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cindy Prochnow

cindy Prochnow
Minnesota, usa
March 17
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MARCH 26, 2012 3:09PM

Winter's end (repost)

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Winter's end

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Jagged rounds, twig on twig, way up high

Against airy canvas of cerulean sky


Atop trunk’s widespread span, within limb’s reach

Over weather-curled birch covering, wet with bleach



Color gone by sun’s beatings, still leaving its mark

Next to other trees, shredded and peeling bark

Falling to ground on fulvous debris’ bed


A flattened mélange of sharp points and textures dead

And there, shadowed, nearly hidden, a sprout, neon green

Seemingly announcing the beginnings of spring’s scene

A change welcomed, as is sun, filtering in this way

Putting an end to the sameness of winter’s display.



Photos and poem by cindy Prochnow

Lake Superior April 17, 2011

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treees in nature

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You are so creatrive with words and photography, both.
I miss those birch trees. Lovely Cindy..
More green! I need more green! :D Good pictures and well written verse. Thank you for reposting.
Lovely glad I saw this on the second posting
Lovely and inspiring. Glad you reposted.
Sarah, Glad you like, you are too kind.
Linda, I should send you
Painting, thank God the rains have come and the yard is green now. I will post tulips for you when they are up!
M.C.S...Thanks, I do alot of reposts this time of year caz I have much gardening to do, no time for indoor stuff. TX
Fernsy, Thank you for stopping, and thanks for referring me to Dee's post.