What follows are five fact-filled and revelatory perspectives I have distilled from Professor John McMurtry’s compelling “‘Global Society Destruction’ and The Ukraine Crisis: Decoding its Deep Structural Meaning”. McMurtry cuts through the mainstream media anti-Rus/

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The NewsHour did a special feature tonight called “Is Obama’s foreign policy doctrine working?” They launched the story with a sound bite of John McCain accusing the Obama administration of “talking loudly but carrying a little stick.”

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Matthew Behrens calls out -- big time -- Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, along with John Baird, Harper’s “foreign affairs pitbull” in “Ukraine and Canada’s Coup-Supporting Corporate Cowboy Diplomacy”.

Behrens writes of a “messianic” foreiRead full post »

Margaret Kimberley in “Freedom Rider: Democracy is Dead” asserts:

Too many Americans love to boast that the United States is a democracy. That idea is accepted uncritically and celebrated as proof of this country’s superiority. Every public activity and event is an opportunity

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APRIL 27, 2014 2:49PM

NYC Spring Walkabout (Pix)





























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Dan Roberts in “Wall Street Deregulation Pushed by Clinton Advisers, Documents Reveal” provides some compelling revelations from 7000 pages of documents withheld from public scrutiny by the Presidential Records Act for twelve years and now destined for the Clinton Library researRead full post »

Let’s address just one more of the latest US foreign policy fresh hells before it, too, disappears into the American citizenry’s memory hole among so many other Orwellian scenarios from both Bush and Obama regimes.

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APRIL 20, 2014 2:17AM

Jesus Was A Radical

In “Jesus Lived in a Police State” John W. Whitehead writes:

Jesus—the revolutionary, the political dissident, and the nonviolent activist—lived and died in a police state. Any reflection on Jesus’ life and death within a police state must take into account s

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In a highly illuminating article entitled “The Global Money Matrix: The Forces behind America’s Economic Destruction” Dr. Gary Null cites psychologist Clive Boddy as maintaining that “the psychopathological behavior of financial executives was a major cause for the 2/Read full post »

 Norman Vanamee in "Architectural Digest":

New Yorkers are used to having new things appear seemingly out of nowhere: skyscrapers, bike lanes, the cronut [croissant-donut combo]. On April 1, more than 200 three-foot-tall eggs will be added to the cacophony, each designed by an artist, desi

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Re-POST from May 6, 2012:

 It happened decades ago. That phone exchange in my parents’ kitchen.

It was not long after exiting my college “Camelot”. The steep plunge from grandiose, myopic college senior to insecure, jobless, debt-ridden returning daughter/enabler whose vision h… Read full post »

Paul Craig Roberts, former U.S. Treasury Secretary bottom-lines the present economic doom of America’s working -- and non-working -- class in "Another Fraudulent Jobs Report."  He writes:

Americans live in a matrix of total lies.

What can Americans do? Elections are pointless.


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 Re-POST from July 14, 2011, my sentiments re-inspired by Obama's Ft. Hood memorial disingenuousness this week: 

Empathy-challenged (war criminal) Obama is pretending he cares about military suicides.

I waited a few days to write this to see if my intensely bitter reaction to Obama's last w… Read full post »

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4-8-14 Macy aisle 011-9 



4-8-14 Rose Tree 034-3 



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4-8-14 buile a bear 017-5 


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Michael Moore compellingly writes in “The Price Of Human Life, According To GM”:

The executives at GM knew for 13 years that their cars had a defective ignition switch that would, well, kill people. But they did a "cost-benefit analysis" and concluded that paying off the deceased's

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APRIL 1, 2014 3:12PM

US & SA Realpolitiks Stink

Patrick Cockburn in “Cracks in the House of Saud” discusses President Obama’s visit to King Abdullah in Saudi Arabia last week. It was Obama’s first visit there in over five years reveals Cockburn.

Cockburn explores the present relationship troubles between the two regimeRead full post »

The illegitimate coup in Ukraine has triggered a dangerous international situation according to Michel Chossudovsky in “The Neoliberal Neo-Nazi Coup in Ukraine. The World is at a Dangerous Crossroads”:

The World is at a dangerous crossroads: The structures and composition of th

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I have spent the last week chewing on my fist, reading dozens of impassioned articles on alternative cyber media at the same time listening to contradictory and relentless government propaganda-laced (-saturated) mainstream media about the Ukraine situation.

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A repost from toritto.wordpress.com

Originally posted November 2011

Grand Cross of the Order of the German Eagle

Awarded to Henry Ford by Adolph Hitler – 1938

So it’s the 1930s and Hitler and Mussolini, not to mention Franco have established nazism / fascism in Europe. Hitler has aRead full post »

According to Johannes Stern in “Svoboda thugs attack head of Ukrainian national television” there is a fascist “reign of terror” happening on the streets of Kiev thanks to the Western-backed coup at the end of last month.

A shocking YouTube video [click here for Ster/Read full post »

Glen Ford has a compelling, troubling and revelatory article over at Black Agenda Report entitled, “U.S. Prepares to Gas Russia Into Submission.” Now I’m thinking maybe we should bottom-line the Ukraine fiasco by archly suggesting, “It’s about the Russian energy exp/Read full post »

So, let us of the global 99% watch the war of the Olympic-god-like oligarchs and their pimped out Western AND Eastern political leaders devastate more and more of our collective welfare in the Ukraine, Europe, Russia, here, etc.  Let us note the colossal devastation done and still being done in… Read full post »

According to Julie Hyland in “What the Western-backed regime is planning for Ukrainian workers” the new regime which came to power in the guise of a “democratic revolution” is made up of “former bankers, fascists and oligarchs” and is preparing “dr/

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It comes as no surprise to at least some citizens that the CIA is an intelligence agency that operates outside US law and defies congressional oversight. Interestingly this week, one of its strongest and most consistent apologists, Senator Dianne Feinstein, has outrightly charged the/

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So after an ugly 25-year Middle Eastern trail of blood and tears, dead or maimed bodies, massive displacement and devastation, the US government, its military, its corporate media and its predatory fellow country flunkies, drifting toward fascism as much as the US is, are defying international law, yRead full post »