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February 22
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FEBRUARY 21, 2012 7:52AM

It's Still Rock n Roll To Me

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This post is dedicated to our friend Nick R.
Thanks for a most memorable day at the R & R Museum!
Those who know my husband and I realize we are a bit obsessed with all things rock. They love us anyway. We have every concert ticket stub from concerts we have attended from 1976 on, an assortment of collectibles, and a wide variety of rock memorabilia from performers we admire. These all reside in a room devoted to our love of rock. Many of our daytrips and vacations revolve around music. We've been to the Experience Music Project in Seattle and spent the night in The Beatles Suite at The Edgewater Hotel. I arranged a surprise weekend trip to the Jerry Garcia Suite in San Francisco for my Deadhead hubby. Our trip of  a lifetime was a trek to England to traipse in the footsteps of The Beatles.  But with all that galavanting around, I was unaware of a little gem practically in my own backyard.

 The Sacramento Rock and Radio Museum is a hidden little local treasure I did not know about until I met a friend of a family member. Our new friend Nick was able to arrange a private tour of the museum for us recently and we had a great day pouring over the contents of the space. Nick was a DJ and worked with concert promoters while in radio for a good chunk of his life. He has some great stories to share and I think recognized in us kindred souls when it comes to music. I really hope we get to spend more time with this man that I instantly liked and felt a kinship with. We have many more stories to swap.

 Nick introduced us to his friend and former co-worker, Dennis. Thanks to the efforts of Dennis Newhall, museum curator, this collection showcases bands that performed in the Sacramento/Davis area over the past fifty years. Dennis has several decades of radio work including DJ at popular Sacramento rock radio station, KZAP and later Program Director at KSFM. He has lovingly compiled quite a collection of posters, handbills, tickets, and radio memorabilia that walks the patron through a rock roster of popular bands.  
 The British Invasion reached into California's Central Valley region when The Yardbirds visited.
yardbirds poster 
For Your Love- The Yardbirds

Tower Records also used to be in the concert promotion game. I love this piece of plywood that was painted bright red to advertise the upcoming show. Remember "So Happy Together" by The Turtles?


So Happy Together

So many things to see, so many stories to tell.

     The walls are covered with the beautiful artwork that used to be commonplace for advertising upcoming shows.


  My husband and Dennis enjoyed swapping band stories.

  Dennis shows our family and friends the binders full of Top 100 hits from across the decades.
grateful dead
Grateful Dead and New Riders of the Purple Sage shared the bill at Sacramento's Memorial Auditorium. Here's a version of a Dead song covered by NRPS.

 John was on sensory overload by the end of the day as he took it all in.


 Did you notice who the Very Special Guest is in the poster below? Ten points if you can identify the song he is famous for--no Googling allowed!

cream poster

Give up? Have a listen to Spirit in the Sky.

I love the artwork that filled the space. We don't get the same experience now with tiny CD cover inserts or from iTunes downloads. Elvin Bishop was among many who were Struttin' My Stuff. If you ever get a chance to see Elvin on stage , do it. He is still out there performing. 

Guess who 

 Hubby and friend Nancy were all smiles at being surrounded by walls full of memories.


 The original Sunshine Superman himself, Donovan, visited Sacramento in the 60's.


Our music room now proudly displays some KZAP memorabilia, courtesy of Nick. 




Time to head home. Thanks for sharing this memorable day with us!

If you are in the Sacramento area, the museum is located at

911 20th Street.

Visit them at

*all photos from my collection and from the collection of Nick Rhodes.

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Wow - thanks for sharing. If the place is half as great as the pictures, then it is certainly well worth a trip to Sacramento ...
LOL. Lots of names I've completely forgotten about.

You should do a sequel: "Where are they now?"

Somehow, Sacto and R & R museums is incongruous to me; but then, stranger things have happened.
Worth the experience just to listen to Spirit in the Sky--I am as nuts about music as you are and enjoyed this very much. I have discovered some amazing sites for music and will contact you with them this week.
Smooch, another great post. The artwork and colors brought back great memories of a time never to be seen again. If this does't get an EP, I'm going to hold my breath until I pass out!
Lots of great art, sixties typography, and good looking gray hippies. I must be one too, for I knew Norman Greenbaum sang Spirit in the Sky before scrolling down. Would Zap FM be any relation to Zap Comix? Thems was ceratinly zappy times ;-) Thanks for the fun post.
I actually PAID for a 3-day Woodstock ticket. Not kidding. And I don't regret a second of it. r.
Awesome! Thanks for taking us along for the ride.
Thanks for sharing this. Wow. I am so old.
Wow. I came along in 1967 but my siblings were older.
They passed on an abiding love of the REAL Rock n Roll ,
God bless em, or else i would no doubt
today be a pathetic middle aged man
listening to the shit I was exposed to in the late 80's & onward..
Oh, but to think: the real stuff is locked away in museums..
amazing to think it was 50 yrs ago the Beatles invaded...
all those wonderful experiences in yr brain neurons
of the concerts
should be put in some kinda virtual museum
before it's too late..
great post..
My friend Kevin knows Dennis as he also does the huge Sac swap meet but I had no idea that this existed..
HOLY cow.. what a great day. Wish I had been a fly on the wall.
Wonderful, love it and thanks so much for sharing all of this. I'm going to be driving through Sac soon and now, I'll make sure it's at a time when I can spend hours in this place. Elvin! Damn, I still have "East West" on vinyl in perfect condition where listening to him and Bloomfield opened up a whole new world of music to me. I will find out where I can see him. @ Jonathan: So did I and since they never took them, had them forever until someone who knew I did stole them from my house (and no, I never did figure out who). I'll send you a PM you'll enjoy, I hope.
Great post and your usual wonderful links and photos. Thanks again.
Looks and sounds a fabulous place to visit. I've done all The Beatle's stuff in Liverpool and am proud to have seen many of the English Sixties groups live, including the Yardbirds.

I'm a big music fan so always enjoy your post, though I fear my knowledge is nowhere near as vast as yours. Thanks for sharing this.
Love it - you know I love music as much as you and would give anything to have not thrown away all my memoribilia (who knew it was memorabilia?? )from the 60's.
@Jonathan W. I too Paid for a 3 day ticket to Woodstock. Never got used - hope the ex boyfriend held onto them all these years.
Great post.
I nailed that Norman Greenbaum question. Not sure that's a good sign, although it means I'm keeping the Alzheimer's at bay.
I'd love to see this myself, and you guys clearly had a blast. Also loved those great Yardbirds and Turtles clips.

And your husband and I wear almost identical hats!
Great memories and all. still, no Quicksilver?
Riders of the Purple Sage....wonderful. I am in sage country now and can appreciate where this music came from. What a museum and you had so much fun. But you always do. Thanks for sharing. Music helps.
Thanks everyone for stopping in--so sorry I didn't do individual responses. Had a death in my friend-family.
What a great trip...Thanks.