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February 22
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MARCH 29, 2012 10:36AM

A Peep into My Phone Photos: Trudge's Open Call

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 Please enjoy listening to Ringo as you read.
I have a ton of photos on my iPhone to choose from when I decided to participate in Trudge's Open Call. But this one sums up my week. 
Life in the classroom has been difficult this year: large class sizes, miniscule budget, children with a myriad of problems.  Our Sunshine Committee has dedicated itself to doing something small each month to lift spirits and let our teachers know we care about them. The other night I made 70+ bags like this one to give to every staff member at our school from teachers, to custodians, yard supervisors, and administrators. It's a little thing but I know it brought a smile to some faces.
Worth the effort. 
Do something nice for an educator in your part of the world.
They will appreciate it more than you know.

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Peeps!!! What a great way to say thank you to a teacher. Better than an apple.
Sometime a pat on the back is as good as a raise. Well.., almost as good. I bought that album the day it came out and wore it out!
I bet you didn't get a dissenting peep out of them. :) R
Thanks for participating in My Camera Phone Photos OC.
My dentist leaves a bowl of peeps in the waiting area all year long.
Hey! You're featured in my cell phone photos directory!
What a "sweet" thing to do. I happen to love stale peeps. Weird, I know.

"Jeepers, Creepers, where'd ya get those peepers ..."
Zanelle: And I don't think Peeps ever rot.

scanner: You & me both, brother. I heard Ringo is heading out on tour with his All-Star band again. Todd Rundgren is part of it this time--that may bring me out.

Lezlie- I'm not a fan myself.

VA: The check out clerk looked at me sideways when I walked up with a cart filled with over 200 Peeps.

Larry- ;) BTW at my first early morning glance your avatar looked like Pete Townshend.

Trudge: Shout out to you for a good OC!