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cindy Prochnow
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March 17
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FEBRUARY 29, 2012 2:39PM

The soldier

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Endurance’s stance, behind fatigues

Bought with discipline and dirt,

Showing this fighting   power,

The soldier.

Brave, beyond his body armor

Near tank formation, search and destroy.

The taste of artillery smoke and dust fresh

In these treacherous terrains.

The soldier.

Scopes alert on targets

Clearing sand dwellings,

Camouflaged with debris

And shrouded  corners .

Wide angled at deep, tarp-covered windows

And ledges above

Eyes darting, side to side

Sensing danger, still forging ahead.

Day after day.

The soldier.

Thoughts of survival, mixed

With what was before, and what is now

The reality that is life or death,

 That ever present lump that crawls up

And out of their throats, haunts

The soldier.


My son Matt  Korea

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war, fear

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My son is still in the Army, been back a year from 2 yrs. in Korea in training. He is on the first responder team in case of any new world crisis. He is ready to go, possibly to Afghanistan in the fall, but we are hoping our men will all be called back.
I hope they'll all be called back too, Cindy. I cannot imagine how those two years must have been for you. Your poem is a beautiful testament to your feelings and to what our young men do for their country. May God bless them all and bring them back to their families safely.
Crossing fingers and toes for your son and all our sons, Cindy, very nice tribute.
On a more trivial note, you rock the hat in your photo !
I cannot imagine what you go through mentally having a son as a soldier.. Pride.. great pride but worry.
many prayer for him and his family..
Fusun, In Korea they had to patrol the border without guns, why I don't know cause 3 feet away the North had guns. Good that there was no immediate danger to my son. His wife and 4 kids(at the time) now five were with him. He is safe now in Washington, but I admit I feel lucky.
Rita, so true. You never want your sons in war, and I never should watch those documentary s on Feflex either, scary! Hat is hubby's thanks. We were snowshoeing last winter, uo north, and he wasn't wearing it so I did.
Linda, he loves it and wants to have combat experience because they keep promoting him, and he does not want to lead men in combat when he has not seen any yet. He is going career, so eventually that horrid time will come.TX
I always wondered which is harder, to be the soldier or his parent!? Well said, Cindy. Respect and safety to your son. R
Good poem, Cindy! I'm with you in hoping our men (& women) will be called back from Afghanistan & that your son gets to be with his family. Career military always say it's a good way to go, but it's tough when you're the family & you just want them safe & home.
Thoth, I know. We have been so lucky that he has only been to Korea and his family got to go, we talked on Skype every weekend so I got to see the kids grown to. Before Skype, it would have been worse. So lucky he hasn't had to be in harms way. TX.
suzie... Hi gf, good to see you are around. I hope they don't lay off like in the Navy. These guys are so highly trained and in such terrific shape, but who outside of the Army needs an expert marksman. I wish he would have taken the college offered him, but it meant working days and school nights and he is such a family guy. But I do see in my life how not having a college degree, in this day and age, is crazy, and you will always have the crap jobs. I'd like more for him, but we'll see. TX
My husband, is a soldier. thank you for this...
Thanks for sharing your poem with us. My heart goes out to you and your son and all the soldiers and their families. I pray for their safe return.
Michelle one knows the personal trauma these men go through, we will never know. TX
Brianna, only a few good men! TX