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We're a blue state now............, North Carolina, USA
August 21
Mother of boys; favorite magnet says "coffee is my only friend"; closet bodybuilder; once in a professional class, the teacher asked if anyone in the room was a geek and I was the only one who raised my hand; my liberal arts education has led me to know just enough about everything to consistently get the daily trivia at Caribou correct; always welcoming opportunities to build more character on my journey to self-actualization.....


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JANUARY 2, 2009 3:57AM

2009, Grace to You and Peace.

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I love the beach. 

I am nearing the end of a week on the North Carolina coast; truly some of the most beautiful beaches anywhere.  

When I am at the beach, I have a heightened sense of connectedness.

December 2008 096

Each day, I have spent an hour in walking meditation. 

My steps have been for peace, hope and grace for our world that is facing such desperate times. 

December 2008 093

"If your steps are peaceful, the world will have peace."

December 2008 097

Halfway point.  Stop to watch the surfer dudes.   Brrrr.

December 2008 107


December 2008 109

Getting the full body effect: sand, wind, vibrations of the surf.


(OK, this was this summer, but didn't my kid and I build some great pyramids?) 

me anonymous

I love to collect things as I walk on the beach.  I do this by theme.  All tan, all white, all purple, only rocks, only rocks with holes in them, only rocks with lines in them.  Today's theme was "things that are not natural to the beach".  Lots of glass and a tumbled piece of brick.

December 2008 118

December 2008 114

May this year bring the change that is so desperately needed.



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The pull of the ocean is very powerful. I'm not sure of the statistic, but something like 80% of the world population lives within fifty miles of the coast. Your kids must have studied Aztec architecture be fore summer break. The tumbled glass is a favorite artists to work with. I suddenly feel the urge to go to the beach and feel the ocean.
Interesting how we find solace in simple acts. Very nice piece.
Thank you for these lovely pictures. I love your quote:
"If your steps are peaceful, the world will have peace."
Wonderful! (and amazing pyramids, BTW)
You take lovely photos!
Beautiful photos and beautiful you. I love the ocean too and wish with all my heart that I was with you on those beaches.
The images are as powerful as the beautiful words of hope you convey. Rated for all that and for making us feel more connected. HNY.
Amazing photos! You look great, by the way!

how lovely! thank you

love the picture of the pier best
Michael: That is a very interesting statistic. I can believe it. We all came out of there at some point! My kids and I love building castles- my older son and I are pretty obsessive about it. I find it incredibly calming- I am totally in the moment.
UK: Thank you! (I am being hit extremely hard by the economy and have a lot of time to work out. My job has pretty much been dead since July)
Jimmymac: The last few years, I have moved more and more to the simple and uncomplicated. Being in the moment is key for me.
Dustbowldiva: That quote is Tichh Nhat Hanh.
Catamite: Thank you, but I think it is more that I have a beautiful subject (the beach not me:-)
Moana: I actually thought of you being across the ocean while I was walking. It is so cool that OS connects people from all over the world.
Cartouche: very kind words- thank you.
LadyMiko: thank you - see reply to UK:-)
Marcelleqb: I like that picture too. It is kind of creepy under there, but the symmetry is really cool.
Hi MB,

I come from the ocean myself, and when I am away from the sea, as I am now in Boulder, CO. I am compelled to make a pilgrimage and reacquaint myself with the source.

I have a favorite meditation spot at home on the island, way out on a promontory called Sachuest Point, where at low tide I carefully make my way out on the rocks until I am perched, with the waves coming in on both sides of me. It is one of my power spots.

Just lovely, MB, both in photos and messages. I do have to say that I'm jealous: we were supposed to spend this week on Hatteras Island but couldn't get the $ together. Can I ask on which part of the NC coast these pictures were taken? They helped me feel a little better about not being able to get there.
Just beautiful. That first one I'm going to have to download as a screen saver.
Ahh, the ocean is so powerful and magical. Wonderful series of shots, beautifully ended with the 2009 in the sand and the sun low on the water. Peace, cheers, & namaste.....
dynomyte: That sounds like a really cool place.
Lisa: Would you believe that I won a beach house for a week in a sweepstakes? I almost deleted the email as spam, but it was true. I had rented a house from this rental company a few years ago and they have an annual sweepstakes- click and enter every day kind of thing. I entered once, and got luckier than I ever have! So, that is why we are here. My business is integrally tied to the economy and has been dead since July. The house is on Atlantic Beach/Emerald Isle- by Morehead City. A friend of mine introduced me to this area a number of years ago and I love it. I always try to get to the OBX each year, but it is a longer drive, rougher and colder waters.
M B, AMEN! The sunrise is so beautiful. Am I being presumptuous when I say sunrise? I have always turned to the ocean and the shore for inspiration and solace. I miss it so much since I have not been at my ideal health. I think soon I will get back there. There is so much power in the churning surf. Your blogs are always such pleasurable, fertile messages...junk1...Happy New Year
Happy New Year and great pics!
junk1: It was actually the sunset. I am a total night owl and usually miss the sunrise. I hope you are able to get there soon.
Corey: Happy New Year to you!
Ramesh: Thank you, and I agree we need to create it whenever we can.
great photos, inspiring words. I love the Carolina beaches. I was in Myrtle Beach a few summers ago, and could not get enough of the water, beaches and sun. I canceled my reservations and stayed for 21 days. California beaches are nothing in comparison.
Re: "heightened sense of connectedness:" Happy Perihelion (Jan 4th), my favorite holiday! This is the day in Gaia's orbit when she is closest to her parent star by about 3.000 miles. I always feel that the sunlight has a champagne-like quality this time of year.
Idaho: I agree. When I was 10, my dad took me to California. We got to the beach and I ran straight into the ocean. A 5 ft wave, knocked me and my bathing suit down, I was turned upside down and had to be lifted up. Big difference between the Atlantic and Pacific, although I do like how rocky the west coast beaches are.
Ramon: Happy Perihelion to you as well!
I came late to this post but I'll take your new year's wish! Lovely photos and beautiful thoughts. Thanks.
Living in Hawaii, we have beautiful beaches. I've been wanting to spend some time on the North Carolina coast and hope to someday. It looks gorgeous & growing up in Massachusettes, I know of the meditation of the Atlantic. Thanks.
Oh my goodness, this is gorgeous! Thank you!

I love the beach, too! We used to vacation there on the Outer Banks when I was little and I adored it. It is like heaven.

Your photos are stunning.

Happy '09!
MB, they are beautiful!
When I was newly single, (10 years ago--my how time flies!) I went to the beach everyday to walk and look at the sunsets. I'm now spitting distance and don't go there much anymore. Your photos make me want to rethink that.
Gracielou: Thank you and Happy New Year.
Deborah: I have never been to Hawaii. I want to!
Scruffus: I love the Outer Banks. Thank you.
Without a Paddle: I hope you find time to go. I have been back for a week (3 hours away now) and have been scheming all week on how to get back.
Stephanie: The sand castle photo is from last summer. As beautiful as it was in January, still too cold! Thank you!
Thank you for your words and pictures. They took me to the place in my mind where I am one with it all. Rated.
So beautiful....so peaceful. I wish I was there.