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MAY 21, 2012 10:46PM

30 Children Too Much for Tennessee Moron—ya think?!

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Desmond Hatchett might be an irresponsible idiot who is Dad of 30probably the poster boy for out of control sex addiction, but one positive thing I can say about him is he sure stays busy.  Unfortunately, he’s not busy earning a living wage commensurate with his responsibilities.

Hatchett, 33, is only three short of having fathered one child for every year of his life.  That’s right, at 33 he has 30 children, none over the age of 14.  I know that sounds impossible, but it isn’t if you have 11 women popping them out for you.  Twice in his “productive” life, Hatchett has sired four children in the same year!

If you were to tell me it’s none of my business how many children anybody has, I’d be right there with you – as long as, like the Duggers of TV fame (19 Kids and Counting,) they are able to find a way to feed, clothe and shelter the brood without hitting me up for subsidization. Sadly, this is not the case for the prolific Mr. Hatchett.

Instead, Hatchett works a minimum wage job.  Imagine how far one of those 11 stupid mothers can make $1.49 stretch over a month.  Yep, that’s the amount some of them are getting. 

So, of course, Hatchett had no choice but to petition the court in Knoxville, Tennessee for leniency on his child support payments.  Leniency?  Really?

According to a LA Times report in the May 21st edition, there is a distinct possibility that Desmond Hatchett  in behind bars and has been since November 2009 for an aggravated assault conviction.  Although the Corrections Department of Knox County (TN) has confirmed there is an inmate with that name, whether it is the Father of the Century has still not been determined. 

Instead of leniency, this record-setting sperm donor needs a vasectomy.  And the women who helped him achieve that dubious achievement need therapy so that they can fully understand the fact that they are human beings and not rabbits. 

There are 30 children in Tennessee who are destined for hard times, struggles and, saddest of all, the likelihood of continuing in the footsteps of their parents.  There is no getting around that.  And that is just wrong.

Hatchett should NOT receive leniency from the courts.  He should be required to work two or three jobs and turn 90% of what he earns over to the family court for distribution.  And if he doesn’t, he should be returned to jail for I-don’t-care-how-long.  Moron!

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Wow, that is unbelievable. It such a disregard for the children and their welfare.
Isn't this unbelievable! I can't think who would want to sleep with him now.

I was thinking, though, I hope the kids are knowing each other. They need a family from somewhere.
That movie Idiocracy starts out with just such a premise. The underclass is incredibly prolific while educated couples dither awaiting exactly the right circumstances to have kids. I don't know how you handle someone like this idiot. It would have been better had he been struck sterile a decade ago before he was able to play such an outsized role in the gene pool. But I can't think of any legal remedies. Longer term it makes the case for better education (especially sex ed) and better job training. One also wonders about the number of women who just couldn't resist his charms.
I'm not sure who I'm more disgusted by... The dude that impregnates women as if they were animals or the women that act like animals and get pregnant.

They are a losers, but the real losers are the poor kids.
Sheila: It's animalistic.

phyllis is what: My guess is some of them will connect, but through no help from their mothers. I'm sure there are jealousies at play, in spades.

Abra: I just thought about the probability of STDs, drug addicted newbords, etc. What a mess!
If I were queen empress of the universe, I would have universally free birth control and sex ed classes for everyone. Adults, teens, everyone. Half (half!) the pregnancies in this country are unintended. In my universe, I'd hire a flotilla of public health nurses to teach classes and hand out condoms on every street corner. It's biology, plain and simple. It's basic science. That's all. We are all responsible for our own fertility. There are a lot of people with seriously little education and no resources who need a kick in the butt to do the right thing.

Universally available and free birth control would be SO much cheaper than an entire (broken) infrastructure for poor and unwanted children.
Froggy: Where do I sign, Your Excellency? I'm all for it. But, in this case, I just have a feeling this is a guy who would refuse to wear a raincoat in a typhoon, if you get my drift. The statistics you quote are nationwide. Among certain inner-city tough guys, having babies with multiple women is a badge of honor.

It's a Quiverfull wet dream... or is it?
Ardee: Probably not. Quiverfull advocates large families, but with one set of parents, right?
With all the bc options out there, this is crazy. Animalistic and sadistic, he needs to be controlled and the behavior not glorified in anyway, heaven forbid other young men or women think this is ok.

Very disturbing. And not what I expected when I clicked on the title, wow.
Those children BETTER know each other! Imagine possible unintended incest when they grow up???
This guy is an idiot and so are the women who sleep with him. Have non of them heard of birth control? Hello? What about the poor kids!?
Riddle me this, Batman,

How can you be a father without being a Father?

OK, no puns on Hatchett jobs. It's tempting but just too obvious.
This man is not a moron, he's a sociopath.
Tell 'em what for!! HISS!!!

My great-nephews' daddy is the father of over 10 kids(one of them being my niece's ex-best friend, whom she 'stole' the father-of-the-year......) and counting. No, there's no support, like above daddy of the year, baby maker doesn't make enough to support the ants living in his bed room. PFFFFT!!!

IF YOUSE CAN'T SUPPORT THEM BABIES, LEAVE YOUR DICK IN YOUR PANTS MOFO!! Same to the ladies, keep your legs crossed and your butt on the chair when that man comes a knocking.

"We can't afford birth control or condoms...."


Hey, he just sounds like a "man with a lot of love to give." Apparently women find him irresistable. (lol). Have the anti-contraception people like Rick Santorum and the Missouri State Legislature weighed in on this case, yet? Remember, contraception is evil, un-Christian and contrary to basic American values!
I totally agree with you. There is no excuse for not using contraception in these times and if the man thinks it's okay to father 30 children then he should be responsible for all of them.

A vasectomy should have been forced on him a long time ago, slowly and without anaesthetic as a reminder that rearing children is hard work and needs to be done by responsible parents.
As long as parents let the kids walk around looking like sluts, this will be the norm. Look around, you see a kid 12 looking 18 with a phone in one ear and a baby on her hip. This doesn't surprise me as much as it does this idiot still producing.
I heard about this. I didn't really THINK about it the way you did, though, I'm sad to say. I hoped, and continue to hope, that the kids' mothers have jobs and are able to provide for them, even so.
@ Scanner wrote: "As long as parents let the kids walk around looking like sluts, this will be the norm. "

Or should I say wannabe Rush Limbaugh wrote?

WTF, Scanner? Women do NOT get pregnant and left without financial and parental support because of how they dress!

Sure the women bear SOME of the responsibility, but that is based upon willful disregard for theirselves and their societal responsibilities to their children.

To imply that they are somehow sluts who got "magically" pregnant because of the clothes they wear once again gives the man a free pass from HIS responsibilities.

I suppose next you are going to excuse rapes because she was wearing a short skirt and was asking for it.
Birds will brood a larger or smaller number of eggs according to what the environmental conditions will support. In this instance, there seems to be plenty of support for this man to make lots of new humans, so he does.

With thirty kids, one might grow to be a human that makes a contribution we'd all miss out on if he/she did not arrive.
I'm voting for froggy. ~r
This is stupid love...what no condom??? Didn't he work at a "convenience" store. OOPS condoms aren't convenient.
Hmm, doesn't anyone use birth control any more?
Amen Sister! When I first read this story all I could do is shake my head in disbelief. I had a friend back in Texas who was a divorced dad with three kids and this man worked two full time jobs and did work from home. He never missed a child support payment and was always there with extra money if one of the kids needed it. That's what a father does....if he is any kind of man at all.
I hope he stays in jail for a long time.
He needs a good double dose of the mumps.
'Nuff said.
Gotta have a license to drive but anyone can procreate - so sad for all of the kids involved because you are right it will be the rare among them that will break the cycle they didn't choose to be caught up in.
Beyond ridiculous! After being childless into my early thirties I decided to have children because I thought the wrong people were breeding. Is that crass?
@ BA wrote: "as a woman, this may sound radical, but my solution is to deny child support if you were never married or had any sort of partnership or bona fide committment with the guy."

No, BA, that sounds stupid!

You are proposing that the man gets acfree pass and bears no responsibility at all, that the woman be the one with the total onus of preventing pregnancy and that if she fails, the CHILDREN should be punished.
Sounds like Desmond needs to stop burying the hatchett, if you know what I mean.
asia rein: Who would expect something this crazy?

g.k. torino: That is a very real concern.

ccdarling: People like that seldom harbor concerns about the children.

Kosh: I’d like to take a hatchet to this bozo’s neck!

Tink: This guy’s had more litters than you ever though about!

Donegal: Oh, Santorum and his ilk would just prescribe abstinence – retroactive, I guess. :D

Linda: I think forced vasectomy should be considered, too.

Scanner: I’m not sure what how these crazy women wear has to do with it. They are irresponsible and lack any semblance of self-respect for hooking up with a guy like Hatchett – and then some of them turn around and do it again with him. Self-respect is passed down from parent to child; it is taught. Obviously, there has been a serious break in the chain.

Alysa: That would be nice, but it is highly unlikely.

Amy: I agree, but I think the women bear HALF the responsibility.

greenheron: I admire your hopeful outlook for the kids, but that is no reason to procreate irresponsibly. Even if one makes such a contribution, that leaves 29 others who don’t stand a chance.

Joan: Me, too.
Kate: Which culture would you think could be at play in this case? As far as can tell, it is just the culture of ignorance. Yes, there is a sub-culture in the American black male population that thinks condoms are unmanly, if that’s what you mean.

tg: :D

Erica K: Yes, lots of people do. He doesn’t, obviously.

David: If we were to ask Desmond, I’ll bet my next Social Security check he had no father in his life. He doesn’t have a clue what fatherhood is supposed to be about.

jlsathre: Either that or put one of the ankle bracelets around his hyperactive penis!

Chicken Maaan: Me, too.

Pea Dubb: LOL!
Have to go to the dentist. I'll be back to answer all comments.

Every human being has a drive to procreate built in by nature. It is often known as a biological imperative.

Just as we know some people in whom this drive is only slightly active, if it is active at all, there are some who seem to have it in abundance. Those who have it in such abundance are as responsible for their drives as gay people are for being gay, white people are for being white, and tall people are for being tall.

Those who would advocate jail time for such a man or woman, based on the cost to society of supporting those children, have indicated a clear inability to think things through. The costs to incarcerate such a person far, far exceed the costs of helping to raise his/her children. AND... we'd STILL have to raise those kids!! (Or do you know some way a prisoner can earn enough to pay child support?)

There's an epidemic of stupid out there - on so many levels. I was once married to a WASP PhD college professor/gov't scientist who refused to use condoms, took NO responsibility for bc and, without court orders and vigilant enforcement wouldn't support his kids.

There's the (apparently) widely accepted belief that the male evolutionary biological imperative is to spread his seed as far and wide as possible.

There's rampant anti-bc thought "thought" that has been spread far and wide lately in Republican presidential primary campaigns and the Catholic church's fake crusade for its religious rights to be defined as the freedom to force its beliefs on its employees.

And there's the huge segment of society that is shut out from meaningful participation anyway.

So yeah, this guy's going to happen. That and the dead certain fact that he's only alone in the level of publicity he's getting. Tsk tsk.
If there are 30+ kids sired by this one man, I wonder how many STDs were "seeded" by him as well. Exponential.
This is quite a story! And think of all the people out there who are infertile and really WANT to bring a child into the world and can provide for the child.
LammChops: It is the kids I am concerned for, too.

BA: This is one time when I’m not too worried about the stereotype, precisely because what this man is doing IS uncontrolled sexuality. However I have mentioned in this comment thread the theory of “street cred” you are suggesting. I did not in any way suggest that this idiocy is restricted to the black subculture that eschews condoms for “manhood” reasons. I do think your solution sounds radical only because it doesn’t do anything to help the innocent children who are thoughtlessly thrust into this unwelcoming world.

Miguela: I don’t know if that is crass, but it certainly rings true in the shadow of THIS case.

Jeanette: I do and I agree!

Sky: Nothing about your argument precludes a person who has the drive in abundance from preventing pregnancies while he is satisfying his biological imperative.

nerd cred: I just a tad weary of the biological imperative argument in defense of inseminating an entire community without the means to support the progeny. That apparently widely accepted belief does not and never has precluded taking advantage of the tools designed to prevent pregnancy. And, no, Mr. Hatchett is certainly not alone in his ignorance, but he damn-well should be.

Linnnn: Exactly.

Amy A: It seems to always be that way.
Man, this kind of thing just makes me mad...
Maybe he attends one of those churches that goes on and on about having tons of kids who will grow up and help fundamentalists be the majority --- as happens in some of those southern churches.
I know, this doesn't seem like one of *those* guys.
Really, what is there to do with a guy like this?
Penile chastity belt?
the awful weird truth of this story is
that this fellow's genes
are gonna impact
the 21st century & beyond
so i hope there is nothing
to that stuff about inherited characteristics!!!
They can court order a woman to have her tubes tied, they can most certainly court order a vasectomy for this man. But, I doubt they will. That would be an invasion of privacy and government intrusion. How dare anyone do that to a man.
And Wilt-the-Stilt said he'd been w over 25,000 women. This idiot will prob have him beat.

I wonder if it may be partially cultural. I have heard my Latino and African American young male students bragging about their manhood if they reproduce.
Anna Voy: Me, too!

J.T.: In your sweet way, there you go trying to find a good reason for this man’s behavior. I think a penile chastity belt with an electronic alarm on it would do the trick.

James: That’s the kind of thing I think about, too. He might as well be an anonymous donor at a sperm bank for all the good he’s doing his children.

Razzle Dazzle: Oh, how you are reading my mind.

Jon: I believe Wilt only claimed to have been with nearly 20,000, which, if you do the math, would require him to be quite busy while off the court. This guy is well on his way.
Sarah: As I have said in previous replies, there is a subculture in the African American community that thinks that way. It is not a typically African American belief, however.
That was a *good* reason !?
: )
I heard on the news yesterday that only half of the babies born in America today are of pure European descent. Within the next twenty or thirty years that number is expected to drop below half. Any thoughts as to why "white" people don't reproduce at the same rate as some other cultures--or is it an immigration issue?
I recommend someone hook him up with Lorena Bobbitt.
I cannot believe it but I can.
Moron is too polite a word for him.
JT: lol! I didn’t say it WAS a good reason – just that you were looking for one. :D

Sarah: I think that information you heard is suspicious. What the hell is a “pure European?” And according to whom? There are certainly poor “white” families having what we might consider too many children for their means here in the south, in Appalachia and places I don’t even know about. Then there are those whose religions either prohibit family planning or that encourage large families (sects of LDS, for example.) I think the answer, if in fact what you heard is true, is probably in the ratio of poor versus not poor in each classification.

Tom: Perfect!

Linda: I know, and don’t think for a minute I didn’t call him all the impolite ones privately.
Wow. That is incredible. I like your "I don't care how long" jail sentence. Can I pay some lobbyist to pay a politician to make that law?
I just don't understand how he could feel justified to have so many children he can't raise, but then I think truly he just doesn't care and obviously neither do these poor childrens mothers. It just makes me sad...