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Marissa Mullins
South Carolina,
October 22
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FEBRUARY 5, 2012 11:24AM

Lesism – by Les Floyd: Gary Speed, Suicide and ‘Cowardice’

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From the article:

…. / They don’t want… this…

Of all the illnesses, ailments, diseases and disasters that cause death in this world, suicide is one of the most devastating – but also the most preventable, and I really mean 100% of suicides wouldn’t happen if we could just learn to communicate with each other more clearly about the way we’re feeling

I was so lucky. I was there, right on the edge – ready to cut myself away from everything I’d ever known – and all it took to lead me through that awful moment was the sound of a woodpecker echoing in the woods and the warmth of Sunshine on my face.

If I hadn’t heard that bird or felt that glow, I’d be dead. I have no doubt about that. I’d have been found, decomposed and nibbled by Bambi’s friends, and someone from my family would have had to try to identify me. I wasn’t thinking straight. I would never have wanted them to suffer that.

But it shouldn’t take such ‘coincidences’ to lead oneself away from the brink. I shouldn’t have been in those woods. I shouldn’t have walked to the brink in the first place. I should have talked to someone.

And I think that has to be emphasised… it has to be the responsibility of the person who is buckling under that pressure to talk to others, to ask for help.

via Lesism – by Les Floyd: Gary Speed, Suicide and ‘Cowardice’.


Well-worth reading. This snippet is only a small part of the piece which advocates communication, caring, empathy, and reaching out to one another – by someone who has been to that place and understands the agony. Please read the whole article by Les if you have the time. Thanks! Blessings ~

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What if you do reach out and the response is ... insufficient. I was just thinking how the best thing we can do as a society is to try much harder to prevent suicides. There is something so preventable about it, and so many fine people are lost to it.
It would seem easy enough to do ... but for the one suffering ... finding a voice to talk to someone ... just isn't that easy. The words don't come. They may be screaming within ... but no sound comes.

I just wish it were so easy, Marissa. It should be. But it isn't.

I agree though that reaching out to those that might be suffering is a way to help. Unfortunately, not always successful though. I know.