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March 17
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APRIL 16, 2012 3:32PM

Mom-living through me

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pearl harbor093


Overseas, preaching, building schools and churches along side my Dad, is not all my Mom did. We were living in the Dakotas when Mom decided to go back to college and become a real teacher. I say 'real' teacher, because overseas she home schooled my brother and I for several of our young years, before boarding school was a choice.

In grade school my Mom was still going to college and coming home to make us lovely meals nightly. My Father was a stickler on having meals at a certain time and Mom was gracious enough to honor his likes. She worked very hard and would tell me that she wasn't naturally smart.  I believe she was though, because, not only did  she have a friendly way, she was very well-read on all subjects, especially current events.

I even remember her being in some conference against pornography, a group fundraising for civil rights, and other causes. She was always involved in community and church events.She was quick to laugh, and not at all a fuddy-duddy, as you may picture a missionary minister's wife.

 I remember her telling me a story about being at a prayer conference in Africa when all the men decided to go for a swim in the ocean. Their wives all satquietly, complete with sun umbrellas and long skirts, on shore.  Mom got on her swim suit, grabbed a ball, and got the group playing volleyball in the surf. Mom, after all was born in Manila, and raised in Hawaii and was  an expert swimmer and cliff diver. (These women were a bit shocked, but Mom just believed in being herself, and these women ended up lifelong friends.) As she was out in the ocean with all these missionary guys she had just met, a wave knocked her down. Due to the force of the wave  her swimsuit fell to her waist in front of everyone. (A teen at the time, I was aghast at her telling me this embarrassing story in the first place.)! I did, however, ask, "What did you do?" She laughed, and said, "The only thing I could do. I pulled up my suit, and kept playing."I always loved the fact that nothing got her flustered.

By high school, in South Dakota, she was teaching my advanced speech and  my English class. I didn't mind that fact, but she did call me ‘darling’ more times than I care to remember… in class! We lived out of town twenty miles,( a town called Twin Brooks,  population, 52), so we drove to and from school with each other.  As a teen, that was a bit too much time spent with your Mom. We lived right next to our church, and my social life revolved around the church.

In high schoo, to wake me, she always covered me with kisses until I couldn't breathe. She would laugh, and often licked my face! Ewwww! I would get up thoroughly disgusted, running to wash my face laughing at the same time.

  I  remember her sitting in the bleachers of my high school holding her head very still, facing straight ahead, but with her eyes pointed toward me. She watched me talk to the boys, she watched me laughing with friends, and she busted with pride when I sang. 

I always kept in mind that she had an awful childhood. She had a mean stepmother, and was kept in her room during her teen years. She also was a Pearl Harbor attack survivor at 15 yrs. of age. She chaperoned everything at school and was at all church youth  outings, and evencarried her own canoe, as a camp counselor in the summer.

Even though it seemed we spent every waking moment together, I understood. Even though she she watched every dance I danced at prom, I understood. She needed to live and love her teen years, through me.

.By cindy Prochnow April 2012

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Wow ain't that a kick in the booty... while we're growing up a lot of us almost never understand our parents. I didn't even have most of the pieces to that puzzle until I was over forty. Very good post.
She sounds like a woman ahead of her time, Cindy. How lovely she was in that photo.
Wow! What a great, hands-on mom! I would probably have bristled quite a bit at so much parental attention. I was pretty free to run growing up as long as I was home by dinner.
I like everything about her.
She is so beautiful, a true radiant mirror of love. What a wonderful story of her love for you.
Rated with love
You are so lucky to have had a mom like that./r
What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful Mom, Cindy. Beautiful post. R
I love a testimonial that has the young Mom or Dad picture in it. The bright, hopeful, strong eyes and beautiful faces are the parents that we never really knew when they were most important in our lives.

Thanks for sharing your mom with the world.
jmac, I came to these conclusions about my Mom because she was so caring and sensitive to me. She had no role model, her real mom ran away with a soldier when she was 8. I gave the impression it was all pretty between us, but trust me, I got disciplined if I got out of hand. I didn't understand some of her strict ways. I was not allowed to date till I was 17, then it was 'living room' dates. I was not allowed to go to a bowling alley, or to a movie house, or play cards.
Cindy,so beautiful your mom...She had a difficult childhood and you are so right in your saying that "She needed to live and love her teen years, through me".
It needs emotional more to logical understanding concerning ρarents..Can heart be our mind in some times,I wander when I get angry and make mistakes..It is a wishful thinking to love in the right way and it is an achievement when one succeeds in it..I think you did it...And I liked reading your work here..made me a better ρerson..gave me understanding that I try to build for myself..Rated with friendshιρ.
Erica, in this picture my Mom was 17 and married my Dad. He had just graduated from Otterbein Theological Seminary. This was taken before they left for Africa as missionaries. She had flaming red hair.
Painting, oh, there were years I was somewhat resentful. I acted out a bit in my college years, quite a bit actually..It does take time to be appreciative. I don't know of a preacher's kid or mission kid, that doesn't have SOME major issues within their life. :) But they learn.
dianaani, Cool..want to hear something neat? In your avatar you resemble my Mom in her 30's!
RP, I gave her much to worry about in the 60's. I was so protected that in college I got a little wild and crazy,lol. (Hence, no degree!)
Very nice tribute. My husband and I are trying to live through my daughter but she won't let us...unless we pay for the concert tickets.
Christina.. thanks. I know, she was quite the lady.
Thoth, She lived a good life and cared alot about people less fortunate. She did minor surgery on people in Africa and she was only an LPN. There is some real good stuff in a person that can be so giving of themselves, and never wanting anything in return.
Zuma, I love new and old pictures of them. I like the way you put that.."parents that we never really knew". I have her hand written story of her survival of the bomb attack on my side bar. (Pearl Harbor). I found that in her jewelry box after she died, it really helped me understand, not only how she raised herself, but the stress involved in surviving such an awful time. She wrote it in pencil as a 15 yr old girl. So true though Zuma, we didn't really know sooo much. TX
Patrick, she would have loved that I wrote this about her. You being from Africa, I am sure you understand the culture and the times that we as a family lived through. TX for coming.
Stathi..Yes, heart can be mind, sometimes. Emotions are hard understood some times too, but the feelings that come, in love, are from the heart. Even in times I didn't get along with my family, they were in my heart and thought of with the tears in my eyes. The love is fact, and they gave life to me, which I am very thankful for. They gave me the experience of being raised in Africa, that in it self a gift. I am glad this writing and others makes you feel something. That is good. My whole life is about trying to better myself and be kind to those around me. I am blessed, great husband, 2 great sons and & grandchildren. TX friend.
Snarky, I really laughed out loud, and then some at your comment. How true. Always looked forward to partying with my kids. Except for an occasional glass of wine, they don't wanna party with us. Haha!
Stathi... PS>That was supposed to read SEVEN grandchildren! (My error.)