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OCTOBER 31, 2008 12:57PM

Rebel without a Waist

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  Sad Lunch at Desk

Posted at the behest of mikelkpoet:

 I ate BOTH quesadillas in the Smart Ones box for lunch yesterday, mostly because it made me mad that the instructions on the box said (it is a Weight Watchers product, remember)  "Remove one quesadilla. There are two servings in this package. PUT THE OTHER QUESADILLA BACK IN THE PACKAGE AND RETURN TO FREEZER."

And like the obedient little person I am, I followed directions. At first. But back at my desk, I kept thinking about it and how I was still hungry. Finally, I went back and got the other one and told the box, "You're not the boss of me." I felt much better.

Think they can tell us what to do. Hmph. Not today. I vote for CHANGE.


The directions should say, "Hey, beautiful! Have you lost weight? These are frozen. Microwaving will zap all of the calories right out of them, so scarf down the whole box. And then have the rest of those Reese's cups in your desk drawer. Live a little. You work too hard, anyway."


It's thinking like this that makes my weight easier to watch every day. I mean, it's all right there.

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There, mikelkpoet. Now it's your turn.
"You're not the boss of me."

That's hillarious.
Wow! I see that you're an Arlo Guthrie fan. Me too. I thought I was the only one.
I don't think many folks know that he wrote "The City of New Orleans" (not even sure that's what it's called). And "Alice's Restaurant" is a total masterpiece.
Very cute. As a WW believer and follower I especially get you.
John, we ADG fans are legion. I'm so rabid a fanatic that I married his lookalike. If I knew how to embed a photo in a comment, I'd prove it.
And sweet Arlo did record City of New Orleans, his only big commercial hit that was oddly enough written by someone else--Steve Goodman. Steve was wonderful and died too young.
That is the funniest thing I've read all day. That is exactly what the box should say!
"I married his lookalike. "

I'm so sorry.
Just kidding.
Great stuff, Lydieth. Way to think, and eat, out of the box. And kudos for the Steve Goodman shout-out; he was a real player.
Another WW here, at goal for 6 months. Don't you love those 2 serving meals? Yeah, right! Flattery would help.

Ironically, I noticed on WW that I could eat more food volume-wise when I didn't eat any frozen meals. I spent months eating them and being kinda hungry all day before I started to pack my own lunches. I went with the all-you-can-eat veggies plus a little meat and beans wrapped in a 0-1 point tortilla. Or, if I needed something pre-made, I brought soups or one of those Amy's tamale pies (2 points, I think). Popcorn, too, if you like it. And apples! Or, if you want something junky tasting in a good way, fat free hotdogs.
Buckeyedoc, it sounds as though you've got it figured out! I love those Amy's frozen things. I loved too, advice I heard on the radio or somewhere from a nutritionist on how to decide if something was good for you. He said, "Look on the label... and if it has one, it isn't good for you." I KNOW this, but I don't follow the advice all the time.
And John, while Time gets the last laugh on all of us, there was something about folk musicians with dark curly hair and a sly wit that just made my heart go pittypat. Still does, even if the curls are gray.
You sure showed that box who's boss.

That's balls.

Ha! You go, girl. Show those Smart Ones whose boss.
hilarious, thanks for a much-needed laugh.

And no, a freakin' quesadilla box - a frozen quesadilla box no less, is not the boss of ANYONE and you can tell it I said so.
You still have Reese's Cups in your desk?? How do you do that:)
Well, Roger, I USED to have some Reese's cups in the drawer. Long gone.
"And John, while Time gets the last laugh on all of us, there was something about folk musicians with dark curly hair and a sly wit that just made my heart go pittypat. Still does, even if the curls are gray. "

Oh Oh, I am thinking of all those curly haired folk singers out there who have not as yet lost their hair.

Thank you also for pointing out that Steve Goodman wrote "City of New Orleans" Of course he wrote so much more but this is one he is most remembered for.
I don't know. Something strikes me as fundamentally wrong about arguing with frozen food containers. I would have ignored the directions in the first place, sweety pants. Fuck em.
Jim, you have empowered me. I might just open a milk carton on the illegal side today.