JANUARY 3, 2010 7:00PM

Good News Sunday: PACKERS WIN!!

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Ryan Grant TD vs. Cardinals

Since sometime in the mid-1960s the only thing that really ever mattered to me on Sundays in the fall and winter months has been whether the Green Bay Packers won or lost their NFL football game.

With a regular season-ending victory over the Arizona Cardinals in Phoenix today, the Green Bay Packers have made January 3rd my first Good News Sunday of the new decade.

Cheese, bratz and beers for all my friends!!

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But I'll have a beer anyway.
Tough day for Leinart today, Spot. it was pretty much over in the 1st quarter. didn't realize you were a fan.

Here, I'll buy you an extra beer...
Go Cheeseheads! Protect Rogers better and they could go a long way. Beat Minnesota in the playoffs......
Yeah, somebody's gotta root for the Home Team.
Now if the Patriots were in town, I'd have to switch back to the East Coast loyalty!
Go PACKERS!!! I love football... It is what the winter months are for,.
Ditka picks 'em for the Super Bowl. Monster D.
::::sigh:::: Happy for you, Dude. Not so much for me and my suddenly wussy Eagles. Next week. Yeah, next week. Pass me a bea-ah.
I was counting on your Eagles to knock a little stuffing out of the hated Cowgirls today, Sally. Oops, was that a misogynistic comment? Anyway, you deserve an extra bea-ah, too - here ya go...
Go, Packers. From the resident Cheesehead.
I've been watching the Packers Lonnie. Also the Cardinals. I've been impressed with both. I didn't see the game but.... Go Packers!
I'm concerned about my Saints who just lost their third game in a row, but I think they're sandbagging... I'm in a total Saints will win the super bowl mode.
The fucking Chiefs, yes, the Chiefs, destroyed the Denver Broncos in Denver, eliminating the Broncos from the playoffs. I'm still in shock.
A lifelong Packer fan. A lot of ups and downs over the years. I'm glad they won. Drink one for me!
I have been a Packers fan from long time ago, I was a kid growing up in the 70's and a neighbor had them on and he was cheering them on. Even since then so have I.
Yup, still have great memories of Bart Starr, Willie Wood, Jerry Kramer and back-to-back Super Bowls (AFL-NFL Championships). I'll take extra kraut on my brat.
Well, yay! If you're happy, I'm happy! xox
And the Vikings beat New York! Suweeet day for football!
Yeehaa! But I sure as hell hope Woodson's OK.
Well, I'm from Chicago. So you know what that means. But, really I don't follow football. I'm glad the Packers Win made your Sunday
So, I wonder how the Eagles feel about being shut out by a bunch of "girls" then, eh?

Glad to hear you're happy with the Packers. Reminded me of the great Packers-Lions Tgiving day games in the 50's and 60's. That 1962 Packers team (the greatest ever?) only lost once that year - to guess who? Vince L was not happy playing those holiday games, and boy he let it be known.

I'm still a Lions fan (there are three of us left in the northern hemisphere), and my adopted Panthers kicked some New O butt today.

Sorry trig - but the Saints are still the Aints. You gotta at least show up for the season enders, and they've been awol for a month.

I like the Packers.
Packer love is universal and knows no boundaries (except, perhaps, as Jill points out, in Chicago) - so glad to share the good news with receptive cheesehearts here today!

Stim, it's been quite a ride hasn't it?

I have a feeling the new trend of sandbagging in late-season games is going to hurt a few favorites in the playoffs, but we'll see what happens. Year looks as potentially exciting as I've seen in many years.

Oh. Sorry, I couldn't resist. Long-live the Ice-Bowl.
Yaaahhhoo! I was born and raised in WI and so this is a wonderful thing. I'll take a brat with you!
I'm so looking forward to them trouncing the Vikings