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JANUARY 30, 2011 7:19AM

String of Dreams

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As I awoke this morning, the string of dreams that amused my subconcious all night were still vivid enough in my memory that I thought I'd do a little experiment and write them.  There is no real punctuation either.  Are your dreams punctuated?  A Sunday morning oddity... 



There was a young teacher with brown hair who was to teach us

and the plays and the performing would come later as is the rule

she was directing Alice in Wonderland and I could have the Cheshire Cat

 if I passed the math

so I struggled and struggle

but never really knew the math

and knew I would fail

but I put on the costume anyway

it is diaphanous and masked my face with cloth 

but when I smiled the grin would be seen behind the chiffon

I was lost in the maze of school corridors going to the test for some time

as were others

but I  found my way after asking to borrow a pen from a lady at a desk

 who looked at me like I was lying when I said I return all pens I borrow, 

I opened the door and my seat in  the crowded hall was across the room

and in the front where the teacher said you are just in time

so I bow to her silently but like royalty and sit

and a folder with sparkles was placed in front of me to open

when we were commanded to. 

In silence at first all the costumed children broke the seals on the folders

and slowly as we all looked inside there was no test

 no math test

 just a gilt program for the play Alice

with all of our names next to the characters we were to play

and the low murmur became a tumult as we sighed relieved, no math test.



And then I was in business attire at a Mexican restaurant

with the woman who worked at disney

and felt it her mission to explain islam

and I had to go to the restroom and so did she

so we went down a stair case

and there was a perfectly common men’s room

but the ladies room was not

and Sue was in front of me in line and when she went in

one of the walls of the restroom was clear glass

and the people waiting for tables outside could see into the ladies room

so I didn’t stay

and the wall with the door to the room was a flat

from a  theatrical set

painted black.



And then I was on top floor of a hotel that looked like a ziggurat

with high jutting balconies wrapping around

and no rails

everyone else went down in the elevator

but some guy with a tie and a mix CD of tunes I had never heard

offered to teach me how to descend by counting my steps every floor

so I would (n’t) walk off the ends

 so he blindfolded me and walked with me down each  level

and we counted our steps

a couple more longer each floor

until he picked me up in his arms and began running

saying trust me

and I was terrified

but trusting that he knew what he was doing

because he was counting

he knew the math to the ground floor.



Standing with another woman

I suspect my best friend

with our boots propped up on the bumper of the car

we’re both wearing hats and waiting

he came riding down the side of the rode on horseback

and we ride to meet him

he hands her a whisk broom from out of his pocket

and she rides on ahead

and I trot by and grab a broom too

and we turn away from the car

which looks broken

and ride to the herd over a culvert

and I say

when we get this bunch in to where they’re going

we’re going back for the car right? 

He says no never going back

but there’s a computer and a diamond ring in there

what if someone breaks into it? 

Doesn’t matter he said and reined his horse around

to pursue the other woman who had traversed the culvert

and was working the herd in the opposite direction

I wanted to do the job and do it in a day

but I knew I would disappoint him

because my hips and knees were already hurting

I wouldn’t be able to walk by midday

deciding to stay with the car

looking back over my shoulder it looks more like shelter.

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I think you depicted your dreams in the perfect way. Dreams are not punctuated or linear. That was actually very groovy.
thanks for telling us about your dreams.
Last night I dreamed about my ex-husband. shit.
Jayne_ Groovy is such a great word! Thanks!
Elijah - Ooh sorry. Guess free styling those dreams are not in the plan...Treat yourself to some chocolate. Or vodka. You'll feel better soon.
Linnnn. You have a gift and four 'n' 's in your`Linnnn.
I Love to read somethings I read four times or '1' more.
Today I may bum change and visit the `Rev Elijah Craig.

Someone has to be called "The Father of Bourbon" right?
H charred oak whiskey barrels and was famed as a distiller.
He's let his bres age for twelve years or more. Small Batch.
I haven't visited the local tavern for a long while. Ay Cheer.
You get gleaming white teeth and probably wander in snow.
I think today I'll walk up to the mountain top and gaze`bout.
I can't find a silk tie or my red shoes. I need to go ponder tho.
Moral: Never leave your diamond ring in a folder with other women at the bathroom during a test!:D Good Morning!
This truly does speak to me as the images and insight into your dreamworld do. Makes me wish I could interpret dreams.
A Life - I am actually kind of glad you cannot interpret dreams. Some of this may be embarassing to me should someone try....But what the heck? It's all a mystery. Ziggurats and all.
Art: Rather see you drinking in your beautiful garden of organic food. No one misses anyone at the pub these days, not even Rev. Elijah, although they would like to think they do.

Go ponder for me too. Later. Yes.
Tg - And so I am reminded...
Excellent, Linnnn. Maybe this is the secret of remembering one's dreams - typing instantly as soon as you wake up. I'd like to try it sometime but mine are never in order like this. Loved reading yours.
i can remember the colors, but not the words.
your dreams are poetry.
Wish you could film it as a movie. That would be an interesting film.
I enjoyed this of consciousness works just fine!!! Thanks Linnnn! R
You may not dream in punctuation, but you certainly dream in poetry.

My dream this morning:
I was sitting in an end zone seat at the Super Bowl
Pittsburgh had the opening kickoff
It was an onside kick
A Packer recovered the ball
And ran it into the end zone
I awoke in a friend's apartment
Wondering who won the game
As I had evidently slept through the rest of it
Boo hoo hooo.
- no more late night pizza for you ;)
you remembered ALL of these? sheesh. if i can come up with the details to even one, i'm lucky. love that your smile would show through the fairy material, you hilarious Alice, you. *great* piece, linnnnnnnnnnn. ;
So are you listening to what your dreams are telling you Linnn? Very deep.... ;-) Love that you shared them with us... I will have to share my alligator one someday... lol
This was one of those epic dreams! I wonder how long they truly last, but the main point is that you did a fantastic job of recording and sharing it.
Always good to know the math, although I find that going to the ground floor can be a matter of gravity . . . .
I love how you did this in verse.
I wonder what the computer and diamond ring represent.