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February 22
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JULY 26, 2011 2:40PM

Let's Spend the Night Together, Mick Jagger

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 July 12, 2012 marks the 50th anniversary of The Rolling Stones first ever live performance. I am reposting this Mick Jagger tribute I wrote last year. Many of the video  links had been discontinued, so I redid them all. Hope you find some time in your day for a little bit of The Rolling Stones.

I'm starting off with a video I hadn't included in my original post because it is Various Artist's favorite Stones song, and he is themain reason I am on Open Salon at all.




Happy Anniversary Mick, Keith, Charlie & Ron! 


Happy 68th  birthday Michael Phillip Jagger!

Let's spend the night together listening to his music.


It all began in 1962 when The Rollin' Stones first performed together-the 'g' would be added later. A few lineup changes along the way and the core group was formed with Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ron Wood, & Charlie Watts. The band has been going strong ever since.

I've had the good fortune to see the group twice in concert. I can think of no other front man with the seemingly endless energy of Mick Jagger. The first time I saw The Rolling Stones Mick was well over 40, and the last time he was 62 years old. He was perpetual motion, running from one side of the stage to the other at full speed, up and down the telescoping stage that jutted into the audience, on and off the drum riser as he grooved with Charlie, and over and under speaker columns singing all the while. I was exhausted just watching him. On today, his 68th birthday I just want to honor the man that has been the driving force behind The Rolling Stones. Keith Richards has said that it is due to Mick that they are all millionaires. That driving force is obviously not just a presence on the stage.

As Tears Go By- One of Mick & Keith's first collobarative compositions. It was a hit for them in 1965.

 The Last Time-While Mick & Keith penned this song, Keith has credited a 1955 song called This May Be The Last Time by The Staples Singers as the inspiration.

(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction-When the song was first released in 1965 only pirate radio stations would play it due to it's sexually explicit lyrics.  Kinda pales in comparison to some of today's lyrics, dontcha think?

Get Off My Cloud-Another 1965 hit, it helped with the rebellious persona the band was creating.

Paint it Black- One of Rolling Stone magazines 500 Greatest Songs Ever Written, the song was released in 1966 and stayed on top of charts around the world.

 Lady Jane- I recently included this song honoring the late Brian Jones on my Club 27 post. I love his dulcimer work on this song.

 Under My Thumb- This 1966 song has the misfortune of being related to the killings at the Altamont Speedway concert. The Stones had just finished this song when a Hell's Angel stabbed a concert goer to death.

19th Nervous Breakdown-Released only in mono format in 1966, the song reached #2 on the charts.

Mother's Little Helper- This 1966 flip side single to Lady Jane, many housewives related to the dark lyrics referring to barbituate use.

Let's Spend the Night Together- You may have heard the infamous story about The Stones being told they could not perform this song while appearing on The Ed Sullivan Show due to the suggestive lyrics. Mick promised to change the wording to "Let's spend some time together", but when the cameras rolled did not do so. Sullivan angrily threw them out and banned them from further appearances.

Ruby Tuesday- Written about Richard's girlfriend, Linda Keith, he was despondant over her relationship with Jimi Hendrix and her drug use.

Jumpin' Jack Flash- From Wikipedia: Keith has said that he  wrote the lyrics with Mick while staying at Richards' country house, where they were awoken one morning by the sound of gardener Jack Dyer walking past the window. When Jagger asked what the noise was, Richards responded: "Oh, that's Jack – that's jumpin' Jack."

Sympathy for the Devil- One of my favorite Stones song.

Honky Tonk Woman- A 1969 hit for the group it was inspired by the Sao Paola, Brazil gauchos.

Brown Sugar-Written by Mick for Marsha Hunt, the mother of Mick's first child,  Karis.

Tumblin' Dice-From the Exile on Main St. album. If you have not seen the documentary on this time frame in Stones history, do yourself a favor.

Start Me Up-This 1981 hit is often used to open their live shows. It was the opening song when I saw them on their Bigger Bang tour in 2005.

Wild Horses- From the 1971 Sticky Fingers album. This is a really pretty acoustic version of the song from 1995.

Waiting on a Friend- This one shows the softer side of Mick's songwriting and singing. A rare performance with Mick on guitar.

Beast of Burden-Mainly a Keith Richards compostion, he wrote it in gratitude to Mick after Keith left for awhile to deal with his addiction issues. He felt Mick had shouldered the load like a beast of burden, hence the title.

Shattered-The 1978 song was the first rap style the band recorded.

 Angie- Straight to number one in 1973, the song has been attributed to various women with the name. But Keith says it was written during his heroin addiction and he referred to the drug as Angie.

You Can't Always Get What You Want-The B side to 1969's Honky Tonk Woman, it was one of the first rock songs to feature a full choir on the recording.


With the huge volume of work produced by The Rolling Stones, it's inevitable that I have left out YOUR favorite Stones song. Feel free to weigh in on your favorites in the comment section. 

Thank you, Mick Jagger, for the heavy contributions to the music I've listened to the past 40 years. It never gets old.

The Rolling Stones

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I am way behind today.. I ran away from home for a few hours and came back with 72 pictures..
Did you know that I turned down box seats for The Stones??
I am really weird aren't I??:)
Linda: My husband saw them in a luxury box courtesy of my brother-in-law's company. It was the Steel Wheels tour. The 2 times we saw tehm together was in teh lowly seats-lol. Although the 2nd show they moved us right up to the stage because they had changed some equipment layout and our view was now obstructed when we got there. Their live show is amazing.
So hard to pick, but I guess I'd have to go with "Gimme Shelter". I think it summed up the time period perfectly.

Although I do love some of that earlier, more "obscure" stuff. I think I wore out my vinyl copy of "More Hot Rocks" when I was a tween.

And Mick, I loved you once more than words can say, but I wish you'd hang it up now. You haven't aged quite as gracefully as Sir Paul. Happy Birthday! :-)

(Saw them in '78 or '79 at Cleveland Stadium.)
I'll have to come back to finish, but this is great, one of your best~And that's saying a lot my friend! Happy Birthday to the Jaggermiester~~
Jagger is 68? That can't be right -- that would make me ---- eeeeeeeek. Oh. Never mind .... Happy b'day, J. Rated.
When they toured in the 70s, tickets were impossible to get in NYC and I could never get in. Now it's just too expensive for my budget.

A couple weeks ago, one of my friend lost most of her Stones music when she changed computers, so I burned her copies of mine. For a number of the songs, it was the first time I'd listened to them in years, and they still have the punch. In the late 60s and early 70s, there was nobody better.

I also own a bootleg DVD of the infamous documentary C**ksucker Blues, which I keep meaning to watch.
bill clinton will be 65, mick jagger is 68. makes me look like a teenager, i think.

great list, all the big bad songs those raucous boys played. the stones are in my top five, always have been. i never saw them live but friends were going to the concert they put on in LA in the mid-seventies and we partied before and after. i can say definitively i have never been higher. ;
Oh......... you have no idea. Or maybe you do.
I have loved Mick Jagger since I was 12 years old. It is the only crush I've ever had that has endured. And the music. The music is the best. Thank you for this! You made my day! ~r
jeanette: He is pretty craggy looking. But there's just something about that man...

scanner: If I've told you once,
then I've told you twice....

bellemeade: I know. I don't want to do the math!
When I read the title, I thought "Whoohooo...OS slumber party!" :)
cranky: Good karma on you man for restoring her Stones collection. Oh, the horror!

candace: If they tour again I hope to see it. I know their tour is always one of the most expensive to produce due to the top of the line equiment--truly some of the better sounding shows I've experienced.
joan: So glad I put a smile on your face today! The dude has it.

Diary: I can't get no satisfaction on that one. ;)
The best of the best. Many thanks, Schmoop and happy birthday, Keith. I've seen them twice, too. Each time at the Hampton Coliseum about ten years apart. Memories...
Oops, I mean Mick. Keith turned 70 recently, no?
Matt: Such great showmen, Mick & Keith. Keith will be 68 in Dec. I did a post on him for his birthday last year if you want to take a look at it.

All our boys are aging too quickly!!
He's such a star. He'll be youthful till he dies. I think everyone has a little bit of a crush on him.
Fernsy: He certainly has the energy of a young man!
lschmoopie, thank you for a wonderful compilation. At a time when most people think of retirement, Sir Michael Jagger has formed a new group, SuperHeavy. It is an interesting mixture of talent with Dave Stewart from the Eurythmics, Damian Marley of reggae fame, composer A.R. Rahman and Joss Stone. I will be interested in your review when the album is released. I believe it is scheduled for retail release in September of this year.
Ms. Lschmoopie: a woman after my own heart. Few men compare, in my not so humble opinion (when it comes to to) Mr. Jagger for exuding the essence of rock n' roll. Those lips never hurt the image either.The Boys can keep playin' into their 80's as far as I'm concened. Growing up there was a rumour that "Angie" was a song about bowie's wife. Thanks for all these great tunes and videos. I'll be spending a while here.

Happy Birthday Mick!
Catherine: I'm so glad you brought that up. You wrote a wonderful post on Superheavy the other day. I am looking forward to that album--I really like Dave Stewart. He's collaborated on so many albums recently: Stevie Nicks, Ringo to name just a couple recent ones.
Great post. I saw the Stones a few times as a beardless youth and appreciate them even more now. Thank you for sharing this great music.
I knew today was Mick's Birthday, so I came over to OS to see if Lschmoopie had a post about it. Of course you did. I think I may ressurect my Stones post from last year, if you don't mind....Madison Sq Garden, 1972. Thanks Lisa
"Satisfaction" was/is the song I always crank up the volume to...but then just about any Stones song gets me singing/dancing/remembering. Sigh. I had breakfast at the next table to Keith a couple of years ago...he was alone and looked rough, lol. I am only 5 years younger but don't have that much energy. Well I might if.... Happy Birthday to Mick!!
Great post, great comments, great man. Thank you Thank you!!
scylla: I hope the tunes help with healing!

Kate: I made brief mention of Mick's financial prowess in the post, but you're right in stating that it really is a notable feat.

scarlett: I'm with you- they should keep on going if they want to. I know I'd see them again if they toured.

trilogy: I'm glad I didn't let you down! So thrilled you reposted yours--it's a fantastic story.
Buffy: Wait a minute! You ate next to Keith?! Wow! That's the 2nd Keith encounter I heard today. A friend on zoomers sent me a photo of him & Keith in Ireland.

zanelle: So many great tunes that I didn't include because I'd already spent quite a few hours on it. But hopefully a little something for everyone!
I would love to see him in concert. It's no wonder he is so thin! He is a true Classic in the sense that he is timeless. Happy birthday Mick!
I saw him once in Chicago. I went with a stock broker from Merrill Lynch. He was a grade a ass but the band was great.
susie: 2+ hours of intense aerobics per show is pretty amazing!

sheila: There's nothing like a live show. Even in the company of a grade a ass. :)
Get Me on Flight Number 505 (Aftermath?)
68 is the new, er, 44. I hadn't seen many of these clips, and the ones from the 60s in particular are a lot of fun, even if they're lip synching. I got to see them on their 1989 tour from the 7th row -- what a show that was! I got to see Mick from just a few feet away from when he came down from the stage, and it's an odd experience to see someone that iconic close up (I'll have an even better story about Keith, down the line).

As always, you've done a great job pulling this retrospective together, schmoops, although I have to mention my all-time fave Stones song, "Gimme Shelter." Now if they'd only finally, officially release the great Robert Frank doc, "Cocksucker Blues." C'mon guys, it a looooong time in the past ...