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September 13
When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile. ~ Author Unknown


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JULY 12, 2011 11:29PM

There, but for ...

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With thoughts unkind

Despair invades her mind

Echoing cold isolation







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An echo of the past I hope?

Well done.
It is, JD. I was ttalking to a friend of mine today and got to thinking how easily any one of us can find ourselves feeling isolated and alone.
Is your friend feeling isolated or alone?
I'd say a bit of both ... but I wanted to assure her she wasn't alone.
You are wonderful to do this for her. She is indeed fortunate.

r --
Not wonderful, JD ... just a friend. But thank you.
Say it isn't so! Not happy Kate! I can't bear the thought of "anguish!" It hurts to say it!
Cathy: Oh no! This is not about me ... not this time at least! I am fine!
With talent aplenty, you're never alone. Reach in and invite it to join you at your keyboard.
Thank you, Leon. That makes me smile.
I know those feelings, but they pass with time. Lovely.
Sunshine, hello and welcome! You're right and thank goodness they usually do pass with time but for those in those feeling that way it is sometimes hard to see when that time will come.
Forlorn is such a sad word. I'll use it today in something. Your photo sets the stage which is large and makes us small, sometimes in our thinking as well "With thoughts unkind" but it all passes and were given a new lease with dawn. :)
I hate it when you feel like you might lose the internal fight. Very well done.r
Grim and sad. Chilling. We little think what being "out in the cold " means, do we?
Lovely words Kate to express how we feel sometimes.
Are we ever alone?
I feel like hugging somebody right now. Or maybe it's me who needs the hug. Potent feelings, Kate.
Kate, yes, sometimes they can make you feel like they'll never go away! Like a thunder cloud just looming over your head wherever you go. Not a nice feeling at all. And thanks for the welcome! =)
Kate, yes, sometimes they can make you feel like they'll never go away! Like a thunder cloud just looming over your head wherever you go. Not a nice feeling at all. And thanks for the welcome! =)
I have felt this way in the past - how easily someone passes by us without our knowing their dispair. You're a good friend to recognize this frailty.
Unkind thoughts, self-aimed, are the most destructive. I hope your friend "thinks better" soon.
So many ways there are to feel, to know such cold.
Very somber like a cold winter's day.
Blinddream: I will look for your poem! Thank you so much for your generous comment. If only in the midst of those feelings of being lost, isolated and alone we could know that they will pass before too long. I believe that's when a friend can help.

hugs, me: Perhaps, at one time or another, we all come to that place where we feel like we might lose the fight. Hopefully we all have good friends to support us and walk with us as we work our way through.
Jerry: Exactly! We often don't think what it is like for another to be out in the cold. Perhaps we sometimes are responsible for putting people there ... through our actions ... through our words. Would we want to be there out in that cold place?

Thank you, Jerry. I am always thrilled when you read something of mine. : )
Linda: Are we ever alone? Perhaps not really but sometimes we sure do feel that way!

Matt: Ah Matt, if you need a hug I'll give you a hug! And, if you feel like giving somebody a hug right now, I'm sure there are others that sure would like that hug from you!
SunshineDasies: Thank you for coming back! And you're very, very welcome indeed! : )

Outside Myself: What upsets me most is that often the cause of someone feeling isolated and alone is because of the actions or words of another. Should we not all treat others as we ourselves wish to be treated?

And, hey, it's so good to see you here again! Very good! : )
Bellweather Vance: I agree. Those thoughts can be the most destructive to a human being ... they diminish and may even destroy a person's sense of self-worth and worthiness. Thank you for reading, Bellweather.

anna1liese: If only each of us did our bit to ensure that we do not contribute to another feeling that way. Thank you for being here, dear anna.

Susie: Perhaps it is the Wintertime down under that creeps through here. Thank you for coming by!
I do love this Kate.
Mission: Thank you. Much appreciated!
Oh Kate, I can relate to this so well. I'm glad to read in comments you are not "in the pit" yourself.
That photo invites looking at for awhile...I'm so glad this was the past for me, feeling like this can be dangerous.
It can also be a beginning to a new period of inner growth, but it's so tough to feel like this...
Just Thinking: It think I understand just how tough it can be but, gee, I am so glad that this is in the past for you. With your words, It can also be a beginning to a new period of inner growth... I smile with seeing the possibility that the negative gave way to positive.

JT, thank you so much for coming by to read. It's always good to see you here.
Kate - I'm with you. I always think, "If we're not here to help each other, then why are we here?" And then to do entirely the opposite...well, that's just awful.
Outside Myself: Perhaps it's just human nature ... to attack, retaliate, hurt each other ... I don't know ... but I do wish we could see that sometimes we need to be bigger than words and show compassion and understanding ... and forgive.

Thank you for coming back to read and comment again, dear friend.
So sad and such a true picture of isolation. Beautifully done!
I hope you won't ever be there. And I hope those who are there, will quickly escape back into happy moments of life.
Fusun: : ) Thank you!

Marissa: Thank you so very much.

Alysa: I think we all can very easily find ourselves there at one time or another but welcoming, wide-open arms or a simple hug can often do wonders to bring us back into the brightness of day. Thank you for reading.