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Jane Brogan
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December 31
I am a wife, mother of 3, RN, and all for truth, not sound bites. I have Lupus, and several other autoimmune diseases and a stroke survivor. I am a very cheerful, optimistic and happy person, and always try to look for the best in the world! Also, I am an unapologetic liberal. Progressive ideas are what made this country and what continue to move it forward, without progress, we wither on the vine!


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OCTOBER 15, 2010 10:57AM


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On a week that began with my 59 year old brother-in-law’s funeral, I did not have very high hopes. Amazingly the weather has been stellar. Crisp autumn days that make you want to curl up with some apple cider and a good book. Yes, we had some rain yesterday, but we needed it. My point is, after all of the sorrow, the sun will still rise the next day. Our lives move forward, just different, and possibly a little more empty than before. The feeling of emptiness will dissipate, but that takes time. Life does continue!


I take comfort with my family, but aware that we never know what is in store for us. We can plan, guess, estimate all we want but that will never take away the unknown aspect of the future. One thing that we can count on is that tomorrow morning the sun will rise. There will be several less people here because their lives have ended. There will also be brand new, little someones just born!


As for me, my smile will be on my face as always, even though my heart is sad. I am hoping the smile turns inward and heals my heart!



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I am so sorry :(
I have learned like you that you need to live each day to its fullest. But yes, the days just keep marching on.
Rated with hugs
Bonnie, if that guy wasn't so scary, I would be laughing even louder! Thanks!
Linda, thanks so much!
Of course your smile will turn inward and heal your heart-ache. That's what smiles are for!!

skypixie0-thanks so much!
This was very well written--spare and with feeling. It evokes feeling in others-r.
Yes, the sun will rise and I hope your smile rises with it. I'm sorry about your Brother-In-Law.
Sarah, thank you so much!

Scanner, thanks for your kind words!
I hope for your healing heart and continued sun in the mornings too. rated
Rosycheeks, thanks for your comments! R
All my best to you. A sweetart kinda day.
tg within, thanks so much!
So sorry, Lea. Too soon, far too soon. Your last sentence is now my new mantra. Thank you.
Um, I seem to have called you Lea. A gaffe for which I apologize but also a huge compliment. Regardless, I'm sorry.
Sally, thanks so much for your kind words. I find myself slowly lifting out of the fog, but know it will never be completely gone!
Tenderly told. I appreciate your observation that for lives ended, there're new lives for us to cherish.