JULY 26, 2010 7:51PM

Cinquain Open Call: Longing

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To a leaf's tip,

The heavy drop of dew

Cannot resist gravity's pull

To fate.


copyright 2010 Maria Heng

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I'm just so excited to actually have been introduced to the construction rules for a cinquain that I had to give this a go. So here's my first official poetry attempt observing the 5 lines of a cinquain broken into 2, 4, 6, 8 then finally 2 syllables each.
I can just...feel...the....drop! Loved it!
You are a natural with this form. I think it is so much fun and am glad to have been introduced to it myself. Nice poem
Lovely. Almost as good as a BLT. :)
I leave for a spell and Cinquain madness. Must find out about his Cinqauin if it is responsible for such profound pieces like this.

Yay for this and yay fory our discovery of the Cinquain and writing your first piece of poetry.
This is gorgeous, Maria! I'm so glad you joined in too! They're a lot of fun! I used the 2,4,6,8,2 syllable form as well.
I think

It's terrific;

This is my first one, too;

I had been too scared to try it

Before. ;-|
That is one gorgeous moment. I am a huge dewdrop fan.
The suspense, the inevitability! Good for you, Maria!

You're so my hero with this lovely lyrical profound piece...leaves to pursue a zenlike life...;)
This was excellent. I just can't get it down but I'll keep working on it if I could write one as good as this.
Ah, I can feel the falling...
This is a sparkling example of a cinquain.
Thank you everybody; your generous, encouraging, celebratory comments amped up the wonderful of this for me. Nothing like the zing of breaking a little barrier down in my mind, and just doing it -
so good on ya, Matt! We did it.
Go for it, Scanner!.
. . .and Mother Earth welcomes it with open arms. Lovely imagery. ~R
and recognizing that it is only and divinely the open arms of mother earth that we fall into may dissolve the lock grid of fate, and release us into authorship. thank you fusanA.
Congratulations Maria on an absolutely wonderful first Cinquain. One of the better ones that I've read!
Lovely. The inevitability leaves me dewy-eyed.
mazel tov on your first poem!
This is great, Maria. Good for you!

What a terrific exercise this is. I don't know if I could do it but it's worth trying...
Great job. There are various forms for the Cinquain, and you hit one of them. R-
@Linthe southeast - thank you for introducing me to the cinquain, loving yours inspired me to give it a go.
@APMuse - God, I love yours, my heroine.
@David - love the delicious humor of yours.
@Kate - thank you for the cinquain open call, it seemed simple and clear enough to encourage me to try and now i know i can!
@Dave - i'm intrigued to discover there are other forms of the
cinquain. would love to know what they are. the 2,4,6,8,2 formula i got off wikipedia.

thank you those who rated, and everyone for reading, and giving such complimenting comments - you all know how to make a girl feel like she can write poetry! much appreciated.
Here's to fate! L'Chaim!
I always wished I could write poetry like this. Beautiful.
another poet!! huzzah!! congrats, maria. nice one. :-D
my God this is beautiful, maria r.
Along with being delighted by the poem, I'm intrigued by how you titled it. Nice way of looking at it!
@Molly, I have no doubt you can write poetry - better then this. Go ahead and surprise yourself, it's a lot of fun even just trying, and stretches the brain in a unique way.
@Femme forte, huzzah! huzzah! huzzah! thank you for introducing me to this word I now LOVE.
@Linda, Bellwether, Jonathan and Steve, thank you very much!
@AtHomePilgrim, the title was the hardest part of the poem and had me wishing my vocabulary was much better - I searched in vain and settled on the one that felt closest. Poetry is fab this way - each word has so much weight!
Ahhh. You put me right on that leaf's tip. The big zoom lens is so satisfying. Excellent.
Bloody marvelous!
I'm sorry I hadn't enough time to look in on you here before!
@Harriet Why, @Poor Woman, and @Kimberly Koch - thank you so much for coming by, rating, and giving me lovely comments.
came back around to see if you had any new posts... more please Maria!
This is simple and strong. rated
Wow - I clicked on the link from your comment on my blog post, and got this. A moment of ripeness while reading your poem that was almost tangible. Thank you.