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MAY 22, 2012 11:25PM


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Are birds weirder and funnier than the goats I often feature on this humble internet repository? Well, I'll leave that up to you to decide for yourself with today's video featurette! BIRDS!

This insanely proactive owl actually transforms its features according to the size and type of Other Threatening Owl it faces, from Paula Deen with Graves Disease to Dracula. He needs his own show.

Transformer Owl

These tic-ridden Birds of Paradise seem like the Loonies of the bird world. Ladies drive them crazy.

Birds of Paradise

Here is a bird that sounds like a hip hop DJ.

DJ Bird

I'm not sure what this Laotian bird is mimicking. Sounds like a ditto machine to me.

Laos Bird

But Best Mimic Award has to go to Mr. Lyre Bird.

Lyre Lyre

My favorite bizarre bird of all time is certainly the Great Argus Pheasant. Look how he's a jerk to the tiny lil ol Mouse Deer!

Great Argus vs. Mouse Deer

But I love the Great Argus MOST because of its OBNOXIOUS NOISE. I love this video.

Great Argus Is SO LOUD

And, just because, I'll end with a goat, which is not, to my knowledge, a bird, and SO WHAT.

Screaming Goat

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Marianne,I love birds but my ρroblem is that I do not the names of those lovely creatures.Your work here is so useful and beautiful.Rated with thank you for sharing!!Best regards...
You are most welcome! :)
My parent-in-law's cat has a Mocking Bird who LOVES to fly down on the patio and MOCK THE HELL out of said cat. I mean, it's like, flap wings, shake tail feathers, squawk, tease, tease, and cat goes flying at the window, tail poofed out, and the meowwwwrrrr!!

Birds are such teasers!! ~:D

The usefulness of being able to instantly fly away from a situation cannot be overrated! :)