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Little Kate
Lismore, New South Wales, Australia
September 13
When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile. ~ Author Unknown


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JANUARY 16, 2012 7:26AM

rhythm lost

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lonely hours pass into days
and I know not where I should turn
in the dead of a summer haze
my sorry heart doth mutely yearn

with comfort and caress long gone
and hope but a fanciful dream
should all reveries be withdrawn
and solitude held in esteem

where is reason and where is rhyme
they move not forward nor restart
the pulse of life and love mark time
and dimly march upon my heart

what’s it called - this place without name
this place without beat and cadence
perhaps … inertial reference frame
or is it ... a place to commence




© Kate Little
January 2012

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poetry, life

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I love this, Kate. It's as though you've crawled into the hearts of all who have suffered the loss.

For you, I think it's a place to commence.
I agree with John. Let the beat go on.
These words....magnificent. Your poetic talent knows no boundaries. And I agree - I think it is a place to commence. Rated with great admiration.
so very poignant and evocative, kate. I hope all is well.
Your poetry ranges from light and fun to heavy and serious. Your talent is incredible. Do these words just flow off your fingertips easily or with much deliberation? Just curious.
This is beautiful, Kate. Been to that place too many times. A place to commence? Yes, I think so.
Solitude ought to be held in esteem, for it offers a pause-
To evaluate our lives before we decide to stay or move on.
I am truly humbled by this beautiful poem. It brought tears to my eyes, and to my husbands when I read it to him.
A place to commence...we have all been there at some point.
this was truly amazing
Kate; between you and DB I'm doing quite a bit of sighing this a.m.

Fully connect with this line..."and hope but a fanciful dream" R
Being quiet, being still, sometimes the best place.
I hold solitude in high esteem. No pulse? I distinctly hear a heartbeat and it doesn't sound like tick-tock.
Lovely. Is this place a milieu or is it an interlude to something else.
Commence away!! Sometimes we have to hit a wall to get ourselves out of a funk...
Great poem!
You are your poems.. your poems are you adn so you blend together in words that we remember.,.
Peace to you my friend. Let the commencing begin!
Yes, the place to commence, to begin it all in new way.
feeling like a one armed cymbal player? it shall get better! ;)
Your poem is beautiful. Your style reminds me of Teasdale or Dickenson.
Your poem is just excellent.
You write from the heart as well as anyone. I hope all is well!
philosophy and beauty
neatly wound
words well wrapped
about a beating heart
and our own..
thanks! R
If certain commencement awaits...
Do not enter into Limbo's gates!

For rhythm is surely never lost;
While hearts stay open at any cost.

Splendid, bittersweet and full of vulnerability. xo
We must be on the same page again.
Patricia K asks a good question...how the heck do you write like this with such range?
Rated...very rated.
Maybe a different rhythm being born in this cocoon one never wants to find themselves in, but must here and there for growth to occur...

Hang in there, Kate, you have much to offer us with your poetry and your kind heart. : )
Wonderful the way the poet winds the clock,
& the pendulum swings ~ a mesmerising meditation, Kate, on what must be the condition of our times : the great void, that space, that ache.
I love this for its rhythm, the way it reads aloud, & the journey within.
It ends exactly right, with a question, & the possibility ...
Lovely and haunting.
ah, I find myself here often...so beautifully written...
Beautiful Kate, I agree with the rest of your fans, "A place to commence."
rated with love
Normally, I try to respond to each and every one individually but tonight I hope you won't mind that I just say this ...

Thank you all so very, very much for your support, encouragement, friendship and care.

My sincere and deep gratitude to you all. Thank you.
A place to commence, methinks, bonnie Kate. Rated.
I like the idea of this kind of feeling maybe being a way for us to start something new.

Thanks for these thoughts and words - I especially liked: "dimly march upon my heart" and I hope this feeling leaves you soon. Here's to new beginnings!
Perhaps, dear one, for this little while, rhythm has simply lost its way. Perhaps it is seeking rest ... but underneath ... deep inside ... it would never leave ... never run away ... from you ... for you are its vessel ... its reason to be ... for now ... the beat is quiet ... but in time ... it will find its ... your ... strength ... again ...
Erica, Alyssa and Anna1liese ... thank you all so very, very much too.
This is a beautiful poem, Little Kate. It captures for a moment of sadness and quiet, and then the ability of the human spirit to commence. You have put into a poem a place I have been, maybe we have all been and commenced from. Thank you!