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APRIL 29, 2012 3:33AM

Chronic testicular pain?

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I had a vasectomy in October after my son was born in September.  My wife and I had discussed it, and made the decision that we were stopping at two kids.  I didn’t want Darla to have to have surgery, so I decided to get snipped.  I did quite a bit of research on the procedure and got a referral to a good urologist.  I figured the procedure was going to be easy.  I heard from the doctor and a few others that I know that have had the procedure that it’s basically a couple days recovery, and then everything is fine.  So, that’s what I was expecting.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t my experience.

The first part of the procedure was pretty uncomfortable.  The doctor started cutting and I could feel the pain.  This was on the left side.  I made the doctor aware of the problem, and he stopped and administered more local anesthetic via injection.  The rest of the work on the left side was uncomfortable, but not as painful.  The doctor took more time and used more anesthetic on the right side.  I didn’t really feel anything except mild pressure beyond the initial injections.

Afterwards I was supposed to go straight home and relax.  I probably should have, but I’m stubborn.  While we were on the way home, we received a call for a last minute appointment to speak to a speech therapist to have the oldest son checked out.  So, we stopped at the school and met with the therapist instead of going straight home.  Bad idea.  While at the school, the local anesthetic wore off and I started hurting really bad.

In the days following the procedure, I experienced an inordinate amount of pain, swelling, and bruising.  Much more than what is normally expected.  The pain and swelling ended up sending me to the emergency room at the instruction of the doctor.  I was given a testicular ultrasound with no unusual results, then given a bit of pain meds and sent home.

Several weeks after the snip, I was still having lots of pain and swelling, and the bruising was not going away.  I called the doctor and made an appointment.  I was seen a few days later.  The doctor told me that he didn’t know why I was still hurting and swelling.  His solution?  He recommended an acupuncturist.  I decided to leave and just wait it out.  I figured the pain would just go away on its own.

The pain never fully went away.  The swelling comes and goes, but rather infrequently.  The bruising has somewhat dissipated, but is still visible.  The pain has recently started getting much worse.  It has been a little over six months since the procedure.

I recently made an appointment with my primary care physician for her to check for any abnormalities.  Upon examination, she found nothing unusual thankfully.  She gave me the diagnosis of chronic testicular pain, and gave me a referral to a different urologist that specializes in this area.  My appointment is this coming Thursday.  Hopefully he’ll be able to figure out what is causing my pain and will be able to do something about it.

The good news is, the procedure was successful.  I dropped off a specimen and received the results that my live sperm count is zero.

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Your first mistake was not going home to rest and putting a bag of frozen peas on your lap. My husband had this done several years ago and still has some pain as well, just once and awhile, scar tissue I think. Accupunture on your junk....oh my husband would never go for that!
Huh. Never heard about this before. Perhaps female sterilization is better after all. Mine was day surgery, total anaesthetic for the procedure, but awake quickly and home and never any pain subsequently.
The definition of a "Real Man" is: a guy who gives HIMSELF a vasectomy and then, after doing a few hours of manly man stuff,whigs 5 miles to play rugby without a cup.

What are you, a wuss???
The new vasectomies don't require that much cutting, possibly developed because the old ones caused scar tissue- which could lead to swelling and pain. The recommendation for an acupuncturist is probably not a bad idea, it's very effective for pain and swelling. You might want to consult with another urologist, as well.
Good luck, sorry for the troubles.
I'm so sorry. I see how much your hurting and it's just awful. Thank you so much for deciding to undergo this instead of my having to get my tubes tied. I wish I could do something more to help you. I'm really hoping the doctor's appointment goes well with figuring out what's wrong and making this not "chronic." Love you.
@ Darla: if you're REALLY sorry then you should prolly stop snapping him in the nads with that wet towel when he gets out of the shower.

Just say'in.
Now that I'm concerned, what was the verdict?
Yikes. I've always heard the male procedure was so much simpler than the female. I had my tubes snipped on the delivery table with #3 and not a single problem, including pain, after. (That several days of certainty that any movement would cause my entire body to turn inside out through the 1" incision I chalk up to neurosis, not the actual procedure.)
He went the doc today for his follow up. There is good news and mediocre news, so no bad news, which is good news all unto itself. All this to say - I'm make him get on here himself and give the run down since I don't 100% understand.