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cindy Prochnow
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March 17
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SEPTEMBER 26, 2011 4:50PM

Some things I did this summer

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I have always been fascinated with shiny things, so broken glass has been my friend for some time. I saw something in a gift store recently for a lot of money, and I said to myself, "I can make that." And I did.


I had a square piece of glass, my husband made a frame and I placed various pieces of glass on the glass with glue,(clear drying).
This is a mosaic piece that did not turn out, however kinda pretty. I thought about having it be a vase with flowers coming out of it, but that looked awful. Give me ideas on what to do with this.
I had my husband cut  me out a fish and I glued random pieces of glass on it.  Just a few of the things I made this summer.
by cindy Prochnow

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Wow... you were busy... I wonder if Occular_Nervosa sees this.. He does glass work too.
Wonderful.. from a person that could not fit two pieces together to save her life.:)
That's very cool...I love the cut/colored glass work...excellent.
I love that you just went and made something new! I love the colors.
Hanging lamp shade for the one? The streaks of light green running through it are so lovely...
Cheers to fun this summer!
Wonderful, I love to work with glass.
rated with love
Gosh I would LOVE to be able to do this Cindy. You make it sound so easy. You should think about opening an etsy shop ... I'm currently collection mosaics for the garden. Lilly x
Quite the artist you are, Cindy. Is this why I haven't seen you posting lately? BTW, if your avatar photo is recent you are looking very slender.
You are very good, but that is the saddest fish I've ever saw. Is he crying? Tell him a knock, knock joke, and make him smile!:-)
Wow These are beautiful!! I bet they look great in the sunlight. That one that didn't turn out is my favorite. It looks like a big raindrop with life in it. Great work!!
Very pretty. Have fun with it.
Linda, Awesome, glad you are back. Have not been around much. Will check it out.
Marty..glad you like, glad to see ya!
JT. That lampshade looking thing was made upside down..glued onto plywood. Was supposed to be reeds to go with fish, looked awful! Ha! I have come to the conclusion that artists throw out the crummy stuff..haha!
Rp I am working with mono-printing now and it is really fun. Found an unused roll of wall paper and I am using it as canvas. Will post, not brilliant work but fun! me on what is an etsy shop!!If you do mosaics, glass would be easy for you, inexpensive and very fun.Want to see your work.
Scanner, sir have you ever seen a fish on a wall that looked happy!!? haha.
Sarah, older avatar(2010) and I am desperately seeking that shape once more, put on 8 pounds, all in the tummy..haha! when I reach it I will do a current..haha! Summer takes me outside and NOTHING makes you fatter, than sitting Winter will bring me back, missed u 2! your remarks, coming from a true artist, thank you!
Auntenay..thanks and I am. I am just an old bat trhowing paint and glass around. I get lucky sometimes in how it ends up..haha!
This is way COOL!