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The insanity of Japan

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The #4 reactor building that houses spent fuel pool #4 is leaning, cracking and falling apart, due to the almost constant earthquakes, open air radiation releases, and the weight of the water in the pool, which sits up on the 5th? floor, high up in the air. Watch the video below to see the details of what is being pointed at. If this building collapses, it means the end of Japan, and massive radioactive contamination of the whole planet, possibly worse, if it results in a cascade failure of other spent fuel pools at Fukushima. 

Guess what the utility company is doing about this? NOTHING. They go home on weekends, and the whole plant just sits there, without any workers. By comparison, Chernobyl had 1 MILLION people working on it, to try and prevent further disaster. Here, it looks and feels like no one even cares. 

In the video below, Akio Matsumura talks about nuclear power plants, spent fuel pools, and the trouble with the spent fuel pool next to and above Reactor #4 at Fukushima Daichi.

About Akio Matsumura http://www.worldbusiness.org/about/the-akio-matsumura-chair/

On March 25, 2012,  Mitsuhei Murata, who is the Former Japanese Ambassador to Switzerland and Senegal and the Executive Director, the Japan Society for Global System and Ethics, wrote a letter to the Secretary-General of the UN, Ban Ki-moon.

In this letter, available at
he states that "the fate of Japan and the whole world depends on NO.4 reactor. This is confirmed by most reliable experts like Dr. Arnie Gundersen or Dr. Fumiaki Koide.... it is indispensable to draw the attention of world leaders to this vital issue, and asked... taking the initiative of mobilizing human wisdom on the widest scope to cope with the Fukushima reactor No.4 problem, fully taking into account the above-mentioned “independent assessment team”.

Bottom line, everyone who knows what is going on agrees that Spent Fuel Pool #4 is close to collapsing. Akio and Mitsuhei Murata are both warning everyone who bothers to listen, that if spent fuel pool #4 (SFP #4) falls over and spills all of it's highly radioactive spent fuel contents on the ground, it will mean the end of all human life in Japan, and quite possibly result in a life extinction event for the whole world. 

According to a Blue Ribbon Commission report, SFP #4 contains 1,535 fuel assemblies. A fuel assembly contains many fuel rods. The total equivalent number of fuel rods contained within 1,535 fuel assemblies totals almost 145,000. http://brc.gov/sites/default/files/meetings/presentations/brc_staff_memo_re_fukushima_5-10-11.pdf

The problem is not limited to (SFP #4). (SFP #4) is close to the common spent fuel pool, which contains approximately 600,000 fuel rods within the 6,375 fuel assemblies that it contains. 

We are still not talking about all of the other spent fuel pools or the other reactors at Fukushima Daichi, much less other nuclear power plants near this one, such as Fukushima Daini. 

If (SFP #4) falls over, due to the damage to the building from one or more hydrogen explosions, and the large numbers of earthquakes that have happened since the accident, it means the entire Fukushima site will be inaccessible to human beings, because this one small spent fuel pool falling over event will radically increase the toxic radiation to such a high level, that NO ONE will be able to even get close to the entire Fukushima nuclear power plant site. 

If and when the site becomes too toxic for human life, it will mean that the common spent fuel pool and all other reactors at the site will eventually melt down, explode or worse, because it takes constant human attention, repairs and maintenance to keep them all going and keep things from getting much, much worse. 

The company is saying that the whole plant is in 'cold shutdown'. But is it really? 

Is Fukushima really in cold shutdown? via A Green Road Blog  

There is debate about the condition of this spent fuel pool, due to limited or no information coming from TEPCO. 

Everyone except for the utility company knows about the severe damage to SFP4. Here is a conversation about this spent fuel pool between NRC Chairman Jaczko and an engineer: 

Another discussion is present on page 63: http://pbadupws.nrc.gov/docs/ML1205/ML12052A108.pdf

Nuclear expert Arnie Gunderson weighed in on this subject and said that the following picture showed that the #4 SFP was completely exposed to the air, which means that a melt down of the rods contained in this pool definitely happened. http://www.fairewinds.com/content/fukushima-unit-4-fuel-racks

In the following video, he talks specifically about the fuel rods being exposed to air, in SFP #4. 


In this video, Arnie explains how and why both reactor and spent fuel rods melt down and create hydrogen, with a simple demonstration that anyone can understand. 

Nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen demonstrates how Fukushima's fuel rods melted and shattered from Fairewinds Energy Education onVimeo.

 (click on the right arrow to watch this video) 

The utility company is disputing the above version of events and claims that the fuel pool in question is in relatively good condition. They have also provided severely conflicting statements around just about anything to do with Fukushima, so if one relies on their press reports, it is hard to determine if anything at all actually happened. 

Here is a short video that shows the spent fuel pool in question, from the outside. The actual (REAL) video may be VERY different, (as shown above) because the video below was generated by the utility company. We may want to consider that the following video is either a 'doctored' version, or an extreme best case estimate/scenario, because it differs so radically from the video and explanation provided by Arnie Gunderson, as well as other neutral nuclear experts, showing where the walls of the pool seem to be missing and nuclear fuel rods are exposed to the air, where they can heat up, burn and/or melt down. 

Another view of the inside of the spent fuel pool as of Feb. 2012, as provided by TEPCO...This video clearly shows damaged, melted fuel rod bundles, with empty holes where the tiny uranium rods are supposed to be. Again, this could be a 'best case' scenario that may very well not accurately reflect the actual situation of whatever remains of Spent Fuel Pool #4. This video could be from any of the spent fuel pools at Fukushima Daichi. 

There has been no neutral third party confirming or denying anything that TEPCO has released as far as videos; (the IAEA does not count, because they are a marketing arm of the nuclear industry.  

The following links and timelines summarize what may turn out to be the actual progression of events at Spent Fuel Pool #4, organized by date. Scan the titles and dates associated with each event, or dive in to get more details by following the live links:

Nuclear engineer: Enormous amount of plutonium at No. 4 spent fuel pool in danger of catching fire; Pool is cracked and leaking (VIDEO)April 13, 2011

Japan TV: Temperature in spent fuel pool at No. 4 “much higher than the normal level” — “May be boiling” (VIDEO) April 13, 2011

IEEE: Fukushima unprecedented in scope — Situation appeared utterly beyond human control — “Raging fire in a spent-fuel pond”… TEPCO claims only partial meltdowns? January 2, 2012 

AP: Integrity of Reactor No. 4 building a major concern among experts — Collapse of spent fuel pool could be even worse than 3 reactor meltdowns February 3, 2012

Ambassador Murata writes to UN Secretary General: “It is no exaggeration to say that the fate of Japan and the whole world depends on No. 4 reactor” — Appeals for independent assessment team April 6th, 2012

Expert: M7.0 quake can cause Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 to collapse — New study warns fault nearby Daiichi plant ripped open on 3/11; 70% chance of big quake this year February 14, 2012

Expert Warns: “If Unit 4 Collapses, That Would Be the End” Mar 8, 2012  Source: “Morning Bird” by TV Asahi

Just reading the above summaries, without even going into the details, we can agree that SFP #4 had severe problems, from almost or completely running out of water, catching fire, and finally experiencing a hydrogen explosion. 

It is not just SFP4 that has had problems. In Newly Released TEPCO Data Proves Fairewinds Assertions of Significant Fuel Pool Failures at Fukushima Daiichi, in SFP1-3. 

Many experts are trying to warn the world about the volatile situation at Fukushima, in order to bring to bear the world's resources on this pressing issue. 

So far, the US mass media has not talked about this situation, which means most people are largely in the dark about this situation. But a few people have been speaking out:

Nuclear Expert: Fukushima spent fuel has 85 times more cesium than released at Chernobyl — “It would destroy the world environment and our civilization… an issue of human survival” -Former UN adviser April 6, 2012

This is also not the only life extinction threat faced by humanity. There is another disaster that is coming, and it has nothing to do with the nuclear industry. 

Super Solar Storm To Hit Earth In 2013 'Carrington Effect'; Year Long Power Outage? via A Green Road Blog   http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/03/super-solar-storm-predicted-to-hit-2013.html

What is the next step? First and foremost, share this article with friends, family, professionals, politicians, anyone who can make a difference and the media. 

This information needs to go viral and become widely known, so that the nuclear industry cannot hide in the dark. 

Copy and paste the following into email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Or click on the share buttons below. Thanks!

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RwNutjob brought this issue up in the last comment of my previous post, but I have been working hard all day convening with local island officials to refuse to accept any of the debris Tokyo insanely plans on spreading across the entire island (and nation) and burning it, thus further contaminating the air and oceans, and posing a global risk of cancer/leukemia; so I will be going to bed now, and will do my best to respond to any comments tomorrow.
I appreciate the fears involved in the Japanese nuclear problem and it does seem possible that local damage can become extensive if the radioactivity is permitted to escape but I have serious doubts that the entire Earth, as small as the planet might be, can become uninhabitable if the reactors become totally out of hand. The tests of hydrogen bombs after WWII destroyed much of Bikini and I have read that some of that territory is still dangerously radioactive but the rest of the world is not endangered and those explosions were of far greater strength than the Japanese accident.
I am not trying to say the dangers are not great but your warnings seem at least somewhat exaggerated for the rest of the world.

I agree that the atomic energy industry is out of control and must be stopped and that those in charge are totally untrustworthy and incompetent but I doubt the end of the world is in sight.
[r] thanks, mark. learning more about the scope of colossal sociopathy involved in the BP disaster and still involved with that in not preventing the next one, how impression management overrode sane and effective containment of the worst environmental accident in American history, it is easy to appreciate how to especially shame-sensitive Japan, impression management would absorb the leadership's energy away from true and effective responsibility. THE ABILITY TO RESPOND is what it means and what so few leaders, especially our own and Japan's, are capable of.

The fate of the globe is at risk with climate change and corporate bribing and disinforming intended money is being poured out to minimize the unminimize-able, ignore the unignorable!

The horrors of nuclear fallout are so daunting. Consciousness raising on the HORRIFYING seriousness of such a thing already spreading is tough when those we used to trust to play guardians of the public trust have no commitment. NO COMMITMENT to the welfare of, in this case, ALL OF HUMANITY!!! And people who are lost to so much denial already will choose denial especially about this.

This is when we need the nations of the world to bond and fight for safety. What is our country doing? Waging illegitimate wars for oil resources and banking monopolies, for profiteering. Economically terrorizing and dooming its own citizenry. When our leadership should be along with the UN nations be sincerely working together to save the planet, not cynically and amorally playing war games. All the knowledge and technology could be mobilized. instead it is going to building vile weapons to incinerate people for profits. for the bankrolls of the top 1% of the planet. An addiction for greed, and addicts never think in terms of long term reality, only the immediate fix, hang the welfare of everyone else.

Thanks, Mark, for being on the vanguard and serving reality and humanity. best, libby
Grim stuff.Ii always thought of the Japanese as being good at managing everything.
Does anyone want to sing along?

Nobody here but us chickens. Nobody here at all ...
Another big problem with Fukushima is that every time there's a radioactive release, the prevailing winds dump it in the Pacific Northwest. No one is attempting to measure the radiation levels of the food grown in Washington and Oregon - the Obama administration, which is intensely pro-nuclear, prefers to keep it covered up.However epidemiologists are reporting a big increase in US infant mortality directly related to Fukushima.

The other big problem is the ocean releases, which apparently is showing up in South Pacific tuna and Alaskan fish contaminated with cesium and other radioactive particles. See http://blog.alexanderhiggins.com/2012/03/08/increasing-number-radioactive-fish-exported-japan-92422/
And we're worried about global warming? December 21, 2012 is looking more and more like a "deadline"
ahh.. nuclear power. In a earthquake zone. SHAKY at best. Might not be so good Mark. Would be hell to lose Japan, wouldn't it.
As my son deploys to Okinawa... fuck.
This is worse than I'd read about mark. Are you making plans to get out? No question it would be a disaster for japan but what about Jan's point re Bikini? Would it really be any worse? And why do you think the Japanese government isn't doing more? With their wealth and scientists I shouldn't think they needed that much help from the rest of the world.
Anyone looking for the canary in the coal mine should know this: A soccer ball from Fukushima just showed up in the US.

How ironic if the nation that has to date been the only recipient of a nuclear attack should be destroyed by its embrace of nuclear power. But Japan is not alone, the US is skating on very thin ice with several forty year-old reactors, and folly of all follies, some are proposing to recommision those plants. Man's capacity for self-destruction is nothing short of suicidal.
In addition, many of the units in the USA up for renewal are of the same design as those that failed at Fukushima.
You bring up some good points; however, here's the bottomline -- how many of the high-ranking government officials or utility executives have left Japan or shipped-out their families to safer grounds?

If none, then one can reasonably-conclude that these leading Japanese officials and executives are relatively comfortable with the situation.
Please excuse the tardy and brief responses to all of You who have chosen to comment here. There is much chaos currently, as latest developments are bad, and today there was an announcement that after all these years five of the forty american bases on this island 1/10th the size of New Jersey will be closed, adding to the confusion. Personally I'm gratified to hear that, but I've been hearing such comments for the entire time I've been here, so I'll believe it when I see it.
Toritto, my Dear Friend, I don't quite understand Your question. america has its hands full keeping control in its own problems. They are basically contributing close to nothing, here. And even were they to wish to help, the Japanese government believes they know everything about everything.

I'll give You an example. Japan is #zero in English language proficiency in all of Asia. Why, one might ask.

In america, we have boards of education, which are made up for the most part by educators. Here, there is a ministry of education made up of no professional academics, but comprised of politicians and bureaucrats, who canNOT speak English, but believe themselves qualified to design curricula and procedures. Every student takes minimally SIX years of English, but due to the stupid concept of face-saving (grammatical mistakes are unforgivable!!!), nobody even tries to speak as they fear losing face.

Now, they introducing the same rote learning procedures into the lower elementary schools, which will improve the situation - NOT.

So even were america to offer and be able to help, their aid would likely be rejected..

Thanks for coming by, my friend.
RW, I can't believe those who fail to see that the entire world food system is at risk, not to mention the air and the seas. Thank You for bringing this entire subject up.

The economic costs, alone will keep Japan crippled for three decades and anyone who thinks that that won't affect the world-wide economic crises, just isn't paying attention.

One last thing, all the handwringing of the past couple of years has been over the EU economic crises. Economists in the know say Japan with its 300% debt to GDP level is like a mosquito approaching an 18 wheel tractor trailer going 120 kilometers again.

Thanks again, RW for bringing the topic up. I've tried to be silent about this pn Os since my rely days of panic, but it is an everyday strain that recently has become nearly ubearable to many.
Jan, You are and will remain a dear friend, but I find Your comments shocking.

A: As everyone knows, most of my blog is composed not of my comments, but of reports gathered from elsewhere.

B. It is clear that the fuel rods are out of control.

C. They have been pumping in seawater, to cool them, but the containment tanks are full and just draining into the sea.


Michio Kaku (加来 道雄 Kaku Michio?, born January 24, 1947) is an American theoretical physicist, the Henry Semat Professor of Theoretical Physics in the City College of New York of City University of New York, a co-founder of string field theory,[1] a futurist, and a "communicator" and "popularizer" of science. He has written several books about physics and related topics; he has made frequent appearances on radio, television, and film; and he writes extensive online blogs and articles. He has written two New York Times best sellers, Physics of the Impossible (2008) and Physics of the Future (2011).

"If I had the ear of the Prime Minister, I would recommend the "Chernobyl Option."

•Put the Japanese Air Force on alert

•Assemble a huge fleet of helicopters. Put shielding underneath them.

•Accumulate enough sand, boric acid, and concrete to smother these reactors, to entomb them forever.
This is what the Soviets did in 1986, calling out the Red Air Force and sandbagging the reactor with over 5,000 tons of concrete and sand."

I know Michio Kaku from my days in NYC. When interviewed by Amy Goodman on pacific radio (whom I also know), she asked him why doesn't he call Tokyo and express his opinions, he essentially replied, why would they listen to me? I'm only a nuclear physicist.

Furthermore, he commented that trying to cool down the fuel rods with seawater was equivalent to trying to stop a raging forest fire with a garden water bucket.

Thanks, as always for visiting.
My Dear friend libby, always a relief to see You by. Early this morning I wrote You an extensive pm with many comments, so I'll only say, as usual I agree with all Your pithy comments.

Thanks for the relief Your visits always bring.
Sarah, thanks for visiting - It's ALWAYS a special honor when new or infrequent visitors choose to come and visit.

I can only tell You what I've told others for hers. Japan has all the appearances of a modern westernized country, but its only a veneer, beneath which lies a pre-neanderthalian mentality.

To add to my commented above re: educators, I'd like to say within the medical profession here there are no competency tests.

In many of the countries we are familiar with there are certifying boards, which require physicians to take tests to indicate they are aware of developments in their field.

It is not uncommon to visit practitioners who are doing things the same as they lean red in med school thirty years ago. Knowledgable expats bring internet info on their doctors visits, which is then translated and the doctors are essentially shocked to hear of developments in their specialties that they were previously unaware of.

Finally, I will comment that almost all expat sites agree the culture shock of coming from English speaking countries to Japan is the highest level of all for expats and as someone who has worked in a dozen countries, including four in Asia, I can attest to the veracity of that statement.

Please come back and visit anytime the spirit moves You - You are ALWAYS welcome here.
ONL, all I can say is I'd Love to have a drink someday with You, but ANYWHERE but here. Also, please don't eat the chickens. Like all foodstuffs, here, despite government denials they are contaminated.

Good friend, nice to see You again.
The sentiments I expressed to Libby extend to You, too Dr. Bramhall.

I stand in awe of the scope of Your knowledge, and You NEVER arrive empty handed. You ALWAYS bring important info to the table, and just the sight of Your name is a relief in itself.

Thanks for visiting. The fish were viciously polluted prior to the earthquake thanks to leaking american nuclear vessels docking at port in violation of article nine of the Japanese Constitution, and toxic waste dumping by the american military directly into the seas instead of the containment vessels at ech base. I've seen this with my own eyes.

At one time, Okinawa had a hundred times the varieties of coral as the Caribbean and the most enthusiastic scuba divers made it their business to come here.

Now the bulk of the coral is dead and a sickly bleached white color.

Thanks again for the uplift Your presence brings.
Herr Rudolphus der Rude, I continue to pray for Your friend daily, in addition to the letter I sent. If Japan has it's way, the Mayans will have been premature.

Thanks for stopping by.
Tr Ig, I sent You a PM. If You wish to talk, I can give You contact details.
Abrawang, I've addressed Jan's comments above. It is in no way comparable to Bikini.

Japan is a VERY stubborn nation, wed to its ways and change-resistent.

They are also VERY arrogant. The old adage that there are a thousand roads to Rome is revised here to there is only ONE road to Rome, the
Japanese Road.

The Japanese government is doing more - they are fin ding more and more inventive ways to lie daily - they've been doing that from day one.

Recently it's been revealed that the government is spending at least as much on various forms of PR as they are on containment.

University professors, of which my wife is one are lucky if they earn 1/4 that of american professors; doctors, lucky if they earn 1/10th of american ones.

We, like so many others are totally tapped out.

YThe wealth is illusory in a country where as stated above debt equals 300o% of GDP. The scientists are proficient at copycat techniques - that is the essential skill of the scientists. The era of innovation from tho country is long gone, unless karaoke games, wide screen TVs and anime is Your thimng.

Thanks for visiting. Wish I saw more of you, but I Do read You often and enjoy most of Your thoughts.
My good friend, Tom, the distinguished gentleman from Tennessee. Thanks for mentioning that volleyball.

Increased radiation levels have also been reported in west coast american milk (and much more that I'm in no mood to google right now).

Whether we agree or disagree ( we rarely disagree), it's always a pleasure to have You visit.
Good point, Jan - thanks for mentioning it.
joisey, as in your previous incarnation, your comment is ignorant, misinformed, and not worth responding to.

Please don't return.
Mark,this is terribly frightening.
It certainly is bad as it is,even with the contamination of the whole world.Your words sound prophetic.
The times in which we are living are challenging;for you as living on this contaminated ground,it is much worse.
I wish you all the best.
Tom,yes,this is curse in a double sense.It has hit Japan twice,and the nuclear polluted air blows West,for radioactivity not a long way.If I say what I think,I will be stoned.(Matthew26;52)

Rated with hope...
Thanks MUCH for the good wishes, Heidi. I spoke with a good friend in Vietnam via Skype today, who is familiar with Japan, and he asked me how I was dealing with it all after fifteen years.

We both agreed that it would likely be better to just stop taking my heart meds and wait for a heart attack, than endure the daily drop by drop insanity that is the reality of Japan.

It is not unsurprising that most of the "neighboring" countries like the money vacationing Japanese bring with them, when on vacation, but despise the people and nation with a passion.

Thanks, again, for the good wishes, Heidi.
I just noted Your two additional comments, Heidi. I, also spoke with a German/American expat about twenty kilometers north of us, here, and we were talking about our hatred of Japanese (NOT of Okinawans), and we stopped for a moment and simultaneously mentioned that in this super-surveillance society, some database was likely entering our words to an adjacent database reserved for subversive expats.

After we noted that, again, simultaneously, we said: f*ck them.

So I know what You mean, when You say stoned (Matthew26;52). G-d's definitely gonna' get us for our words and thoughts, but hell it couldn't be worse than what the barbarians of this country would do to us.
Thanks for this; it's disturbing.
To what do you attribute this seeming nonchalance on the part of the Japanese authorities?
Jonathan, these guys have ALWAYS felt they were the world's brightest people - they are hubristic, arrogant, deluded and a nation of drunkards.

Thanks for the visit.
OOOPs, sorry, how could I forget excessively racist, misogynistic and homophobic.
How's this for brutality. After one in three Okinawan civilians had been killed in the crossfire between america and the Japanese, and with the war already lost, the Japanese brought 218 schoolgirls and eighteen of their instructors to a place now known as the cave of the virgins, told them the americans would rape them when captured and forced them to jump from the cliffs to their deaths.

Forced suicides!!! And the ministry of "education" has been fighting tooth and nail to get this horrific incident expunged from the history books.
The ongoing spew of hot particles and nuclear fuel fleas continues unabated from Fukushima. Three complete meltdowns of the nuclear fuel inside the reactor cores.
Broken reactor containment from explosions means means hosts of radioactive products and daughter products that decay for literally millions of years.
Which ones are the most worrisome??
Cesium and strontium are the best known.
Spent fuel pool contains more cesium that Chernobyl by 85X.
Cesium is taken up by the human body much like potassium and seeks out internal organs. While inside the body it continues to decay, bombarding from within and causing cancerous tumors.
Strontium is nicknamed 'bone seeker' since it is absorbed like calcium.
It goes inside bone mass and causes bone cancer....

On the other hand, when reactor 3 blew up, the MOX fuel it was suing contained ground fine nano particles of plutonium.
Plutonium is deadly to human beings.
One hot particle will kill. Air filters in Seattle and elsewhere in the US have been discovered to contain as many as 10 hot particles after one day of use...
Why would the collapse of SFP 4 spread more contamination over Japan and North America and elsewhere??
Should the building collapse, the fuel rods would begin to burn.
Burning fuel rods would be lethal to any human being coming close.
There is no technology invented that can withstand the gamma rays coming from this.
The cesium alone released would spread by the jetstream and upper levels winds across the world.
The entire site would have to be completely abandoned.
There are six reactors there.
Three are completely out of control and containment.
Multiple explosions mean this site is littered with much already.
The ground is cracking under and around the reactors and spewing steam.

Enenews.com is an EXCELLENT site to keep abreast of this ongoing horror. I read there daily and sometimes comment under my user name here,

Be kind to one another today. For all of us on this tiny blue sphere are going to be paying the price of this disaster. And although the price is not yet known, human suffering will certainly be increased drastically...