APRIL 28, 2012 7:35PM

Racism in america caused by liberals courtesy lush rimbaugh

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It is sickening enough to have mr. sleaze appear on my blog, that I couldn't bear to post partII. For those with stronger stomachs that mine, part II can be found at Daily Rushbo.
1 minute was all I could tolerate- hearing the kid repeatedly call that disgraceful and disgusting abomination 'Sir' made me rather nauseous.
I suspect that there will be MUCH need for barf bags as a result of this post, Ian.

Thanks for stopping by, and by all means, please don"t be a stranger in these parts, whenever the spirit moves You.
PS - I DID endure the entire disgusting segmentS twice to be prepared for the inevitable defenders of this cretin. I also showered twice after preparing it for posting.
I didn't watch, I can't watch, there's nothing that man has to say that is worth hearing. That he is the most influential person on the Right is all I need to know to know that Right is Wrong
It seems the Commodore 64s which drive the site were down again, as I've not been able to get on for several hours; however patience does have its rewards, and mine today is the pleasure of finding a typical Tom Cordle comment.

For this unacquainted with the genteel gentleman from Tennessee, I would cite his comment below. This guy can make more sense in two sentences than many make in an entire paragraph or dozen.

Thanks for stopping by, Tom.
I'm glad someone is keeping track of the propaganda this turd pumps out.
You definitely have a stronger stomach than I do. I've definitely never been a fan, but his comments saying women who use contraception are "Sluts" and that we should send him a video to watch pretty much finished off Limbaugh for me. (Really? I thought contraceptive use was smart and responsible...)

Time for a bath before bed!
Believe me, it is NOT me keeping track of this pre-neanderthal, Dr. They feature him on one of the only two English language radio stations, both military, needless to say, and it's been years since I heard his sickening voice and cretinous "opinions,' thank the Lord.

I just happened to stumble upon this on one of the progressive sites I hang about.

This guy should have been banned from the public years ago, based on Schenck vs. u.s.; 1919, but it helps keep the military "folk" well-fed.

Thanks for stopping by, Dr. Bramhall.

PS - Last time I listened, he had three prime-time hours a day, longer than any other program.
Thanks for stopping by, Shiral. Excellence in broadcasting featuring mr. misogyny. Take two baths.

Stop on back sometime, would Ya' - it's nice to see some newer visitors from time to time (and we thinking Aquarians gotta' stick together).
Just have to say ...Tom is right. I tried to listen to it, but could not make it to the end. The worst part is how many people take this guy seriously. Good grief!
In my eyes, Rick, Tom is rarely wrong. Recently, however, although I may be mistaken, someone referred to shrub as being elected,when everyone knows he was never elected, but Selected.

In any case, there are few people I hold in higher esteem than Tom. I never realized his age until recently, which only proves the adage that age brings wisdom.

I, also, hold You in great esteem, and without checking, I suspect You, also were one of the earliest additions to my favorites list.

I am honored and humbled that You chose to visit today.

Can You believe that this vermin has been allowed to spew his message of hate and division for TWENTY-THREE years, now.

Makes me realize how old I am, and how many battles are yet to be waged, long after I'm gone.

In any case, as I said, I'm thrilled to see a long-time friend like
You visit.
Well, Mark, I haven't been as involved in OS recently as I was for a while, but have been around a little more the past few weeks. I've been in touch with a few folks through other media, though. Thanks for the big welcome.

One of Lush Rimjob's skills is speaking for a long time without saying anything. It's truly amazing if you can stand to listen long enough.
As mentioned earlier, Rick, it's the first time I could bear to listen to him in several years and purely by accident. Where Ya' been, of late, Rick?
Why are you bringing Rush here? I tried to listen to this to see if there was a point, but the first five minutes are strictly introductory blather and I know the sort of thing this guy says. Al Franken once wrote a book about him (entitled "Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot"), which was easier to read than Rush is to listen to. Not that I approved of the title - I thought the fat reference was irrelevant but that the rest of the title was on point.

He has no intellectual integrity, just a series of prejudices connected with fairly smooth blather. Also, his facts are, to say the least, unreliable, and that's being charitable.

But again, why on Earth give him an audience here?
I'll PM you. ;-)
I did return and managed to listen to the entire piece you have here -- I didn't go looking for part 2, but, as I said, he speaks for a long time and doesn't say anything meaningful, aside from how he exposes the flawed thinking (lack thereof?) that typifies his listeners.

I think it's educational for progressive thinkers to listen to these conservative talk-radio nuts. It's difficult to imagine and, therefore, to understand what's going on if you aren't in touch with the crap they spew forth. It's different when you actually hear them as opposed to reading about it or getting it second-hand.

For a change of pace from Lush Rimjob, try listening to Andy Dean. That guy epitomizes the disconnected thinking so well and it is easier to laugh at him. I check out Andy's show once or twice a week just to keep myself more fully aware of the complete disconnect these people represent within our population.
"the MSM has no respect for the average person."

What a wondrous and utterly profound statement coming from "Mr R E S P E C T" himself.
Interestingly, a famous radical left wing intellectual named Slavoj Zizek, a communist/socialist from Slovenia, claims that the rise of neofascism, racism and xenophobia in the West is actually the fault of the Liberal-Establishment.

He claims that the so-called "liberal" parties in the West, such as Labour in Britain and the Democrats in the US, have basically become co-opted by corporations and international capitalistic forces. As a result, they refuse to address the issues and concerns of working class white folks in the United States and Europe, such as unemployment, geographical dislocation, the collapse of the social safety net, a sense of alienation, a sense of disconnect between themselves and nature, themselves and their families, themselves and their work, themselves and the government, themselves and society, themselves and the economy.

He says this sort of situation creates the primary breeding ground for fascism and tribalism, because these youth are reduced to their most basic, pre-civilized, primordial state. A sense where the only thing that matters is "us vs. them," "kill or be killed," and "survival of the fittest."

When your employer and government treat you like a number, a useless commodity, a fungible resource without any redeeming human value, its only a matter of time, Zizek says, when the radical racist, tribalistic right starts to adopt the same values and throws them back at the Liberal Capitalistic Establishment.

The only thing is, the radicalizing white youth see fascism, nationalism and tribalism as forms of idealism, and this is the great tragedy.

Zizek says its a tragedy because the Left has dropped the ball. We have fumbled in presenting a competing form of idealism that can appeal to Western Youth. A world of tolerance, community, compassion, an embrace of labor and social welfare protections.

When the Liberal Establishment colluded with the Capitalist Elite, we lost our legitimacy among many disenfranchised youth. And now they hate both the Liberal political Establishment and the Capitalist Elite.

The only group which has not become de-legitimized in their eyes, is the one group that has not held power for 50 years. And that group is the Fascist Right.

Hence the National Front just won 18% in the recent French elections.

That means they're doing better than the German Nazis did in the 1920s.

The Left better learn their lessons fast, and rise to the challenge. Or else we are all doomed...
My piece, tomorrow, will be in the vein that RW raises here. It'll be abt the success of the Jobik Party in Hungary.
Kosh, I don't even understand the motive of Your questions as the reason I posted about this fat slob (I've read Franken's book) seems crystal clear to me.

I think few lean as far left as do I.

rush rarely gives anyone thirty minutes consecutive air-time, especially not an eighteen year old high school student.

The notion that "liberals" of which I do NOT consider myself one are the prime cause of racism is so patently absurd to me that I thought it worth highlighting.

Finally, I have had the feeling, since Your return that You are hectoring me, and if this persists, I will kindly ask You to cease and desist posting on my blog.
Rick, thanks for taking the initiative to respond, here.

Reading is what I do. I rarely listen to anything but music.

I'll try to read some about the guy You mentioned, but You've made an important point, here, and that is one cannot effectively combat that which they perceive to be enemy forces, without knowledge of their thoughts.

I doubt those of our conservative "friends" here, have ever heard much if anything of those thinkers I admire most, and that is why they are so ineffective in expressing themselves; the echo chamber of faux "news."
Clearly, Bob, You are a person, I'd love to have visit more frequently, IF You are moved to.

The guy is a mouthpiece with a special agenda. He is actually a card carrying party of the lowest rung of the republican media, and as others oft mention has NO logic to his attempts to sow dissension.

With thousands of prospective advertisers, he laughs at those whom have cancelled their support, and his talent for foul-mouthed vituperative rhetoric fuels further such hate-radio by others.

I fail to understand how a guy like KOSH doesn't see the importance of having a knowledge of the enemy.

MSM media distortion, my as*. The myth of a liberal-biased media is equivalent to that of a moral majority that is neither moral, nor a majority.

Drive by media??? Sound nice to the cretins who listen to him, but WTF does it actually mean?

Thank You, Boomer, for taking the time to visit, and the value of Your short but extremely pithy comment.
I agree that the left has been marginalized, RW, but I think the concept of a vast right wing conspiracy has much validity.
I'll be looking forward to that post, Jonathan.
Mark, I think you're on to something.

An example from Weimar Germany is illustrative.

The German Conservative elite was a primary cause of World War One. When Germany was hit with harsh reparations at Versailles, the German Conservative Elite pursued economic policies, namely, the radical inflation of the Reichsmark, so that they could quickly pay down the war-debt, regardless of the consequences such a move would have upon the Middle and Working classes on Germany.

The result was that the lifetime savings of the common folk in Germany quickly became insufficient for the purchase of a single loaf of bread. This didn't matter to the financial elite. They just wanted the debt paid-off, and weapons manufacturing to begin again, in earnest. This is because the German gvt was the principal purchaser of weapons and couldn't purchase said weapons, as long as the the majority of state $ was devoted toward the debt.

We all know how the financial situation led to the rise of the Nazis. But the history books put all the blame on the French and British, in terms of the reparations and the war-debt. A more thorough analysis shows that the French and British worked with the Germans, helped them refinance the debt and were very reasonable with the Germans. They lowered the terms repeatedly. But the German Financial Elite refused to go along with it. The German Financial elite and Industrial Elite pressured the Weimar Government to pursue policies that helped cause the financial crises of the 1920s in Germany among the common folks.

This paved the way for the Nazis. Although the Nazis at first attacked the Financial Elite, they later worked with them and the Financial and Industrial Elite gained much from the Nazis.

Its odd. Capitalists caused the German economic crisis and when the radicals threatened to destroy capitalism, they co-opted and conspired with the radicals, so they could be "part of the solution," so to speak, even if this meant millions of dead and a world war.

My prediction is that some of the Business Interests in Europe will side with the Radical Right and will re-tool their business plans in order to accommodate the growing economic nationalism and populism emerging in Europe .

Other business interests, those that are more international, will go with the socialists, and will pursue a more immigrant tolerant and international business tolerant climate.

Wierdly, the right-wing nationalists will probably push for an economic program more in tune with traditional socialism, at least at the outset. But I think this will quickly be abandoned.

I don't really know how the left should deal with this sort of a situation. It seems like the two groups of capitalists will dictate the outcome.

The one group backed by Fascists will support a return to mercantilism, of the kind currently espoused by China.

The other group, backed by international Capital, and the US/UK consortiums, will support the status quo.

On the other hand, we still have the global OWS and Anti-Capitalism movement, going strong. But as of yet, it has not taken the same definite forms and institutions of the right. Its nebulous as of yet, which is both good and bad.

Time will tell.

I agree, though, that its good to keep an eye on the right and study their propaganda methods.
(sorry for my long-winded posts) lol
A comment is only too long if it says nothing (which Yours never do) RW.

It's 3 AM Sunday and I'm too fatigued to say more.

Please forgive me.
Liberals want to tell everyone what to do and control everyone by telling them what to eat.

Liberals are control freaks who are trying to destroy the lives of minorities with affirmative action, using them as pawns to advance their agenda, and to punish conservatives.

Slavery is the original sin and conservatives don't see race or gender, they only see opportunity.

Liberals promote division by class and race. (I don't know about you, but I've never been invited to a rich person's house, no matter their pilitical leaning.)

Does he even listen to what he's saying? Liberals trying to impose control? Conservatives believe in equal opportunity for everyone. Yes,I listened to the whole thing. Incredulous. How are we ever going to compromise?
I'm not hectoring you.

Rush is broadcast all over the US, just spin the radio dial a few times a day and you'll land on him somewhere. I guess it's possible that there are OS bloggers who aren't familiar with him but I wouldn't think they follow the news very closely, particularly after he ran into that recent flap that cost his show a whole bunch of advertisers due to public pressure. We get all these e-mails from liberal organizations like MoveOn and PFAW asking us to donate money and sign petitions to advertisers.

If you want to be horrified by Rush, you can basically listen to him at random. Pick a day, any day, and he'll make you want to wretch. That's not how he is today or on the day he made this broadcast, it's how he is every day. There are days other conservative pundits can seem like a human being for a while but the only time Rush ever does is if he's talking for a few minutes about something that isn't political.

I think the most telling phenomenon about him is the phenomenon of the Dittohead. That's what his followers call themselves; the name means "What he said." He speaks for them. Of course, that basically also means he thinks for them, and that's the really scary part. Most of the people I know Left of center do not allow others to think for them; that would be anathema. His followers are actually proud of this.
By the way, on your last post that I commented on, the one about America being freer today than ever, I basically supported you. You thought the statement was ridiculous and I expressed curiosity as to how anyone could think that America is freer now than ever, saying I certainly wouldn't reach that conclusion.
Thanks for coming by, Phyllis. Of course, the knows what he's saying. He's taken his cues from Goebbels. When he steps over the line as he did with Sandra Fluke, it's now fluke - the original words, first uttered resonate with his listeners.

They're there, after all, primarily for the raw meat he spews.

They're ALL haters, after all. Ignorant, willfully uninformed ignorant haters.

This is particularly resonant: "Slavery is the original sin and conservatives don't see race or gender, they only see opportunity."

Thanks for coming by, and, please, take many showers to try and escape
the filth.
Kosh, I just can't do it anymore. Your first stop back, while I was still praying for Your son, which I continued for three months, nonetheless, was to take issue with me over Vietnam, which I actively was a significant player in, while You had yet to begin Your teens.

Sorry, but I just can't continue with Ya'
You haven't pissed me of rw. We have always been able to agree to disagree AND You ALWAYS comport Yourself gentlemanly, here.

That's about all I ask. Your opinion, which needless to say, I don't agree with (although, I'm not going to enumerate my reasons) only furthers discourse.

Thanks for taking the time to visit.
I appreciate your concern for my son and am grateful for it.

I will disagree with you from time to time. I hope I haven't insulted you or impugned your character in any of my disagreements; not my intention. I also didn't want to ignore your posts.

However, if you are finding my presence difficult, I can refrain from commenting on your blog. I won't take that personally and I will respect your wishes.

Not a problem.
I really don't know what to say, Kosh.
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