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March 17
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FEBRUARY 26, 2012 5:22PM

What perhaps the dog hears

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Chuckie 2006- 2008


   If an inaudible whistle
blown between our lips
can send him home to us,
then silence is perhaps
the sound of spiders breathing
and roots mining the earth;
it may be asparagus heaving,
headfirst, into the light
and the long brown sound
of cracked cups, when it happens.
We would like to ask the dog
if there is a continuous whir
because the child in the house
keeps growing, if the snake
really stretches full length
without a click and the sun
breaks through clouds without
a decibel of effort,
whether in autumn, when the trees
dry up their wells, there isn't a shudder
too high for us to hear.

What is it like up there
above the shut-off level
of our simple ears?
For us there was no birth cry,
the newborn bird is suddenly here,
the egg broken, the nest alive,
and we heard nothing when the world changed



By Lisel Mueller 1924

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Youtube has this poem set to music and very much worth a watch. There are few poems that really speak to me. This is one of them.
Cindy - the poem touched me too. Chuckie was a sweetheart, may he rest in peace. ♥
Brilliantly beautiful! Love all the sounds. One of the best dog poems I've ever read. Publish this one. Gorgeous!
Just saw this is not by you, but by one of my favorite poets. Got it. Sorry for my puddin-headed confusion. Thanks for sharing Lisel Mueller's work.
Fusun, thank-you so much. Chuckie was the best dog ever and I never did replace him. Remember Bear my cat, that died? His mom is Olivia and she is ever at my side here in my office, still healthy but nutty as a fruitcake! lol.(Seriously she has issues, but friendly to Dad and I.
Lucy, not to worry. I just discovered this poem, I had written the title down a few yrs back, and just found it. Please hear the youtube version, it brings me to tears, the music goes so well. I have been asked to publish some stuff, but I am too much of a rebel(now, an old one) to publish, just to SAY I published. lol. There is one about horses, by James Wright that I posted a few posts back, if you liked this you will adore that one.(Haven't written much poetry lately.) TX 4 ur comment.