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JUNE 8, 2012 4:14PM

The Land of the Hanging Chad is At It Again!

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I received the following today from an organization I have belonged to for a couple of years.  If you are interested in preventing more of the Republicans' dirty tricks in Florida, please read and join in the protest:

Dear Lezlie,

An unprecedented attack on the right to vote is happening in Florida — a state George Bush "won" by just 573 votes in 2000.1

Florida Governor Rick Scott is trying to purge state voter rolls just before a key election2. Scott's purge will give 180,000 Floridians — 87% of whom are people of color — 30 days to prove their citizenship.3 Any person who does not provide proof will be dropped from the rolls and deemed ineligible to vote. If this reckless plan succeeds, thousands of eligible voters could be disenfranchised.4It could sway upcoming primary elections, and the

Last week, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) sent a letter to Florida Secretary of State Ken Dentzler demanding a halt to the purge.5Governor Scott just responded with blatant disregard for the order and explained Florida's plan to continue the purge.

The DOJ has already taken the first step to stop this purge, now they need to hear that we're behind them. Florida's county election officials, Governor, and Secretary of State need to know that we will use our collective power to fight and protect our voting rights, and our democracy.

Please join us in demanding that Florida officials stop this purge, and asking the DOJ to investigate Governor Scott and Secretary Dentzler for violating the law. It only takes a moment:


In April, Governor Scott began the purge by sending lists of over 2,600 suspected non-citizen voters to county election officials across the state. After reviewing the lists and Scott's method of compiling non-citizen names, several officials (mostly Republican) have refused to comply with the state sanctioned voter purge, citing the lists as unreliable and suspect.6

This unlawful move is painfully reminiscent of the voter purges in 2000 ordered by former governor Jeb Bush — where thousands of mostly Black and Latino voters were disenfranchised prior to a presidential election. That year, despite much controversy, George Bush's victory was decided by a mere 573 votes.7

Based on current ratios of Floridians falsely flagged as non-citizens, there may be more than 35,000 eligible voters disenfranchised by this proposed voter purge in a state where elections have been decided by far fewer votes.8

This is not the first time Florida has come under federal scrutiny for tampering with the voting process. Just last year, the U.S. Department of Justice challenged three changes to the state's election law as discriminatory under the Voting Rights Act.9 Florida's legislature is seeking to cut the early voting period in half, place prohibitive regulations on voter registration drives and increase the use of provisional ballots. These changes effectively disrupt the voting process at several stages, suppress the vote by shrinking the electorate, and disproportionately affect Black and Latino voters.

For years, Republicans have used every trick in the book to gain a political advantage and steal elections by preventing certain kinds of people — Black people, Latinos, students, the elderly, and the poor — from voting. Right-wing groups and public officials use a range of tactics to advance this agenda: passing discriminatory voter ID laws, manipulating the distribution of voting machines, restricting voter registration,11 and attacking groups that register large numbers of voters. As a way of justifying many of these policies, they have spread the myth that "voter fraud" (individuals voting illegally) is a widespread problem, when in fact it occurs almost never.10 Voter purges like the one we're seeing in Florida are a very powerful form of voter suppression.

Governor Scott is waging a full assault on an essential component of any democracy — the right to vote. If the DOJ doesn’t take further action to stop Governor Rick Scott’s voter purge, thousands of citizens could become ineligible to vote. Please join us, and our partners at Florida New Majority, in this effort to end state sanctioned voter suppression. And when you do, please ask your friends and family to do the same:

Governor Scott is set to purge 180,000 Floridians from the voter rolls

Voting Rights

Call on Florida election officials and Attorney General to stop this unlawful purge

Join Us


Thanks and Peace,

-- Rashad, Gabriel, Dani, Matt, Natasha, Kim, Aimée, Charlene, Arisha and the rest of the ColorOfChange.org team

 June 8th, 2012


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Thanks for this, Lezlie. I suppose I ought not be shocked, but it is sickening. In Massachusetts, before another general election (Romney's?? I don't know), masses of busses were suddenly out of order, so suddenly many many poor couldn't get to the voting places...
Citizens in every state need to be aware of this disgusting trend to sway voter majorities, however it happens in your state. It possibly will.
How heinous! Will they stoop to nothing? This man should be voted out of office based on this one false move alone.
Go Lezlie!
The good news is that that the county registration supervisors meet this week and pulled the plug on Scott's BS move...Department of Justice is investigating and with any luck come November this will blow up in the Republican Party's faces.
Thanks for this, L. As a Floridian I'm embarrassed that once again we may mess this up. In fact, I have already written something I may post later. Horrible man.
Hah, it takes longer to get back here than it does to fill it out. Sigh, sometimes I think many officials have some insane desire to completely destroy the people of the country. Then I realize oppressing people benefits them and I understand their desire isn't insane, it's just evil. Which is why we have to keep acting against it.

Thank you for the post and the access to send a letter of protest.
Ahead of the curve on this one. I suppose these days you could call me an, "Internet Activist." As I have no transportation and live out in the sticks, I have to rely on my internet connection to communicate -- both to inform and be informed. I signed three petitions already calling on Governor Walker directly to halt the purge, one to the State Assembly in Florida to put a stop to this, and another to the DOJ and the President to look into this and ask to halt the purges.

Ron Scott simply thumbs his nose, knowing that for anything substantive to occur, it will be after the federal courts hear it and that means, in this case, a required review by the US Supreme Court after a State Supreme court, because the lower courts don't have the jurisdictional power to compell a Governor of a State to do anything.

This means, in all liklihood, that any action against Scott will occur post election. Moot, right? I don't think so. Here is one area, one place, where the USAG needs to appoint a special investigative commission to go and look directly into the Florida Votger Purges and Scott's complicity in the attempt to destuff ballot boxes with eligible voters who most likely won't vote Republican.

It's not the only crappy thing that Republican Soldiers are attempting, but it is the most important at the moment.
Oops, I meant Governor Scott. It's confusing:
Scott Walker
Ron Scott
both governors and both actively worked at with petitions, which I have signed. My bad.
I signed on and added my own comment as well.
Thanks for forwarding this and letting us know.
rated with love
Thanks L. Jmac is right. We'll pay attention and sign up.
I signed. There seems to be a lot of this going around.

Ethics? What ethics?
Yep, they are certainly at war, and it is getting scary. R
This is really disgusting. I don't think there are any ethical barriers they'd think twice about breaching, and that's giving generous credit that they're even aware of the concept.
I already signed, L. Thanks for getting this out on OS. That guv is a real jerk.
Thanks, Lezlie. Done. R
Thanks, Lezlie. I've been following this as well. Flagrant and despicable.
What they should do is give the governor of Florida 30 days to prove he isn't a bigot. He'll never make the deadline.
I don't know what happened to my comment, but it was absolutely brilliant ;-).
Seems like OS is snacking on comments today-- several of mine have disappeared, too.