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FEBRUARY 27, 2012 6:36PM

More Than a Pretty Face...and He's Right

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George Clooney Ad


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I'm voting for the President, never fear. He's an important ally we can't afford to lose in the face of the GOP's current overt, and disgusting hatred of women. I voted for him in 2008 knowing him to be the best candidate, and I will do so again this year for precisely the same reason.

It's the GOP's funeral--I hope!--if they're dumb enough not to realize they can't afford to piss off half the nation's voters.

Right on. Democrats eat their own. We think too much.
I get so angry at anyone who voted for Obama and is now wondering if they will again. I can only wonder just exactly which of these totally unqualified and clearly inappropriate Republicans they would prefer. Romney is clueless. Santorum is a self righteous jerk who keeps saying things he really means and then trying to take it back. Gingrich is just what he has always been...and he is as phony as they come. Ron Paul is just bizarre.
I voted for the President and remain proud of that fact.
I keep saying, I am voting for a President, not a Messiah! I will vote for Obama.
Thanks for this, L. There is so much Obababashing on OS, I'm beginning to think that all these good people who are disappointed with their own imperfections are transferring their self-loathing onto the President.
I'm not sure it's as simple as being petulant because Democrats didn't get what they wanted -- it's being disappointed that after eight years of "we got the MANDATE and the large percentage of Americans who disagree with us can suck it " and when it was our turn to hold the mandate statue, we were told to share like responsible, rational, adult human beings. I don't blame Obama for that, for wanting the US government to represent a return to sanity and compromise. But I still want my turn to hold the mandate without sharing, and I guess that's why I'm not fit to be president!
So True!!! This is exactly my own disillusionment.
WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW that says it all.. Time to circulate this around,
I think I love you George Clooney.
Yeah we are whiners, myself included Lezlie. I do like George's perspective though.
The one that really, REALLY grabs me as a well worn republican GOTCHA is the "bailout" of the auto industry, one of the biggest success stories. They would have done what? Let 'em fail! Yes, the market rules. Screw the backbone of American industry!!
Idiots I say.
Obama, in the big picture, hasn't done so bad considering the "working conditions" (McConnell, Boner et al)
Love George and his big, beautiful brain. R.
Nice! He forgot to mention that our President can sing, and may I take this opportunity to remind people that Great Performances on PBS televises the salute to the blues at the White House tonight? I'm off!
Oh, all right. As soon as this cluster of storms passes and it warms up a little bit, I'll put the damn bumper sticker on the car. (I was always going to vote for him.)
Obama and George Clooney both get my vote.
Obama has always been a consensus builder and celebrated the results. What was once the Republican Party has devolved into a frightened pack of old white guys desperately trying to placate hate and fear mongering Tea Party pukes. With that type of insanity in play it's no wonder that Obama has been unable to achieve consensus with the Bozo's on the Clown Car. Not only has Obama manged to accomplish a great deal over these past three years, but he's done these things in the face of overt hostility and still managed all of it with cool grace, elegant style and unbelievable patience.

I agree, and also really thought his writing on Ides of March was quite good. Idealists on both sides of the aisle end up being reactionary ideologues when they don't get their way.
Yes, we need to heed the wisdom of the Hollywood set! They know so much, have spent so many years studying Locke and Hume and Jefferson and Madison. Oooppps, no they haven't. George Clooney? Who's next? Pluto, Daffy, or Goofy?

Good Grief.
Thank you! It is time! For three years, I've been looking for a master list of all of Obama's accomplishments and I've come to this conclusion:

It's too massive and complicated for our press to handle.

But that beautiful man, George Clooney, can nail it in a few words.

Geez. Both of them have my vote and he better have the left and the vast majority of the middle, 'cause we haven't heard the wailing and gnashing of teeth yet.
Looks, brains, passion. He's got it all.
I'm happy to see this.

We need to see all that is positive in Obama, not just the particulars of disappointment. Anyone who is disillusioned should take note of the the use of the filibuster, and the loss of the House in 2010, and take into account the practical effects of these things. The disillusioned should spend 15-30 minutes carefully going over this website:


The reality is that, while money plays too large a role in the game, both sides are not equally bad, as some would tell you. There is a substantial difference.

The way to gain influence on the party is not by threatening to not show up at the polls. Who was punished in 2010, and who suffers because of it? It is by reliably showing up election after election, with consistent discipline. This translates into power to make demands, to articulate a message, to be taken seriously.
I'm in Clooney's camp, though I'm a bit surprised that none of the stronger Obama-as-war-criminal bloggers have opined.

Clooney also deserves a lot of credit for the fine Good Night and Good Luck. He directed, co-wrote and acted.
So many intelligent people on OS. Thank you for this look into George Clooney's mind. I think he will be in my dreams tonight....again!!
Thank you.

My Mother once said that Americans are not politically mature, as is often the case, my Mother was right.

Obama was not a savior who would magically give you everything on your wish list, he's a man who has to work with everyone, make difficult compromises and do the best job he can. Beyond that he's had some successes, and fixing our nation's problems take time.

Most importantly the other side?

Forget it.

Theocratic near fascists the bloody lot of them.

NO thanks.
I sent the picture to Facebook. That should get my cousin going. Hah. I like Obama. When Clinton was president is when I figured out that it takes time for the good stuff to be impactful and it doesn't come in with the fanfare that the bad news does.
Clooney running for office any time soon?
The infantilism of some progressives is myopic and as immature as it gets. Except for, thank Gd, the Repubs this year.

Thanks for posting, Lezlie! (And thanks to Jeff J for the http://obamaachievements.org/list website link!)
Sure I'll vote for him. This isn't to say that I'm not angry at him for a few things - I am - but of course I'm going to vote for him. There's a difference between yelling

Hey, Get It Right!


I'm not going to vote or I'm going to vote for someone else.

Sure I'm critical of Obama, but I'm not a complete idiot. The alternatives barely qualify as human beings and would trash this country and trash the world. All you have to do to figure that out is look at W's record; most of these candidates are even worse.

And yes, the Detroit bailout was an unmitigated plus. Period.

Of course, if we hadn't bailed them out, the GOP would be blaming Obama for Detroit's failure. They absolutely are that hypocritical.