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FEBRUARY 11, 2011 12:33PM

Dad Flipped a Coin for Mom and Lost

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John and Ted were unabashed bachelors in paradise.



 John and Ted. Men on a mission.

Beach tanned and up for anything from scuba diving to formal dinner dances, they ranged around in Fort Lauderdale in the 50’s cutting a wide swath socially. 

Young, handsome and professional, John a doctor, Ted a successful businessman, both were widely celebrated "good catches." Mothers of eligible girls bent over backwards to put their offspring in the path of these potential sons-in-law and were not above bribing them with home cooked meals and fresh baked cookies.  They never went hungry. 

For them, dating was sport and they were champs at flying wingman for each other as they charmed the smorgasbord of single women in the famous beach town “where the boys are.” 

But finding “the one” was elusive.

At lunch one day, John and Ted were stupefied by someone new in town.  They spotted her simultaneously across the restaurant as she dined with a friend.  She was a stunner; a drop-dead gorgeous blonde with blue eyes, model poise, and, to them, that angel aura accompanied by heavenly choruses singing.

lois modelling sailboat

   A stunner who caused men to question their friendships.


A model. With turtles sometimes.  

 The men tripped all over each other vying to approach her first.

“I saw her first.”

“Nope. I did.”

“No, you didn’t, I did and I’m asking her out right now.” 

 This opportunity to snag a golden-haired goddess nullified the wingman’s oath of loyalty according to their “man rules.” The stakes were too high.

“Let’s just say we saw her at the same time,” said John, adopting a cool negotiating tack at this point, “I’ll flip you for who gets to ask her out first.”

Ted, a confident gambler, scrutinized John for any hint of chicanery, and seeing nothing suspicious, warmed to the idea.


“Call it…”

flip coin

The coin went up, spun about in the ether, and dropped on the diner booth table with the ominous gravity of destiny.

Ted won. 

He got to go first. He strolled cooly over to her table, chatted her up and made a date.  Her girlfriend was all aflutter at the swashbuckle boldness of Ted’s approach.

Swaggering back to the table with a grin, Ted expected to see John brooding over the beat.  John was not anything like brooding.  Just smiling.

“All set Ted?  You were first to make a date right?  That was the deal…”

“Yessir!  Friday night.  Her name’s Lois and that’s her roommate with her by the way.  Thanks for being such a good sport.”

“Don’t mention it,” said John, grinning like a cat.

Later that day, Lois, home from work, received a phone message from a certain doctor.  Thinking it might be urgent, she called back immediately.

“Hi, Lois. I’m John. Your roommate is a patient of mine and thought you wouldn’t mind if I called.  I heard you’re busy Friday but what are you doing tonight?”




Photos:  Personal Collection and Google Creative Commons

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john was a smart cookie (not to mention gorgeous). whoops - gotta run. loved the piece, linnnnnnn. loved loved.
wonderful story and pictures! RRRR
Yeeeha. I'm sure there is much much more to this saga - and we'd better be let in on it!
Sometimes ya' gotta do whatcha gotta do, especailly when the look like that!!
You are the offspring? Talk about a match made in heaven. They must be proud of you, too.
Robin: Chicanery, but not the bad kind. Thanks.
femme: He's still hot! So glad you got a moment to read.
Bea: From you, means a lot...
Matt: You all get first dibs on the family stories. Plenty more where that came from...
scanner: All's fair in love...Any different outcome, and I might not have been here!
Sheepdog: Pretty people, yes, but old souls and a lot of love too.
XJS: He's a clever dude, for sure.
Wow.. what a great story and you are a stunner like your mum
rated with hugs
Nice! Great story, and really well told!
Great story, Linn, guess it was meant to be.
Totally awesome. My parents met on a blind date, my dad a marine in Europe on leave with a buddy, my mom and her friend two local girls working at Tivoli. They were paired up with the other person, and my mom a bit tall. She and my dad hit it off, she kicked off her heeled shoes, and the rest is history.
Loved it. Your dad got the first date, the last laugh... and the girl too! Happy Valentine's Day. :D
Talk about smooth. But what happened when Ted found out? And did she still keep her date with him?
i love it! what a weasel. good save.
A great story, economically told.
I love such stories - and what makes it even better is that it is your own truth ! Wow! Thank you for sharing, this is awesome !
Ya just gotta sit back and admire your dad for that move. Well played, sir.
And I thought my post about MY dad and mom was cool. You bent my nose out of joint.

Bien joué, papa!
Love this. Your dad was a smooth operator. ~r
That was a wonderful story and I'm betting they lived happily ever after. -R-
All's fair in love and war. And she was a stunner.
I'm still laughing at "With turtles sometimes." Loved this. It could be the opening page of a great novel - though it sounds like it really was1
Those were the days my friend ...we thought they would never end.
Thanks for the nostalgia and more..
Betcha Dad has told this a few times. Too bad I missed this earlier. Fabulous love story and Valentine's gift. Your mother is stunning!
Wow... such a handsome couple! 50's cool and your dad is 1 smooth operator!
Great scott! Do you realize what I could do with a tiny little time machine that only changes coin flips? Run!
Doug, no matter how that coin flipped, I was meant to be...I can do anything good. xo