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rogue nation continues policy 1000 self-inflicted wounds

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Israel will not stand idly by as thousands of activists prepare to arrive on Sunday; it will not miss an opportunity to look ridiculous in the eyes of the world.

By Gideon LevySun, April 15, 2012 


"And with what shall we frighten the Israeli public in advance of the seventh day of Passover? How will we provide the dose of fear to which it has long since become addicted?"


"But Israel has not been abandoned, and the Israeli mind finally hit on something: the pro-Palestinian fly-in "provocation," as it has already been called. The minister of public security is convening feverish consultations, the airlines have received the "blacklist" prepared in advance by the omniscient security networks, the crime reporter - of course this is about crime, what else? - has already been sent to Ben-Gurion International Airport to greet the looming danger."


"Israel is prepared for D-Day this coming Sunday. They say 2,500 activists will land in Israel and sow great fear. 


"The intentions of the organizers - a visit to demonstrate solidarity with the Palestinian people, a trip directly from Ben-Gurion to Bethlehem without any violent intent - were immediately blurred and replaced with the usual Israeli accusation: terror and delegitimization. As we accuse any peace lover or human rights activist.

Had Israel not inflated the story to such terrifying dimensions, few people would have paid attention to this innocent protest. Had Israel also welcomed them warmly and sent them on their way to Bethlehem, that would have embarrassed them and even undermined their objective. But the State of Israel will not stand by idly. It certainly won't miss an opportunity to look ridiculous and even more contemptible in the eyes of the world. It will immediately turn them into personae non grata, as it did to Gunter Grass, as well as an airborne threat."


"The roots of this paranoia are deep and thought-provoking. Were Israel convinced of the justice of its path, it wouldn't behave this way. If Israel really thought the occupation is just and legal, it wouldn't be frightened by every conscientious activist who opposes it. If it had nothing to hide, it would respectfully invite them to visit.

But when the ground is burning beneath our feet, and the fire of doubt and insecurity is consuming everything, the only response is a violent and unrestrained attack. On Sunday, when the farce of arrests and the grotesque expulsion take place once again, the activists will register another significant victory: Once again they will prove that Israel does have something to hide, that in spite of all its propaganda, Israel is well aware that there are skeletons in its closet and anyone who dares come near them will suffer the same fate - expulsion."




Were barabara joanne not departed VERY recently, displaying the kind of class, she had long cultivated, I wonder who would be left to hurl the first accusations of self-hating jew at this post: 



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If this "country" with a long history of dysfunctional delusions, devoted only a fraction of its energies to solving the real problems IT HAS CREATED FOR ITSELF in defiance of world bodies, conventional norms, and accepted international relations, it might have progressed beyond the point of no return, which it is rapidly approaching.
Thank You, RW - I'm wondering whether any of our other members of the amen lobby will wander on to offer their versions.

I know the traveler will not be here, as he likely is heartbroken and in mourning to know that his dear friend, and, likely, paramour is gone.

Thanks for visiting, RW.
Thanks for the news from Ha'aretz. As bad as the current Israeli government is, I take comfort that the 5+1 talks with Iran appear to be actually going well. And what was not reported in the press was that Bibi left Washington, DC with his tail between his legs.

Given the circumstances both in Israel and Iran, I'm now hopeful that somewhere down the road, there will be a new peace process breaking out. And eventually, Israel will recognize Palestine as a separate state, and the two countries can formally split the sheets.

Call me a cockeyed optimist.
Thanks for reposting. This paranoid posture and projection is typical of international pariah states like Israel and the US. States that consistently defy international law have no choice but to make law-abiding countries and activists appear as the evil-doers.

Unfortunately I think Israel has stupidly maneuvered themselves out of the two state solution. They haven't left the Palestinians enough contiguous land to have a separate state. Thus they are left with no choice but to agree in the single state solutions - where all citizens enjoy equal rights under the law - be they Muslim, Jewish or Christian.
Read with interest. Good post.

Sory, my Dear friend, ONL, but I WILL comply with Your request by allowing You to consider Yourself a cockeyed optimist.

I monitor israel quite closely and have for four decades. I view this country as being hell-bent on whatever ut takes to assure its own destruction.

Thanks, as always, for the visit.
[r] mark, I agree, paranoia, borderline personality disorder as a government. Illegitimate settling continues, economic and military terrorism continues, and the Prez and US Congress bipartisanly puppet-like, forever posturing the "special" friendship. Some friends help you move, others help you move bodies. that is the real gangster codependency of the US and Israel. It makes for a funny joke in hyperbole, it makes for global insanity in reality. The continuous violation of international law and so much cognitive dissonance that two nuclear-powered countries want war with a country that does not have any nukes nor has started to build any. best, libby
Thank You for visiting Dr. Bramhall. I think our views are VERY congruent. I think israel has intentionally and knowingly skewed the tables in a way as to make the concept of a two-state solution as dead as it could possibly be. Furthermore, I think the country has maneuvered itself into a position where it can only move more rightward.

Many young israelis come to Japan after their compulsory military service - don't ask me why they choose Japan, but for whatever reason, there has always been a preponderance of young israelis, here.

More and more when I ask them if they p,an on going back or when, they tell me, they hope to never step foot in the country again.

When I ask them why, their answer is a uniform, "there is NO future there."

Thanks again for visiting.
Thanks for Your visit, comment, compliment, and interest Skypixie0.

It's ALWAYS nice to see an old friend visit.

MUCH appreciated.
Thanks for taking the time to visit Libby, especially so late at night. I lover much of Your analysis and TOTALLY adore some of the phraseology You use to describe the "state" and its self-created predicament.

To wit: "borderline personality disorder ,"bipartisanly puppet-like, forever posturing the "special" friendship," " codependency," "funny joke in hyperbole, it makes for global insanity in reality," "so much cognitive dissonance that two nuclear-powered countries want war with a country that does not have any nukes nor has started to build any," etc.

The excellence of Your post and the thought You put into it is greatly appreciated. We need to clone You thousands of time over to have any realistic hopes of survival as a species.

Thanks more than You can imagine to Your invaluable contribution to the post.
Saw this and wanted you to know I came by and read it Mark.
On the one issue of water there is nothing left viable for the two state solution. The new long fence is cutting access to drinking water and small farmers irrigation water. Whole villages have had their access cut off.
There is no two state solution any more...
Thank You for stopping by Mission and bringing a particularly diabolical and important aspect of the oppression to light with Your comment. The israelis in their "infinite wisdom" feel they can divert and control the water.

Just as israel fancies itself to be so elegant and "under the radar" as it steals land with its "inch by inch policy" and is so self-satisfied with its policies of claiming to diminish its ILLEGAL settlement policy, while all the while continuing to build them, deny and condemn Palestinian legitimate rights, andy UTTERLY FAILS to convince the world that it is serious about its intentions, I found this particularly lucid and chilling description of israel's water "policies," although it is a bit dated:

"The researcher said that Arab water security is facing a number of challenges, and has been for a long time. However, little attention has been paid to Israel's steady take-over of water resources.

“The solution to the entire situation lies in the subject of water.” He pointed out that Israel began its quest to control Palestinian water when the state was established in 1948. Water has assumed top priority for Israel since it nationalized its water project in 1949.

Israel worked to gain control of the groundwater and surface water in the Jordan River basin, threatening the most fertile agricultural area. After the occupation of the Golan Heights, West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip in 1967, Israel began taking control of all of those water resources and visits to Lebanon began. Israel recently built a dam near Syria's Israeli-occupied Golan Heights near the ceasefire line.

The Israeli government denies permits to Palestinians to dig new wells on their own land. This is an old practice that means once a well is dry, there is no more water. Inside Israeli settlements the drilling is free-flowing as it notable from a distance in the greenery. A Palestinian researcher reports that Israel controls 80 percent of Palestinian water resources.

Abu Kishek said that Israel's route in building of the Wall inside the West Bank conforms 100 percent with the course of water basins and groundwater wells in the West Bank. Per capita Israelis inside Israeli borders consume four times more than Palestinians, while Israeli settlers in the West Bank consume seven times more than Palestinians.

Regarding the Israeli policy to control the water in Palestine, he said that it includes the destruction of large parts of the water utilities, such as the demolition of wells and the destruction of irrigation systems and reservoirs and water lines in the West Bank. This all results in a major deficit in the underground reservoir, and the increasing suffering of some of the population for access to drinking water on a daily basis. Israel's destruction of the water supply for many Palestinian cities added to the salt content of the well water in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, which has also led to a decline in agricultural production."


Thank You again for Your comment, Mission, and mentioning this particularly devious part of the israeli strategy for area dominance.

It is at times like this that I will miss our dearly departed babs - she would foam at the mouth, while saying nothing like a frank the pizza confronted with a distressing FACT concerning his lord and savior, obama. She'd probably dismiss the article as the author has an Arabic name!
Always value the news and views of others well Mark and try to remember where their point of view is coming from.
Yet the division must stop.
Between us all.

As the long going decades drought continues to grip the entire region of the Sinai Desert, water will be the first and last blue gold for one and all.
It already is. Half of the population of the planet lives in peril from lack of clean drinking water.
And the growing population brings ever more woe on us one and all...
Thank You for Your return visit, Mission. I can assure You that when I googled looking for articles concerning water and israel, a plethora of articles came up; many making similar arguments as the one I chose. I chose the one I printed, not because it was the top hit, but it went further in graphically illustrating the means being used to control the ever crucial supply of oil in that area.

Thanks, again, for the return visit.
this is excellent,
and I appreciate your supply of insider knowledge.

Thanks for visiting, Heidi. If You find this interesting, You would find the official government line issued today to be some of the most nauseating garbage any country would dare speak.

This country is so out of control, that they will SURELY soon find themselves, truly a nation onto themselves, shunned by all.

Thanks, again, for the visit.
Mark,I have two questions:
Which newspaper are you referring to?
Why can't I get to Barbara Joanne's blog post?It is closed.
Thank you for this post. I checked the Haaretz article, too.
You cannot got to bab's blog, due to the simple fact that showing the same kind of class she exhibited regularly here, she deleted all her entries and simply left a final blog post with the word "bye."

As my footnote indicates, the newspaper is Haaretz and the writer Gideon Levy.

Thanks for the return visit, Heidi.
Hannu, I am well aware (and happy to have You as one of my dear friends) that You are one of the few, here, to care enough to read a wide range of articles and publications. Thanks, AS ALWAYS, for visiting.
Mark,I have been there but I thought there might be a news letter other than the comment by Gideon Levy.
This issue is hard,very hard and it is concerning each and everyone.
What is it that you had had in your mind but did not mention?
Heidi, Haaretz is a daily and changes every day. Kosh knows that I am a VERY hard-liner, and if he requests a response on the Grass blog, I WILL respond. Perhaps, it's better left unsaid, here.

thank you,

I think I know what you mean as I have been on this post myself.
Kolsh requested my response and it ins on the bog, Heidi - would be interested in ANY responses.
My perfunctory remark: I don’t know how any Westerner can “demonstrate solidarity with the Palestinian people.” Islam is nobody's friend who is not Muslim and hasn’t been throughout its 1300 year history.

Having said that Netanyahu and company are steering the state of Israel into a headlong clash of Titans (America and Russia). Provoking Islam and its ally the mighty Russian bear should be the last thing any sane Israeli statesman should want but that appears to be exactly what Netanyahu and the Likud Party seem to consider as their primary objective. I do believe that they are suffering from an incurable psychosis that is the product of 50 years of doing the CIA’s bidding. They are mad dogs and if they are not immediately removed from the corridors of power we are looking at a nuclear Holocaust that will make the first Holocaust look like a day in the park!
Mark, this is part of what I just posted on flylooper's blog:

Israel’s 23-day assault on the Gaza strip in late 2008, early 2009 1,385 Palestinians dead, 318 of which were under the age of 18. (5,300 more Palestinians were also wounded.)

To not blame Israel for this?????? Human shield bullshit and the Gazans should blame their own leadership??????

Let's spin reality 180 degrees and blame the victims!!!! Why not, Hillary and Obama are on board, the NYT and big American media, Congress. Just because the entire Arab world with all its in-fighting is completely on the same page about the injustices against the Palestinians, let's swill the koolaid for minimization and rationalization of ethnic cleansing and genocide and apartheid.

This is the tribalism cronyism ....

What about R2P when Gaza War happened? Humanitarian bullshit for all people from the US government? What a farce that is. Hillary's calls out Israeli settlement building as "unhelpful"???

Chris Hedges called out “unconscionable use of lethal force” Israel so easily resorts to whenever challenged and its easy and flagrant lying thereafter to cover up its anti-humanitarian crimes. Hedges stressed Israel wants the world to know it will always play hardball to achieve its needs. It devalued the lives of these unarmed peace activists without caring what the rest of the world thinks.

Zee on serious injury of an American art student protesting the Gazan flotilla slaughter in the West Bank.

"An American solidarity activist was shot in the face with a tear gas canister during a demonstration in Qalandiya, today. Emily Henochowicz is currently in Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem undergoing surgery to remove her left eye, following the demonstration that was held in protest to Israel’s murder of at least 10 civilians aboard the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in international waters this morning."

"21-year old Emily Henochowicz was hit in the face with a tear gas projectile fired directly at her by an Israeli soldier during the demonstration at Qalandiya checkpoint today. Israeli occupation forces fired volleys of tear gas at unarmed Palestinian and international protesters, causing mass panic amongst the demonstrators and those queuing at the largest checkpoint separating the West Bank and Israel."

"“They clearly saw us,” said Sören Johanssen, a Swedish ISM volunteer standing with Henochowicz. “They clearly saw that we were internationals and it really looked as though they were trying to hit us. They fired many canisters at us in rapid succession. One landed on either side of Emily, then the third one hit her in the face.”"

"Henochowicz is an art student at the prestigious Cooper Union, located in East Village, Manhattan."


Sustained demonization of the Palestinian people by the Israeli leadership to help justify its anti-humanitarian treatment of them in their subsistent, ghetto-ed existence in Gaza.

Israel rails against Palestinian terrorism, while constantly justifying its own as self-defense of itself as victim in spite of its awesomely disproportionate use of force in every act of rationalized retaliation.


Israel refuses to take precautions to protect the lives of civilians in its military actions in complete defiance of the Geneva Convention.

The siege that Israeli defense Minister Ehud Barak is flatly denying at the moment -- “there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza" -- THIS IS BULLSHIT.

Alan Goodman:

"At the end of 2008 and beginning of 2009, Israel launched a one-sided massacre of Gaza, delivering weeks of collective punishment to the people of Gaza, destroying schools and shelling hospitals, killing some 1400 Palestinians, and locking down the 1.5 million people of Gaza in what is called the world’s largest outdoor prison. Efforts to break the siege of Gaza, including the Gaza Freedom March a year after the massacre, have been blocked by Israel and Egypt, with the full backing of the U.S. government."

Israeli storm troopers attacking the flotilla ship in international waters was a crime under international law.

The massacre on the Mavi Marmara is a crime to enforce an ongoing great crime. Amnesty International’s current Annual Human Rights Report states that Israeli’s siege on Gaza has “deepened the ongoing humanitarian crisis. Mass unemployment, extreme poverty, food insecurity and food price rises caused by shortages left four out of five Gazans dependent on humanitarian aid. The scope of the blockade and statements made by Israeli officials about its purpose showed that it was being imposed as a form of collective punishment of Gazans, a flagrant violation of international law.” According to a recent World Health Organization (WHO) report, there has been an increase in malnourishment, now at over 10 percent of children in "Gaza, because of a chronic lack of protein, iron, and essential vitamins. Israel's 2008-2009 invasion damaged 15 of 27 hospitals in Gaza and damaged or destroyed 43 of its 110 primary health care facilities, none of which have been repaired or rebuilt because of the construction materials ban. Some 15-20 percent of essential medicines are commonly out of stock. And Israel's sadistic lockdown means that the people in Gaza are not allowed to leave and are totally cut off from family and friends outside."


Abdeen Jabara on the forever troubling, anti-humanitarian and dangerous construct of Zionism:

"First, there can be no doubt that any group or members of that group should not be obliged to relinquish its particularism, religion, culture, language or expression of self where those characteristics do not violate the rights of others. The Jews or any other national or religion-ethnic group should be free to maintain their specific expres sions of their individual or collective consciousness of existence. To the extent that Jews or any other people are prevented or prohibited through discriminatory legal structures from doing so, they have the right to resist and rebel. They have the right to undertake a struggle for change of the system which denies them equal rights."

"There is only one unconditional rule attached to the right of national liberation. No man or people may achieve national liberation at the expense of another people. Given this fact, any movement including Zionism which seeks to solve the national problem of one people at the expense of another may not properly be called a movement of national liberation."


Account of Pam Bailey of Peace Action I heard speak:

"Bailey had recently lived in Gaza for five months or so. It is not easy for “internationals” to spend time in Gaza, she confided. She gave up a lucrative corporate job to do humanitarian work for Gaza. She decided to become more than an “intellectual” liberal, and to walk the spiritual walk. She managed to get over there and fell in love with the people, and embraced first hand the horrifying restrictions on that comparatively tiny population of people collectively being punished by Israel.

"Bailey stressed how the United States is profoundly responsible for what is happening to the Gazans both financially and politically. Our unconditional support of Israel against UN sanctions (40 vetoes so far), our $3 billion a year support for military weaponry when Ms. Bailey points out Israel is the eighth largest exporter of weaponry in the world? The over-the-top pro-Israel bias, especially of our lobbied Congress and administration.

"Again, as all three speakers stressed, if only citizens of the world could experience their commonality as human beings hostility against “specter enemies” would dissipate. But sadly, Ms. Bailey pointed out that the Gazans are profoundly isolated from the international community and even the citizens of Israel. The Israeli government keeps them in their open-air prison and prevents the natural acculturation that would occur with communal integration. This separation beefs up the spirit of tribalism and nationalism of many Israeli people. It seems to justify for them the Gazans being forced to live a subsistent ghetto life.

"Palestinians are a wonderful, resilient people, Bailey asserted. But so few can appreciate this. She flashed a picture of a sweet faced, bright-dark-eyed little girl across the screen. She is painfully thin, Ms. Bailey explained and added the little girl had ceased talking after she was awakened one morning in her little bedroom when Israeli commandos drove the family from its home. No warning. The ugly right of might, apparently.

"Ms. Bailey said she and some internationals while they were there took the family back to visit their empty homestead at one point. The family was so excited just to see it, maybe take heart there was hope to return to it, they had a picnic of gratitude and celebration in spite of the ominous presence of the nearby watchtowers. Soon after, that one home, their dear empty homestead, was bulldozed completely. Specifically singled out from the rest. Ms. Bailey showed the pictures. A zero tolerance message sent. Zero tolerance for hope?

"She showed a picture of two charismatic looking male teens whom she declared were her best friends over there. She had wanted them to join her on the tour. They wanted to dream of someday leaving Gaza but did not believe it could happen. They don't even know what an escalator is Bailey mentioned. This seemed a startling but human revelation amidst Ms. Bailey's summary. Can any of us imagine their limitations, she asked. To not even have a hope of some day seeing the world? Bailey tried hard to get them visas. Apparently the US and Czechoslovakia are the only two countries that demand in-person interviews to acquire a visa, no videoconferencing. The boys would have had to go to Tel Aviv to apply. They are not be allowed to go to Tel Aviv.

"The blockade of Gaza has been in effect for 3 years now, she told us. 34% of Gazans live under the poverty level. 67% of the population is under 18 years of age. There are power outages 8-12 hours each day. 90% of the water is unsafe to drink. More and more restrictions are placed on the people. The most fertile wheat fields were confiscated recently. What self-supporting outlets are available to the Gazans are steadily being ripped away.

"The Gazans are informed of a change in rules and new restrictions by suddenly having live ammunition showered on them, as was done to earnest, hard-working women bent over the wheat fields one day recently. In the West Bank rubber bullets and tear gas are used (though as we have heard, those canisters are viciously aimed) but in Gaza, live ammo is used. Ms. Bailey said while she was there she had to watch one Gazan bleed to death before her eyes.

"Ms. Bailey explained that those infamous rockets sent against Israel are no longer sent. The ones the entire 1.5 million population is being punished for. And the population does exercise non-violent protest. Ignored by Israel. Unseen by the rest of the world, especially America.

"She showed pictures of incredible artwork made from broken glass of destroyed infrastructures done by one artisan. Artwork that would be highly marketable if the man could participate in Israel's nearby commerce or even beyond. The Gazans live on humanitarian aid and if not for the tunnels would starve to death, Bailey asserted, but they don't want to live on aid. They are proud and talented and want to be self supporting. It is the blockade that needs to end. They appreciate the massive amounts of humanitarian aid the flotilla freedom workers attempt to bring them. But they want OPEN borders. By the way, Ms. Bailey stressed, they were horrified and heartbroken by the deaths and woundings of those humanitarian activists on international waters on May 31st.

"Ms. Bailey ended her talk by encouraging Americans to not stay silent about the Gazan situation. She said she knew, often, people did not want to emotionally inconvenience their Jewish friends bringing it up. But she said it is a matter of morality. She encouraged us to write letters to the editors when bias is evident in their reporting. To contact our Congress, assert what pressure we can."

best, libby
"If this "country" with a long history of dysfunctional delusions, devoted only a fraction of its energies to solving the real problems IT HAS CREATED FOR ITSELF in defiance of world bodies, conventional norms, and accepted international relations, it might have progressed beyond the point of no return, which it is rapidly approaching." (markinjapan)

Point passed, I believe, Mark.

Funny how quiet is the massmedia concerning the recently past Summit of the Americas... Oh, except perhaps for the secret service puta scandal. How convient, perfect journalistic fare to mask more serious goings on... such as... oh, let's see... the israeli defense minister's coincidental presence (little far from home, isn't he?) in Colombia, making deals to aid in the construction of israeli weapons and intelligence technology including and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the heinous introduction of unmanned ***read*** ****DRONEs**** XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX aircraft into South American territory. Comes our turn now to confront head on, this insidious cancer being foisted on the present and, most horrifically, the next generation (such as that little girl there in your arms). J.M. Santos, as I have stated elsewhere, is playing a very strange (perverse?) role in all of this. Have the US and its european allies found the Arabs a bit intransigent and costly... difficult... to deal with? Are they, in fact, quietly looking out (at what they consider to be) their back door, at what they think might be a softer target? I think so. And NOBODY here is unwise to it. Nobody at all. It would shock most, up there, in the Disney World of Covetous Desires that we all "down here" have been watching ya'll (north americans) up there as if you were moving in slow motion. Still reeling from the "Arab Spring" or "Occupy"????!!! Ha!
We just, April 11th thru the 14th, celebrated the failed (US conspired) coup against, and posterior restoration of the Chávez government ten, that's TEN years ago (4/11-13/2002)! Oh, no one heard? Not surprised... And ten years ago was thirteen years after the "Caracazo" which was the uprising of the people against the policies of Carlos Andres Perez and the so-called "Washington Consensus" which lead to the present government and predated many South and Central American, and certainly, the current spate of worldwide popular rebellions.

So... anyway, here they come again... bringing there sh*t for all humanity... our way.

How I weep inside to think of what children say, how they speak amongst themselves, when they look up at the sky... and talk about us, their parents, and grandparents generation... not happy enough seeding the earth with unexpected death (in the form of landmines) but now similarly poisoning the clear blue sky. Who looks HEAVENWARD now????? The honorable Mr. Nobel Peace Prize winner and his friends... without being able to avoid noticing those bomb carrying, winged crucifixes of death and unmitigated sorrows.

I wish I could say "Peace" to you, but that's to be redefined by what's yet to come...

Saludos ~
Sorry Jack, we'll just have to agree to disagree AGAIN. Having lived in Arabic/Moslem countries, I can assure You that the mad dogs You refer to are israeli.
Libby, having already read Your response, there, I can only say it is typical Libby excellence, and I admire Your courage and elegance under fire. I hope You got to read my response to Kosh's question as to what my solution would consist of.
Thanks for the visit, Inverted Interrobang, and there isn't a word of Your comment that isn't worth more people reading. Of course there are the idiot crew, fRANK apisa (sh*t), his new idiot friend, ordinary joe, flowing robes ever myopic lew, "the traveler" mr doctors aka radicals for obama, et. al.who would just stand gape eyed drool running down their chins trying to comprehend Your sentiments.

This failures of this inept president has proved range far and wide, and across all continents. I thought about doing a blog post about the shame and sham which just took place in Colombia, but it would just dew more of the he's a good a decent man, or he's doing the best he can, or in the case of the deranged doctor, look at the marvelous start in healthcare he's allowed big pharma and the insurance companies draw up for him.

The moron, liar-in-chief doesn't even have control over his own secret service, nor the big bad marines assigned to guard him; these VERY same marines whose last two categorical battlefield triumphs came decades ago against the "mighty powers" of Panama and Grenada.

This country, the liar-in-chief, with his appointed corporatists are such a sham and a shame, that were it all not REALITY, it would seem like something out of Groucho and Marx or The Three Stooges.

I've taken to answering appeals for funds from the democratic committee by telling them that I'd sooner contribute to Idi Amin, and he's dead!

Thanks for visiting, Inverted Interrobang, and giving me an opportunity to vent.
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