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SEPTEMBER 25, 2008 7:30PM

Your Madame Bitch is on assignment

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My friends,

I told Congress "thanks, but no thanks," for that Bridge to Nowhere.

Let me start over. I am now drinking wine and eating many gourmets at an undiclosed location in Europe, and will be here until Jewish Christmas.

My mission is to post many pictures of shop signs in broken English, and to test my theory that a Barack Obama button can get me not only out of trouble, but many free beers as well.

I also would like to post photos of weird European doorknobs -- I am looking at 2 right now, in my European-sized studio apartment.

Anyway, pumpkins, I will report back with what these crazy folks think of our declining empire and future Snow Queen.

I'm gonna go check my mailbox for my absentee ballot - I feel guilty for leaving everyone behind. At least I will be able to ask for political asylum in a pinch.

Auf weidersehen for now, comrades. 

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Ha, i feel so poor here. Walk around and look at pastries and then come home and eat camambert sandwiches. and it is a lot colder here than in NYC. I was shocked.
Have a great trip and come back...political chaos or not. Are you bringing your laptop?
Yeah, it's a shame you're gone. There's some "new blood" here who make me seem like Mr. Rogers by comparison! Trust me, you're not missing anything... have a great time!
I'll be looking for those doorknobs, MB. Have fun!
Please don't post pictures of Euro-boys who you claim make you nervous! The first OSer on assignment in Europe. Have fun and don't work too hard.
Hope you're right on the Obama button- beer calculus. It's the only thing that makes the cold bearable. Well, that and the doorknobs.
So how is the Obama button thing working for you? When I lose my house and use the short sale funds to play gypsy family throughout Europe, I need to know at least they'll libate me.

Come home!
LMAO, love your sense of humor.
Can't afford pastries? Plain bread alone should be better there, and the butter...

About your self-description:
"I eat green salad and drink human blood. "
All I can say is, '..."green salad"?---ugggh!'
It's a quote, but yeah, i do eat a lot of salad :)
pictures! pictures! pictures!
I'm working on aseembling my paris obama montage. Technical difficulties abound, sadly.