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Little Kate
Lismore, New South Wales, Australia
September 13
When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile. ~ Author Unknown


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MARCH 10, 2012 7:05PM


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A picture
painted with all the colours of imagination
hangs in the gallery of my mind

A beautiful image
and I can't help but gaze upon it with longing 

I suspect it will hang there forever more

A sound
playing over and over again
in my ear
A voice --
your voice
unique and soothing
almost inaudible now

I try hard to remember it
and I ache to hear it

but I fear I may never again

A wish
uttered countless times
rests now upon my lips

Yes, it rests
but only for a moment --

I will utter it again









© Kate Little
All Rights Reserved

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longing, poetry

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A repost ... sorry.
This really hit me. I can't remember my Dad's voice. It's been over forty years, but I still wish I could remember his voice if he called me. Old age sucks. Beautiful poem!
Wishes are magic, I know that.
beautiful poem, it needed to be repeated.
rated with love
Yes, that's how longing feels. You make it sound almost pretty, Kate, but only those who are left behind know the pain. Time moves forward, memories remain.
at every sunrise, at every sunset, longing is power...overwhelming sometimes...I'm glad you posted this again ~
The interior life goes on and on. Poignant, Kate.

What lovely poetry!
So sad, so beautiful, no apology needed
Funny, but this brings to mind a longing I've had of something that has never been...doesn't seem to stop the longing for that voice...
Beautifully done.
I also know this longing for those who've left my life. A bittersweet longing for that soothing music, illusion or no...
Oh the endless ache of a wish unfulfilled. May it find a way to come true.
You've been reading my heart, Kate. Through the tears, my friend; through the tears. . .

I sure hope not!!!!

WOW!!!! Love it!!!
Beautiful Kate. There is always Hope. There is always the Wish!
The gallery of the mind...easy to get lost in a place like that. I liked this for lots of different reasons.
Scanner, I am so sorry that you lost your dad at such a young age. Hang in there, buddy.

Romantic Poetess, I'll keep holding on to that magical thought. Thank you.

Fusun, perhaps there is some 'prettiness' to be found in longing ... not in the true sense of the word but perhaps there's the positive side of longing where we experience the warmth of feelings and fond memories.
of all the loneliest words together,
these two : 'come back ...'

like puppies running, geese flying,
water rushing in the din, over the falls
down deep into the tranquil heart-shaped pool below.

loved this, Kate.
This is lovely - wistful.
catch, thank you. It is powerful and indeed overwhelming at times ... but I suspect something very unique to human beings. All I know is it involves my heart and it's something I can't change.
chicken maaan, yes, life continues. Thank you for being here.

Diary, thank you!

LL2, thank you Lovely Lady ... : )
This is incredible, Kate. Powerful and tender at the same time.

That which we we long for is part of what defines who we are. Our innermost desires are part of us. Dangerous to deny them.

Giving voice poetically is a (somewhat) safe option. Good plan. :)
Oh kate...this moved me greatly....xoxo
Thanks for posting again. /r
Oh, this is so romantic and wistful. I hope the longing ends soon by reuniting. r
Your poetry sure knows how to tug at the right strings....the ones to the heart.
Grand. Like a fine blow to the heart. You are amazing indeed.
Just Thinking, perhaps when you do hear that voice there will be a special place in your heart that feels more than fulfilled. And the longing for those who have left your life, yes, I know that feeling, but really they haven't left our life altogether, have they? Yes, bittersweet is so true.

Bleue, just today our dear Romantic Poetess told us about her wish coming true ... so I know it does happen!
John, a big hug and much love to you. Hang in there. Okay? I'm standing with you in tough times, my friend ... it's the very least a friend can do.

JD ... I'm glad you loved it. And I'll take the "WOW" too! Thank you!!!
This is truly beautiful. r
Tril, holding tight to Hope and a Wish ...but more than that ... holding tight to good friends, if I may.

Margaret, I am indeed very humbled that you found much to like in this. Thank you so very much.

Sheila, I can always count on you to read and leave me a much appreciated comment. Thank you, friend!
"come back" ... those two words hit home, don't they? Just saying them now in my head brings tears to my eyes and makes my heart ache.

I loved your comment, Kim. You have a gift of seeing a feeling and painting it as beautifully with your words as you would on canvas.

Thank you, Kim ... from deep within my heart ... thank you.
onislandtime, I was definitely in a wistful mood. Thank you so much for being here. : )

Unbreakable, you are incredibly kind and I thank you for this gorgeous comment. ............ Hey, I think it's your turn on Words with Friends!!!! (But by the time I wake up I guess it'll be mine again, huh?) ; )
Charlie, dangerous to deny but not completely safe to give voice to them ... we're caught between a rock and a hard place, huh? I guess that really does describe what longing is all about!!! Thank you for read and commenting and it is wonderful to see you around again!

Michelle, I can understand that for sure. Best wishes and hold tight. If you need a friend to lean on ... I'm here. Okay?
hilarad, Thank you for this lovely comment!

I Love Life, perhaps it is so because I write from my heart. : )

Scylla, amazing??? Goodness! How very, very kind and lovely of you to say this ... but, no, not amazing ... right now ... grateful is the right word. Grateful for friends who come here to read and offer lovely words of encouragement and support. Thank you for being here, my friend.
Christine, thank you so very much. And ... hello! It's good to see you again.
It is all about the re.

Oh my goodness - please do not be sorry for a "repost!" Little Kate, I remember reading this before because it was so powerful to me the first time. "I suspect it will hang there forever more" That's one of the lines that especially struck/strikes me as so poignant. Such longing in your words.... You are a marvel. R
You hit it -- I get these images in my brain and they are like a painting, forever....this was great.
The voice ... the words ...
we so wish ...
to hear ...

How you catch us all ...
with this ...

Thinking of you, Kate.
Kate, it's funny that way...I've known that voice for so many years and it's just the voice I long for, such a fabulous deep rich timbre...the rest, not so much. How is it possible to just love a voice and want to hear it all of the time? Kinda' crazy, I realize...especially when I don't long for the person at all, just that voice.