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MAY 4, 2012 12:20AM


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How very surprised and charmed I was to see these amazing little pieces of art appear on my Facebook stream yesterday -- so much so that I instantly wanted to share them with you. Jeanne Roe is an Oconomowoc (WI.) High School classmate of mine. We knew each other casually back then -- everyone knew everyone there, more or less -- but didn't connect again until the Facebook era. I had no idea that she was an artist until she posted these to her FB wall. These clever and spontaneous doodle-drawings, strongly reminiscent of the work of James Thurber, were made over a nine-year timespan, often done on bar napkins, hotel or airline notepaper, or other available scraps as Jeanne traveled the world, finally landing for good in Austin, Texas. They are such a sweet document of some of the moments of her life... skiing and swimming and camping, boyfriends and best friends, grumpy bar patrons, and devoted pets, sketched with a vibrancy that shows Jeanne's delightful personality. I just love them.

Nowadays, Jeanne runs a cool little store in Austin called Navidad Farms, which has sells the best damn pecans you've ever tasted and other unique Texas-style gifties. I am so glad she decided to share these drawings with her friends, so glad she allowed me to repost them here, and I hope you can share them, too. (Click on the drawings to enlarge.)

We are always more than people can see.

"Marci & I" - Rome, Italy, 1987

Germany, 1987

"Marci...On Our Way To London" - 1987

"In Europe... Missing My Dog Bealer" - 1987

"Lake Travis Living" - 1987

"The New TV! Life In Lakeway" - 1988

"Big Powderhorn Mountain, MI." - 1988

"Roadtrip to Port Isabelle" - 1988

"Enchanted Rock" - 1988

"Sub Races" - 1988


"Door County, Wisconsin"

"Jeanne and the Farm"- 1990

"Sad Missing Ellie Cat" - 1991

"Renee & Spencer" - 1992

"A Christmas Carol: Starring Bad-Tipper Bar Patron Jim" - 1992

"Bar Napkin Poem"

"Karen & I" - 1993

"Calendar Girls"

"Glitter Gulch" - 1994

"Sydney - Cairns" - 1994

"Bar Chicks" - 1996

"Karen & Danny" - 1997

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Lovely. Wonderful to see something from another from the greater Milwaukee area.
I agree, Mary! I'm so pleased that more people can see Jeanne's work today!
These are fantastic. I hope she can collect them into a book.
I had the very same thought, Cranky!