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Little Kate
Lismore, New South Wales, Australia
September 13
When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile. ~ Author Unknown


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NOVEMBER 16, 2011 12:36AM

This River

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In time this river will run dry

though now it flows fast and free

boundless and untamed

it knows no fear

it is not tranquil and composed

but ruthless; brutal


Carried harshly in its fierce flow

I have nothing left within

to fight the torrent that surrounds me

that time and time again

compels me downwards

beneath frenzied eddies of rage and despair


Now and then this river releases her hold

and I struggle to resurface

I am beaten

I am near willing to drown;

to end misery --

overwhelming misery


As I wretchedly gasp for air

something inside refuses to yield

it beckons me onward

calls me to fight against surrender

to flow with the flood of grief

and journey each bend


I know that in time the surge will ebb

and this river will become a stream

a tributary

a branch

an arm --

that I may grab hold

stand again

and walk away







© Kate Little 2011

All Rights Reserved


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Sorry ... a repost ... but it kind of speaks for me right now.
A tale of hanging on, and fighting life's circumstances. I remember this well, and I am glad to reread it again.
Honestly, the last stanza speaks of suck hope.
R and so well done, my friend!
Thanks, JD. Suck hope? I'll have to look that one up I think!
"such hope"

I have fat fingers.
LOL!!!! I couldn't for the life of me work out what 'suck hope' was!!!

Thanks JD. Smiling now. : )
This is the magic of poetry! A torrent, adrenalin, compassion and then "suck hope." A wonderful colaboation!
No need to apologize. This is the first time I read it and it has an equally profound effect onme, as these days aproaching make me feel as if i am being sucked into a rip tide or perhaps, just a river.

Beautifully said. Great poems always flow. :D
It's a wonderful poem, but I'm so sorry to hear you struggling. Being able to write about it (even if it's a repost) may or may not help you, but hopefully, knowing that you are loved will comfort you.
A tour de force, this, Kate. I'll bet we've all been carried willy nilly in a raging torrent - I know I have, more than once - and your brave, positive resolution to tough it out is encouraging. I trust the current will subside for you shortly.
Beautiful...I needed this today, thank you.
Gorgeous imagery - I'm only sorry to hear you are feeling this way.
"journey each bend" my friend. There is "suck" hope around the corner (ha JD)
had me wondering on suck hope JD..glad that's cleared up! Nice piece Little Kate.
I hope the river starts to recede and you find your footing soon.
Beautiful expression.
rated with love
That was a river ...

( ... this is the sea :-)

Lovely one ... you ... are ...
Powerful, so much strength in simply not giving up. This was a beautiful poem to feel. Thank you.
Your words always flow into a river of hope and dreams for me.
Thank you all.

Please forgive me for not responding individually today but please know that I am thankful for the blessings of friendship and community here.

What a wonderful bunch of friends you are.
Oh Kate, I get this. Hope all is weel doll.r
I do that too, Kate. Hark back to a previous writing. Yes, things do come up time and again in Life; lifetime. I guess the strength is the inner voice of knowing this is, indeed, our Challenge. Beautifully done, as always, love. R.
The words of a strong, strong person. This imagery is so crystal clear. The emotions that arise from that incredible imagery are earth-shaking. Rated with admiration.
Sad but real, and beautifully written. Our challenges do have a way of becoming strength later.
hugs, me: I kind of knew you would get it. I'm okay ... thank you for asking.

Songbird: Once the Challenge is faced head on, instead of running away from it, it somehow seems easier. Perhaps it just takes a number of attempts before we realise that we are indeed strong enough ... that Life won't break us.
Michelle: Thank you. There have been times in my life that I've realised that I am a strong person and then other times when my strength seems to fail me. But I've come to realise that those times when strength seems to fail me, are perhaps more that it wasn't because of my weakness but more because the time just wasn't right.

heidibeth: So true sweet friend ... "our challenges do have a way of becoming strength later".

Zena (Warrior Princess???): HELLO! And THANK YOU! Welcome to OS! : )
Plenty of (beautiful) fight in you, my dear; the river will not--can not--overwhelm you, though it can carry you many places.

I like the way you turn the river at the end into your aid.
Thank you, Mr P. I've been trying my hardest to go with the flow and ride it out to where it leads but tonight I find myself going under a bit. I'm gonna hang on though ... I can ride it out.
You really know how to make the river of tears well up and flow..
I like the way you described what you are going through. A river is a perfect way. I hope all will be well. Thanks for reading my poetry I like your comments about my poetry. I hope you will read more of my work. I love your work to. I promise i will read more.
Judith, thank you so much! I'm on my way to read more of yours now.
I am sorry you are going through a difficult time. I empathize. This too shall pass. xox
I'm sorry you are suffering, Little Kate. Your poem shows your hope and will for survival. Keep gasping for that air! I hope your river becomes a stream soon.
I love your poetry, Kate; wish I could do as well. Try this:



You've made me smile to have come here so quickly after I messaged you. But John, you write beautiful poetry. Before I messaged you I read your post 'Preparing for Angels' and found this:


late in December of
my sixty-third year on earth,
I stood alone beneath the ironwood tree,
near the southern shore of Lake Superior.

in that awful silence
and the clean, crystalline cold
I heard the sound of snowflakes
arranging their warm, intricate patterns
on the withered, shivering oak leaves of autumn.

Preparing for angels.

Yes, beautiful poetry.

John, it is lovely to meet you. I will go try that site. Thank you, John. : )
Kate, this speaks so perfectly to me as well...first time I've read this.
I might even title it '2011' if it were mine to do,
it describes so well how this year has personally been.