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March 17
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APRIL 28, 2012 12:54PM

All this Hell

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I happened upon a book at the library, All this Hell. It was about Navy and Army nurses who served in the time of Pearl Harbor. My Mother was fifteen and a survivor of that attack, so I was interested in the aftermath and what these women went through. I highly recommend this book, not only to inform us, but to keep in our minds all the suffering others have done for us.

The bravery and stamina these women showed touched my heart and mind, as no other book. They not only took care of our men, but also the Phillipino's and Japanese. They suffered through starvation, rat infested quarters and the possibility of never being rescued.

For 3 years these women were POW's, served our country with pride and compassion in prison camps. Dressed in rags and so weak that they could barely walk up stairs, they still dealt with our blown apart, wounded and dying soldiers.

I went away from this reading, with a heavy heart. War is a horrid hell. Too many times we judge those who only want to defend and help make this a better country. Praying for peace is all we can do.


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In almost all of the literature and film about American wars in the 20th century, women are ignored... everyone who served deserves our respect, men and women alike.
Jmac, Oh, how true. I have read many stories by men on war through the years. I just came across this book and had to read it. I am in the middle of it. I did notice on the inside cover it said that they had to sign an agreement not to talk about the autrocities they edured. Unbelievable to go through something like that, and not have the right to talk about it. I realize the armed services has their reasons for secrecy. This whole thing hits home as my youngest will be deployed in the fall.
Sadly women’s efforts seldom get noticed.
Nice piece of writing.
I join you in prayer, Cindy.
Mcs..the worst part was they were not allowed to talk about it till decades later. At least when they arrived they had ticker tape parades in their hometowns.
Little Kate ..yes and my son is deploying to Afganistan in the fall, my heart is sick. I just spoke to him last night and he is platoon leader and frustrated because they are wanting his boys to take training for non combat stuff, and they came out of basic with nothing like Matt had in training. So..he goes to combat with an unprepared unit?( Even their physical training is not up to par, to say the least). Scares me to death!