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November 04
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MAY 6, 2012 10:42AM

Super Moon Through the Oaks

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Super Moon 5 May 2012

The lush canopy over Atlanta made it difficult to get a clear shot of the moon Saturday night, but it was pretty spectacular anyway.

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wow pretty spectacular is right. rated.
Nice that you could see it at all. Cloudy here... ~r
Nice. Last night it was cloudy and misty here. We came out of a pizza place next to a corn field at about 9:00 pm. The parking lot lights looked like stars with a halo of mist around them. I commented that the werewolfs were on the moors.....hahahahahah!!!! We didn' t see the moon persay, just a bit of a glow.
Oooooo I love the glow around the moon. Did you feel its power? I did here.
It was so bright here it looked like you could read a book by its light.
Love those shots through the oaks.
man...cant believe i forgot about it....gotta new pup yesterday ...was watching her chase my ol mutt around....gotta start puttin sticky notes on my head....nice pics
Very nice Lez! hope you howled a little bit too..
just coming out for coffee now..
What an amazing display last night.
I'll have to see how my pics came out, but it was quite spectacular! Thanks for sharing.
Up here on the mountain the ridge and tall pines completely obscured the moon, but it's effect was manifest in the raucous party of my next door neighbors, boy did the have a good time.
I wonder why we never tire of seeing pictures of the moon? Amore', I guess. Beautiful shot and I love your new banner!
I had planned to go to a dog park that is by the airport and has a clear, wide open sky, a great place for moon-watching almost anytime. But not last night - we had a great big ole storm and there was no seeing the sky. The clouds were quite bright, though.
You know, I wait for the moon only when I am in love...just saying. Beautiful. R
I hate to say this, Lezlie, but that is no moon. That's is the mother ship from Neptune! I trust it was just passing overhead?
Yea it was here too...almost go run over in the process! Ha :D
Mee too Cool Banner !
Pretty around here too
Actually, the lush canopy over Atlanta is a nice part of the whole deal.
You did it! Nice to see it.
Missed it! It was cloudy and we actually had a big old thunderstorm! We needed the rain though!
Beautiful. I like your new banner, also!
You're a lucky one. I like how you framed it with the tree silhouette. No moon views here last night, but the clouds were lit up like a graveyard slasher movie!
It was a glorious sight!
It was a spectacular night and Mars was orange./r