AUGUST 23, 2008 10:57PM

Biden has a crush on Obama Girl

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My Bidey sense was tingling, and I suddenly remembered Biden's cameo appearance in Mike Gravel's Obama Girl collaboration (below). Watch for Bidey at 0:18:

(Also watch for Gravel's rap about Karl Rove at 1:16)

Here's a screenshot of Bidey, right after Anderson Cooper showed everyone a photo of Obama Girl:

  biden smiling

That smile says it all. And I have a crush on the whole Dem ticket, I think. :)

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I'm sorry, Stella, but it's true. Don't you remember my "no trashing Obama" policy? That weren't for nothing.

We've got to get this guy elected, otherwise lots of nice things are toast (because the Supreme Court Justices will be retiring).
We need to do everything we can to get these guys elected. That's why I'm manning phone banks this week and going to a strategy session/open house Saturday. Yes, we can!
Yay PF! I've donated all I can afford to donate. I wish I could donate more, but I'm spent. i'm the proud owner of a Hillary AND Barry t-shirt though...