amplify what Tink talked about, the way things get done in DC is so smelly that Jesus Christ as POTUS would be hogtied in getting away from the Washington Consensus. There's no doubt that Obama is a good man, but he's also a realist. And he realizes that the same forces that helped assassinate JFK are alive and well today. There is a judgement call that every POTUS has to make as to how much hell-raising they can accomplish before they get some kind of major political backlash.

The problem is, some asshat like G.W. can raise all the hell he wants with impunity, but someone on the left finds hundreds of constraints on their actions. I don't see it so much as a problem with Obama, although I have some major issues with him. The problem is how rotten and unworkable our current form of government has come.

Occupy Wall Street. And maybe a Constitutional Convention.
Mark, thanks for the informative post about the administration's actions in various areas! This is all material that needs to be discussed and not swept under the carpet which is more often than not the case with the MSM. And beyond discussion we definitely need some serious policy changes with an administration that came into office with a lot of good will amongst many voters.
[r] Obama is running on his being an appealing "celebrity" and MSNBC propaganda factory is embracing it full hog, which means the gamesmanship is everything progressives are embracing it full hog. Faux-Progressives pedaling back their criteria for what is a good enough leader. The messengers are their enemies, not the betrayers of our republic.

The first Iraq war waged because daddy Bush's manhood was challenged by Norman Mailer. I am listening to MSNBC try to "stick it" to the conservatives with Obama's military prowess (a/k/a massive war crimes). More macho egoism.

Post-Morality America. Played, played, played citizenry, becoming more and more infected players themselves with amorality. Propaganda on the tube is all over.

I heard some guest on Moyers reveal that the dean of West Point went to Hollywood to beg the producers of "24" to tone down the "torture" promotion since cadets at West Point were emulating iconic Jack Bauer and romanticizing torture and respecting its "results" to such a degree it was alarming even the WP leadership!!!

Obama's puffing up about bin laden and his handlers and NEO-liberals who so aren't liberals AT ALL puffing up his image about the bin laden kill. Really shameless stuff.

Who was it who just wrote an article about "acting sincere" ... how Obama pulls off the "acting sincerity" so well. Madison Avenue has for years been softening up and seducing a country, and Obama is one more advertising front man, for horrors we can't even begin to imagine, and mark, we have good imaginations, and I suspect even we would be shocked by the degrees of amorality.

No, I don't agree ANYONE would end up corrupt as president. That is a crap cop-out for those enabling a conscienceless status quo, those not willing to stand up for justice and morality.

Most Americans have jumped the shark even of Good Germanhood imho.

best, libby
Just stunning how cynical most Democrats have become now that Obama has pissed all over their hopes and dreams. Dems now try to justify assassination and torture as if everybody does it. Shame on them.
And don't forget the drone attacks on those pesky little militant Filipinos. Using decency and politician in the same sentence is likely to cause a nuclear meltdown.

Thanks to all the hard work of the Bush Dyanasty and their elitist, militaristic buddies, we have a presidential chair that, when filled by Obama, or anyone else can wield his loaded gun (drones) arbitrarily against anyone, anytime, anywhere and it will be perfectly legal to do so. THANK YOU DUBYA FOR THE GRAND OL' PATRIOT ACT!

And it’s not just foreign policy folks! The FAA is opening up airspace for drones over the U.S.

Remember when drones were just “spies in the skies” in Iraq and Afghanistan; no weapons were used? Hmmm! Anyone else see a problem on the horizon (well, actually high in the sky)?

DON’T FORGET TO PAY YOUR TAXES, Uncle Sam will come a knockin and he’ll be packing!

It's a bird! It's a plane! Ahh shit! It's a dr☠
Herr Rudolph, echoing words that pear on Libby's blog is esteemed here, other than the words oh her singular personal troll.

Our history goes back far enough, that I NEVER have difficulty understanding Your intent.

Your cause is noble. I share it with You.

I am humbled every time You come to visit, as I am now as another hot, humid, and extremely miserable day commences its journey into my daily drudgery.

I am grateful to awaken to Your words, just as I was grateful to depart, just a few short hours ago, with Tink's.
ONL, there is no doubt that our "system" is "rotten and unworkable ,"
but good men do NOT knowingly continue drone strikes conservatively estimated to have innocent children, women, and men as the collateral damage estimated to be 14%.

That is NOT my definition of a good man.

YOU are a good man;

and throughout the years, I continue to welcome and feel honored by Your presence.

Please NEVER stop visiting.
Yes, You've been deleted jejune aka Andrew Dynowski, as Julie clearly identified your racist as*, on first guess in response to your challenge to OS.

Neo-nazis and racists get no platform, here.
Take Your rating, jejune and shove it up your as*, jejune.

Sorry to have to close comments, folks.
Might as well, let jejune spew his endless stream of malevolence and defense of his mental deficiencies and delete them all en masse, after.
*ahem*. Thanks for emptying the trash, Mark. It was getting rather "ripe".

I'd like to address JMAC's and, kinda sorta Phyllyis's, comments about the Green Party.

Obama and the Dinocrats have proven themselves to be a bunch of power hungry liars. The Rethuglicans are the same, but with a bigger dose of hate.

The only alternative to "more of the same", gee whizz handwringing-ism is to support a viable third party. Will this party win the next election? Of course not! But you have to start somewhere, so even a "wasted" California vote is really a building block in the wall that is being built to stop the spread of corporately funded fascism that currently OWNS this country.

Write in Sanders/Warren in 2012 and vote Green Party when ever possible!
Ya' know Designator, last night we were watching "All Godd Things," which has a strong element of how big power can sweep things under the rug.

After the movie, my wife asked how could such crimes be covered up?

During the week, I had listened to an interview with Jesse Trentadue concerning his seventeen year fight to unearth the truth behind Oklahoma City.

I took a brief moment to trace several stories:

The grassy knoll and those who swear shots were also fired from in front of the motorcade. How jack ruby could just waltz into a Dallas police station ARMED.

The true story of the Branch Davidians; and how janet reno took the fall. An invasion that had to have been ordered by the big kahuna.

The recent reports of a woman present at the assassination of Robert Kennedy, who. likewise, swears multiple shots were fired from the front, and Sirhan Sirhan was simply a decoy.

How they lock up these guys in solitary, so as never to allow them to speak to the press.

Noriega, solitary confinement for APPROXIMATELY twenty years, and then to France for more, and finally back to Panama, where he is so vilified so as to not blow the whistle on his former role as a CIA asset and his part in the guns for hostages fiasco.

poppy pardon of clairidge, fiers, and clair george at the last moment, not to mention numerous other Iran-Contra criminals, earlier.

And so much more - the mind boggles.

I explained that the layers of deceit become too numerous for most people to discern, and that when one finally unravels, it is so much later, and so many others have been committed in the interim.

I, too, place much blame on the MSM.

Thanks for Your contribution, Designator.
Libby, often as I write, echoes of Your most recent posts echo within my head. You've taught me so much, and I am VERY grateful.

Then You come to my blog with righteous indignation and teach me more, such as the west point story You relate today.

My Gawd, how can ANYBODY keep up with it all.

Do You EVER sleep?

Please find a way to nourish and find respite as horrors to come are beyond imagination.

As I mentioned to Mission, the economic blogs usually deal with the market ONLY - some even prohibit political discourse, yet they are more and more filled with stories of blood on the streets.

"Blood on the streets" used to refer to stock market crashes, but now they are talking about when the missy index will actually trigger armed insurrections.

As always, thanks for giving me the strength to carry on - I am awed by Your courageous spirit.
Peter, thanks for stopping by.

Shame, You say. These cretins have been conditioned by television programs such as Libby mentioned and endless sports spectacles to the extent that they are little different than the spectators at the Coliseum cheering on the lions.

Were that Roman Coliseum, lions, human victims transported to modern day america, they'd likely name it arco arena or Madison Square/Verizon Garden.

Yes, a shame, Peter, but also a highly visible (to some) sham.
Thanks, Boomer, for many things, but especially " those pesky little militant Filipinos." How dare them lack gratitude for all we've done to destroy their country and leave them one of the most destitute countries in this hemisphere.

Nervy little yellow people!

True story: I met my wife, while "home" to walk my Father, may He r.i.p. through the last eleven months of his battle with cancer and hen to obey the strictures of his religion concerning morning.

When we went to the town office of the hamlet in which I was raised, the clerk at two records was clearly aggrieved, as the form only had three choices:

Caucasian, Hispanic, and Afro-American, so she asked me should I write in yellow, and we simply showed her our arms and wrists, Yumiko's color far fairer than mine.

She settled on "Asian colored" woman, whatever the f*ck that's supposed to mean.

The new generation of drones will be able to hover for forty-eight hours, double the time of tyne old(e) ones.

The old and the new are, now, being marketed to police departments across the home of the "free" and the brave.

Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose.

Thanks for the visit, Bob.
Thanks SO much, Amy. When I was mentioning Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson, I was struck by a not infrequent mental block. I knew I was missing some key people of conscience.

How could I forget Elizabeth Warren and Bernie.

Lord knows, I read the Bernie Buzz religiously.

The National Guard would have to be mobilized and our war tanks retrofitted to take out even a smidgeon of the trash.

Thanks, Amy, this lesser of two evils crap has gone on too long, with disastrous results.

Only an idiot who would contraDICKT shrub's admissions of torture could continue to do the same thing repeatedly.

"Radical" doctors in support of torture and genocide. Why not just volunteer to oversee water boarding?

A breath of fresh air You are Amy.

Please forgive me those who have chosen to PM me - I'm all wiped out for now. Your patience is greatly appreciated.
It has been awhile since I've wandered into your neighborhood, been trying to keep up with everyone, but every so often, I go take a nap in the neighbor's laundry!! Nothing says, HELLO NAPTIME!! like laundry straight from the dryer!!

And a bowl of cream just hits the belly too!!!

(I think those politicians in DC just need some warm laundry and a bowl of cream, a nice nap, and maybe they'll see the world like they should...or a swift kick in the nuts!! ~:D)
As Tink departs, I'll just wander off to the FAR LEFT corner of the room and with tear-filled eyes, yell: Don't forget who LOVES YOU, and has some Kittie-treats for Ya'.
I'm a little surprised the extremely pro-corporate New York Times would post something like that. Thanks for reposting.
Just shows that if You spend enough time digging for gold You stumble upon nuggets in the unlikeliest of places.

"The Grey Lady," much like the Washington Post has turned into rags, and it is indeed sad.

Thanks for stopping by, Dr.
jmac - as a texan I have the luxury of creatively wasting my vote on Obama. :)
Thanks for stopping by, RW. I read a two dozen stock market blogs daily, most populated by the right.

The lesson of Watergate was to follow the money.

Although many of these boards and forums specify no politics allowed, the term blood on the streets used to refer to stock market losses, but now more and more refers to insurrection.

Seemingly, the big boyz, who determine who the next plantation owner have decided that obongo has not delivered sufficiently to their pockets, and they are just about ready to cast him overboard.

In reply to the latest den. fund raising letter requesting $3 to have a drink with the liar-in-chief, I told them I'd sooner drink arsenic with the remains of Idi Amin.

Thanks for the visit, RW.
Joseph, thanks for visiting.

I hope You don't mind if I consider my response to RW, as sufficient to express my thoughts as to voting for obama, although I still wonder what happened to the Texas of Molly Ivins, may She r.i.p.?

Thanks for stopping by, Joseph.
How does the legal system work in the elections?

Is it possible for the progressives to put up an own candidate to see how many real progressives there are ?
Without political leanings or claim to knowledge, I hoped Mr Obama would be America's salvation and even still think that he may be. I believe he has done a lot of good things; however, when I read posts like this, I feel strongly conflicted and question how he could go on with wars. In other words, I cannot reconcile the good he has done with the bad that's going on, and wonder if the wars will indeed end but, like justice, only in "due process" - although that simply doesn't make sense to me, because one war gives way to another. Sorry for mumbling on. That's why I often don't comment on posts of this nature, although I read them and wonder a lot. Even if Mr O. may not be a "good and decent man", is there one to replace him? Or is he the best of all evils?
I'm currently reading "The American Way of War" by Tom Engelhardt (Tom Dispatch - ) in which he describes an almost autonomous volition of the American “condition” which has, like a car without breaks, begun moving forward on a collision course with a wall towards self destruction.

In the book, he makes many references to George Orwell’s 1984 and the paradoxical slogan; “War is peace! Peace is war!” The first few pages describes the efforts of the Bush Administration, which prior to 9/11 was utterly doomed to a very benign seat within history, to capitalize on the moment. The slimy propaganda spewed by the administration and the main stream media worked a miracle seldom viewed in modern politics and resurrected a complete failure.

Like the car without breaks, The American war machine is now on automatic pilot and almost unstoppable. You know the breadth of which I speak as well as I do, but the frightening thing is that, just as in 1984, the American public has become so insecure in our safety and well being that we think invading other countries in an endless, pointless war is in fact the only way to secure peace; bringing to fruition, George Orwell’s vision of the future; War is Peace! Peace is War! Interestingly enough, people expected some sort of instant pacification of human civil liberties in 1984, but that’s when 1984 truly began to be fulfilled, with Ronald Reagan.

Societies are long-term evolutions of thought, something most Americans cannot wrap their minds around. The circumstances in which we find ourselves in are not a product of last year, last election, last decade, but the last ten decades and more. The evolution of the American psyche is an accumulation of ideals that have been allowed to creep into our heads over many generations and that psyche, with its short-term thought process coupled with the long-term evolution of reality has become belligerent, frightening, self-serving and self-destructive in its commonly perceived “yesterday’s” development of events. The truly unfortunate thing is that most don’t even realize we’re on a now almost unstoppable collision course with that wall.

If my crystal ball, all be it somewhat clouded by years of misinformation and neglect, of America’s road to destruction does in fact come to fruition, perhaps in the overall picture of civilization’s evolution that will be a good thing.

For generations Americans have been indoctrinated with the concept that we must win; we must be #1 and at the top of the heap at all costs, for second place is tantamount to being losers. Consequently, Americans fear the inevitable displacement of American in the driver’s seat as though it’s an apocalypse of epic proportions to be rained down upon us like ashes from Mt Vesuvius, but I personally see it as an evolution that virtually all empires succumb to and the demon seed of uber-capitalism spawned by the United States will disappear with the empire that was the United States.

For the benefit of the planet, that needs to happen and soon.
In many respects Obama has been more dangerous than GWB. Obama has extended wars and has used more sophisticated machinery to spy people.

One good sign is that the war in Afghanistan and in Pakistan will end soon... But that war has been worse during the time of Obama than under GWB.

Is America going to attack Iran? The situation is quite dangerous.
Mark, it's been a long time! I have to agree with much of what you say, but then I also have to agree with Tink, and Old Lefty. When I see a better alternative I will go for it, but for now. I will stay with Obama. I do think that down deep, he is a good man. Power corrupts, and no President can keep everyone satisfied because he unfortunately IS, The Commander in Chief!
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