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March 17
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MAY 10, 2012 1:02PM

Cat world and its wonderment

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I lay here

With one hand under my head

The other, reaching for you

Just outside my reach.

There you are..marble eyes

Framed in tall grasses, stretched

Back legs nearly straight.

I wonder, as I look deep into

Those piercing dark ovals,

Set on jeweled seagreen back,

What could you be thinking?

The softness of your stare,

Full of adoration and its light

Bounces from your eyes to mine.

How can this body of striped fur and pointy ears

Be this amazing?


Poem written May 10, 2012

In memory of Bear 1996-2011 A very sweet boy.

Nick name: Marble Eyes

More pictures of Bear on my side bar link named Good-bye Bear.

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I love our cats...both the rascal and the sweet one.
Only had one cat, named her Heffalump, and she found me in a Greyhound bus station in a small town in Texas... that's another story.
Sweet post, great pic.
I always catch myself wondering what they are thinking about. I don't do that with dogs. Don't ask me why. Great Poem!
a lovely and beautifully expressed tribute, Cindy
What a sweet poem in memory of your beautiful furry boy. I'm a cat lover too--have 4!
Aw. Was Bear a Maine Coon? She was beautiful.
Lovely heartfelt words for a beautiful kitty
Patrick, He was the sweet mellow one, his Mom, who is laying here next to me, demanding my affections, is, for the most part a 'crack' head. The freaks around anyone but me. He is missed.
Jmac, I want to hear that story. BTW, I was reading my Grandma memories book and writing in it for my granddaughters and some old memories popped up, I just may have some boring stories for OS. lol.
Scanner, He was so beautiful. I seriously would lay in the grass in the backyard and watch him sneak up on crickets and stuff. He was always a riot. I have movies of him too- higher than a kite in the catnip! lol.
Sarah, it is hard to just forget those we were soo close to. I was very attached to Bear and I never would have known that yrs ago, was always a dog person.
Erica, from one cat lover to another I want pictures and a story bout them! He was amazing to look at..he would just stare like he was in love with me, he probably was. Afterall I was the guy with the food! lol.
A wonderful tribute, Cindy. A cat is a joy; it is the party animal. R
Lea, I have no idea. Mom, Olivia is still here with me. She is a barn cat, calico. Mostly white with black spots and an orange chin. She was rescued from humane society. The dad..well, she did everyone in the neighborhood..haha so Lord knows who he was!
Thoth, yes so true. Olivia, Bear's Mom will only party with me. She hisses at everyone else. But there are so many cats with truely wonderful dispositions. I have met some of them. Olivia is truely barn cat, always been a bit wild and little mental. But we must be similar, we bonded
Hi MCS, thanks for dropping in, yes I am LOST in my garden mess. Ha..was just thinking about Bear today.
Cats. . . How they get us attached to them and lost when they are gone. Lovely poem, Cindy. Did Bear live that long? May he rest in peace.
Your cat was 42 years old when it died? That is very, very unusual.
Hey, wait, nothing unusual about that, I'll be 41 in July!! ~:D

Funsun, he was 15 yrs old, I had the date turned around. You also know how hard it is to lose them.
Emma, oops, got it turned around. Please excuse.
Tinker..awesome. He wasn't quite that old. I messed up. You are a young boy! :)