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February 22
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FEBRUARY 9, 2012 10:33AM

Happy Birthday Carole King!

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If you are a child of the 60's or 70's as I am, you undoubtedly know exactly who Carole King is. Her songwriting skills were her first ticket to success leading up to the megahit album Tapestry. Today is Carole's 70th birthday. So many of the trendsetters, the icons of my childhood are sliding into senior citizen status. I guess that means I am too.  But I am still that teenaged girl who sang along with her favorites for hours in her bedroom, in the car, while walking to school, in the shower, and practicing to be a future rock star. Some of those dreams never came to fruition, but I still hold them in my heart as a huge part of my coming of age years. Carole is one of a long list of those artists that shaped my musical taste. If you remember your teen idols, take a moment and thank them for adding to your childhood. They will be gone before you know it, but at least we have their music. Happy birthday, Carole, and thank you.

It's Too Late


You've Got a Friend ( with James Taylor)
So Far Away

You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman

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lschmoopie, I remember the songs of Carole King well from around the time I was almost finished with high school and then in college, as well. In my mind I always paired her with Carly Simon since they were popular during the same period and sang about similar subject matter. Interesting to see James Taylor in the mix here since he loomed large, musically, and, as the latter's husband, at the time, too.
She is a poet. One of the leaders of my generation. Seventy!! Seventy!!! Oh my. A jewel.
Tapestry is one of the most played albums of my life. A real icon of the 60s/70s. I once dated her cousin, who had the same face as C. He liked her music, too.
Wonderful music from my era.

I can't believe all these great stars are now pensioners. Me too for that matter.
" I am still that teenaged girl "
Me too, Lisa - and I am just reminded that you and I have back to back birthdays coming up......
NOOOOOOOOOOOOO that would make me ahhh..hmmmm..
never mind..
To quote Carol. I just felt the earth move..:)
Through her own albums and compositions for other singers & groups, King was the Queen of pop for a very long time.

And she bears an uncanny resembleance toward my sister.
Tapestry, I was in the eighth grade when it came out, as there were many incredible things coming out there year, but Carol King was one of akind. Happy Birthday to her, and her great music.
No matter your era, great music from any can be apprecciated.
I still pull out Tapestry fairly regularly. I've never gotten tired of it.
I enjoy Carole King, but I have to admit that my favorite is listening to my 12 year old (boy) sing along with the Gilmore Girls theme song. It makes me smile every time.
Have you ever seen the movie Grace of My Heart? It's loosely based on Carole King's life, and it's an underrated little film. As a Brill Building songwriter, she really broke some barriers for women in the music industry.
I have always felt a special relationship with Carole King, not only because one of her most famous songs described me so accurately, but also for her artistic soul. Happy Birthday, Carole. R
designanator: I saw Carole in concert once and it was terrific. I think The Troubador tour she recently did with James Taylor would have been wonderful to attend.

zanelle: Her songwriting skills are enviable.

daisyjane: She is not to be duplicated.

Lea: Me too. I still listen to it when it calls to me.

Linda C.: I'm amazed that the older I get the quicker the years fly.

trilogy: Those birthdays sneak up on us, don't they?
Linda S. I hear the clock ticking away...

Steve S. Now I want to see apicture of your sister.

Momsacomic: I remember when I first bought Tapestry I played it nonstop until I had learned all the lyrics. I still love singing her songs.

Sarah: So true. I wish some of our younger generation would find more of our greats.

jls: Me too.

Jeanette: That was a great movie! So much talent in that one building.

Midwest: Heading out to find the Gilmore Girls theme song for a listen...

Thoth: I MUST know--what song decribes you??????
I love Carole, Tapestry, and a number of the hits from the following years, but also that stunning run of 60s Brill Building pop classics that she wrote in tandem with her ex, Gerry Goffin. I’m just as apt to listen to The Shirelles, Dusty Springfield or The Monkees covering her timeless songs as much as Tapestry. Indeed, her work will endure. Happy Birthday Carole!
Ah, but it's never too late baby. Thanks for the blast from the past.