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AUGUST 22, 2008 10:00AM

Update: should Olympic shooting be gender-integrated?

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satuI blogged earlier about Equestrian being the only gender-integrated sport, and the possibility of integrating Shooting.

Of course, the ladies would cry when they lose, but they cry when they win, too (see photo at left, the gold medalist Makela-Nummela in Women's Trap). Ladies, they're never happy.

danielloIncidentally, boys cry too. At right is Italy's D'Aniello after winning the silver in Men's Double Trap. Unlike Makela-Nummela above, D'Aniello had a total breakdown and cried and cried and cried.


Here are the integrated results for Shooting sports that where a comparison is possible because men and women compete in identical sports:

10 Meter Air Pistol:

Gold: women (102.3)

Silver: men (102.2).

Bronze: women (101.4)


Gold: men (25)

Silver: men (23),

Bronze: women would have tied for bronze (21)

Air Rifle 10 Meters:

Gold: men (104.5),

Silver: women (103.5),

Bronze: 2 men bronze (103.4).


Gold: men (25)

Silver: men (24)

Bronze: women (23)

50 Meter Rifle 3 Position:

Gold: women (102.4)

Silver: women (101.7)

Bronze: women (101.3)

* The highest-scoring man in the 50 meter rifle 3 position would have been 7th in the integrated rankings, with a score of 99.5.

For whatever reason, double trap is only for men, and men do a 50 meter pistol, while women do a 25 meter pistol

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In a word: yes. Olympic shooting should be gender-integrated. Thanks for bringing this up.
I shot competition air rifle from the time I was eight and my teams were always integrated. Most of the women out performed the men because they took coaching better. I've also read women have a lower center of gravity that helps.