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December 17
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MAY 1, 2012 8:46AM

April in London (Part 3) – Old Spitalfields Antique Market

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It’s not Portobello Road, but it’ll have to do for this trip.

On other days Old Spitalfields Market is a mix of new, crafted and retro chic in the midst of a neighborhood known for its trendy shops – a destination for those in search of whats hip and what’s hot.

But on Thursdays, it’s just antiques.

And that’s hot enough for me.

Believe it or not, I bought nothing.

Having arrived at the end of the day after a late lunch across the street at St John’s Bread & Wine, some stalls were already beginning to close.

So I decided to just putter around among the remnants of lives once lived instead of spending my time looking to find that perfect thing.

A new experience for me,

and one that I highly recommend.

Oh yeah.

I forgot.

They also had cookies.

So I guess you could say I did buy something.

Up Next – April in London (Part 4) – Shakespeare’s Birthday Tour

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