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SEPTEMBER 22, 2011 1:40PM

The Point

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If you take a trip to Tsawwassen, BC (a community in Delta, BC) you will come to one of only five non-island and non-contiguous parts of the US in the lower 48 - Point Roberts.

A geographical oddity created by the Oregon Treaty in 1846, the Point (as it's nicknamed), is almost half Canadian.  Many of the cottages are owned by Canadians who reside in the Greater Vancouver area.  Landline phone service is supplied by the Canadian company Telus, and water is supplied by the Greater Vancouver Water District.  Before BC liquor laws were loosened in the 1980s, Sunday evenings would see a stream of Canadians driving south down 56th Street in the Delta neighbourhood of Tsawwassen. After crossing the border, the street's name changes to Tyee Drive, US Customs would be cleared, and most would head to the Reef Tavern - the biggest bar in Point Roberts.  The Canadian wrestling legend Gene Kiniski owned it and would frequently have big name acts on Sunday evenings to help draw the crowds.

The border crossing on 56th Street/Tyee Drive is still a somewhat sleepy affair - even after 9/11.  But even sleepier was the crossing that used to exist at Centennial Beach in the beachfront community of Boundary Bay, Tsawwassen.  There was a very small border post that was closed during the 70s that (if I'm not mistaken) was on 67th Street/Boundary Bay Road.  It was a convenience for the cottage owners in the Beach Grove neighbourhood of Tsawwassen, and most of the crossing traffic was pedestrian.  I stayed in a young friend's family cabin near here in my 10th or 11th summer, and my memories are all I have to go on to remember that small customs crossing.

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Thank you for this post. I'm reading anything I come across about BC these days since my daughter is taking part in the Otesha project, biking through the sunshine coast. It was also through your post that I heard first about the recent earthquake as it happened.
I posted the earthquake as soon as I could after it happened so it's gratifying that it notified someone - that was my intent. I did see your comment there. I like your cat picture.