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JANUARY 29, 2012 6:46PM

The Rorschach Debate

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I know. I know It is hard to believe that the Republicans have left us bereft of a debate. 


Since May they have staged 25 debacles, I mean debates. Some even came with themes: Tea Party Issues; The Economy; Western Voter Issues (as opposed to American Voter Issues, I guess); Foreign Policy; and National Security (twice). I assume specified themes were intended to help us figure out what the hell they were talking about. For me, it didn’t work. Even with subtitles and a map I would have difficulty following the paths of reason these guys (and for one brief, shining moment, woman) meander down.


That is why, my fellow Americans, we must rise up and demand the one themed Republican debate we really need.






The Rorschach Test Debate!






I include for your viewing pleasure a sample of card 1.


The Rorschach test purports to offer some clue to the cognitive processes, personality, and affectivity of its subject matter. Which is interesting, since when I watch these contestants, I mean candidates, the phrase most often passing through my mind is get a clue. 


Can’t you just image the break-out-the-popcorn entertainment a debate like this could provide? And it would have the added benefit of supplying...some might say “confirming”... valuable insight into what makes these chowder heads, I mean candidates, tick. 


The real tragedy is that we have already lost so many of the clowns, I mean candidates, but maybe we could arrange back-by-popular-demand appearances from Rick, Michelle and Herman. Why bother bringing back Huntsman? The first time around he didn’t even make a big enough  impression to be recognized solely by his first name, even with its non-h spelling. 


Most likely this debate would require a NC-17 rating and an additional warning that material contained within might not be appropriate for some members of the viewing audience. Like those wishing to retain their sanity, for instance. The words you can’t unring a bell come to mind. 


But other than that, it would be a blast.


And EASY. Just flash the cards, and let the jokers, I mean candidates, have at it. Can’t you just imagine a free-wheeling, stream of consciousness fueled diatribe coming from Newt? Oh, wait...that wouldn’t be so new. Can’t you just imagine a free-wheeling, stream of consciousness fueled rant  coming from Ron Paul? Oh, wait ...again, not so different, huh? I got it...can’t you just imagine a carefully-scripted-to-appear-to-be free-wheeling, stream of consciousness fueled oration coming from Romney? (Or as I like to call him, Mr. Pathologically Insincere.)


Maybe the best aspect is that the Rorschach cards eliminate the need for a ring master, I mean moderator, thus removing the opportunity for said moderator to step on certain anatomy while formulating a question. Would you like to take some time to respond to that?  Seriously? The only thing John King needed to add to that question to make it more ridiculous were the words “kind sir.” But don’t get me started.


And speaking of don’t get me started...forget about telling me that the Rorschach test has been widely discredited. Because I submit...so have these cretins, I mean candidates. 

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haven't seen you for a long time, but remember your logo. Do you think Paul is an android? It's a novel idea, instead of handsome and virile make him limp and dumpty and everybody is fooled.
The Rorschach is what Appalachia looks will like after Dig, Baby, Dig "conservatives" get done extracting the "clean" coal. Or what the rest of America will look like when Drill, Baby, Drill "conservatives" are finished fracking over this country.
Tom, Ben...thanks for stopping by.

Ben: Do I think Ron Paul is an andoid? Don't know. Could be anything, including an ET.

Tom: Good to see you. It is hard to know where to start worrying over what the "conservatives" are capable of. Fracking is as good a place as any.
Hilarious post and a fabulous if never gonna happen idea. R
Wendyo, thank you! We can dream, can't we.
Brilliant. And yeah, if only. Good to see you back. Missed your unique voice.

Cannot tell you how happy it makes me that you found your way here. Thanks for the kind words. I hope I'm back, but that remains to be seen. Have not been writing at all. This is just a toe in the water.
I don't know if it would work, I think they'd all just claim to see "Ronald Reagan." So good to see you back, a toe at a time!
I see the winged creation of Zarathustra, mirrored, pulling at the nest that keep us tied down to lower thoughts and actions. Thanks for sharing and keep on keeping on.
suzie, RR, funny, I hadn't thought of that, but I guess it beats claiming to be RR.

bluefeather, thanks.

Algis, now that you've told us what you see, we move on the the second (apparently more telling) part of the test. You get to explain where and why the blot supports your vision. Good luck with that
Sis, you are still a genius when it comes to humor! You really ought to think about submitting some of this stuff to one of the political comedians (real ones, not the debaters) and see if you can get on a writing staff.

Make fun of the “debaters” if you will, but at some point you will be calling one of them, President Asshole.

As for the Rorschach blots, all I’ve ever seen any of ‘em look like is a vagina…and I think if guys were honest, they’d all fess up to the same thing.

Hope you stick around.
Oh yeah....GO GIANTS.
Well, it's perfectly obvious that that is the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies. I automatically think he's Republican, but I may be biased. Nice to see you back.
OK... . From the sculpture I photographed years and years ago in Mumbai,India of the Prophet Zarathrustra it is the depiction of a man with a cows body and wings. He also wears a Fez type hat typical of that region and time. You can see the four legs of the cow, the wings and the pointed type hat. In their custom of the day, they would put the bodies of the dead on roof tops for the vultures to eat the remains of flesh and completing the cycle of life. In a manner of what comes around goes around.
I see the teachings of this Farci Philosopher, tearing apart the nest of improper beliefs, you can see in the middle two people in a nest, so that we can remain open to newer ideas of valued judgements and Philosophy that will nourish our souls and strengthen our beliefs.
algis, maybe you should consider running;-)
I love this idea....

my guess is that Santorum would see something related to a fetus...

Romney would, out of guilt for strapping his family dog to the roof of the car, see something canine...

Newt would see something dirty....but he won't be able to imagine anything worse than the debate moderator asking him about it....

Ron Paul will see a military part our government really has no business borrowing money to pay for....