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SEPTEMBER 26, 2008 12:42AM

McCain - the Gambler, part deux

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This post will be short and to the point.


Chris Hayes, of The Nation, was just on Countdown with Keith Olberman, talking about the non-suspension, suspension and manufactured crises of the McCain campaign:

"It's entirely show. At this point, McCain, the gambler, the well-known gambler, is making an all-in bet on the stupidity of the American voter. That is the wager of the campaign at this moment."

"We will be able to fool people long enough that maybe, just maybe, come election day to be within striking distance in the polls...They keep trying...to untether themselves from the actual conditions in the world."

p.s., I've been thinking about this theme alot and wanting to make a video set to Kenny Rogers' the Gambler, including the following scenes: a slot machine with Palin, Lieberman, and Pawlenty; dogs playing poker including Obama, Biden, McCain, Palin and Putin, Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong-Il; a set of dice with McCain & Bush.  I don't think I will have time to get it together while it is still relevant, so if anyone has any video or Flash skills and wants to give it a shot, feel free to use my ideas.

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I saw this too on Countdown. I guess McCain gambled that David Letterman wouldn't figure out he was on a show with Katie Couric.

This seems trivial but it's not. Stupid is as stupid does.
mary - he certainly is looking like an anachronism, isn't he?
Awright now, I'm the midnight rambler and all, but I've been looking all over posts and deep into the archives for Part I. Soon it'll be 2 o'clock and time to report for my graveyard shift.... :-).

bbd commented elsewhere"It takes a village of idiots to elect the village idiot." That's what we probably are if this week's events and commentary even from the right hasn't tanked the McPalin candidacy forever.

P.S. Your mise en scène is hilarious. Get an agent -- SNL should lap it up.

Woof! sorry, it's not so linear - my brain doesn't work exactly that way. part one was McCain - We Don't Need Another Maverick. maverick/gambler - I didn't want those mean people, you know who they are, saying I was just repeating myself.

and yes, we certainly are beginning?! to look more and more like a village of idiots, aren't we?
lps, it's not that you're non-linear (besides, non-linear is goood), it's that at 2:00 AM I resemble the village idiot (and not just at... -- HEY, I HEARD THAT).

I went back and read that piece -- even more timely today, when the Maverick might be scuttling an admittedly troubling deal but "not tipping his hand" a la NYT. He "said little" during this conference. A cross between Chauncey Gardener and Kenny Rogers?

Love the picture of Lieberman the "toe-nail cutter".

My son Rand once was in Vegas and was at a craps table where McCain was rolling the dice. He was into it for a long time and eventually lost. A portent I hope.
CCC - I think I might be happier with Chauncy Gardner. :-)

Lea - wow, I didn't know he actually gambled in Vegas. Makes sense and definitely a portent.

thanks for stopping by.
Lot of gambling going on in politics lately and we end up holding the tab when there's losses. Thanks for highlighting Chris Hayes' quote and good idea for the politicians playing cards. It would look marvelous as an oil-on-velvet. :)
lpsrocks has been never more apt a name! You scooped the New York Times. As Lea corroborates below (on the 26th), the NYT confirmed your unerring newshound ( a good dog, if I may say so myself) nose in this lengthy article on the 27th!

Congratz! Proud to know ya.

Should obviously read " as Lea confirms above". But the comment box as you type into it sits above the previously posted comments, so.... aargh! Fuggedaboutit. How's 'bout a COMMENT PREVIEW FUNCTION, OS!!!!
Scruffus - thanks, the oil on velvet is exactly what I imagined. And, current events make it even more timely. Thursday's debate will be another interesting roll of the dice.

CCC - WOOOF! WOOOFF! Thanks so much for the shout-out. I saw that NYTimes Article, too and of course, I think it is spot-on.

As this whole weird campaign plays out, I am starting to believe that McCain has a bit of a compulsive gambling streak. Like AA, Gamblers Anonymous says that compulsive gambling "leads to jail, insanity or death."

Clearly (to me, at least), McCain is going down the road toward insanity.
An' speakin' of AA, I am reliably informed the ole McAddled likes more than a wee dram now and then hisself ;-).

I completely agree that this is the McCain strategy and that it's all about cyncism and the assumed stupidity of the voters. But I will say this - to the extent that anything is working for them, I think the "gambler" "maverick" thing does stick -- I was recently visiting family and when I said "Well, I guess McCain is a gambling man," (meaning it negatively), a family member said, with a bright smile, "He's a maverick"! So they've got the branding down. I just don't think it will work with enough people. (I hope!)
alice - I'm hoping that Joe Biden's riff on "maverick" in last night's VP debate will sully the brand for good.