OCTOBER 29, 2014 9:12PM

2014 Election & Plutocratic Psychopathy

Barry Grey and Patrick Martin in “The US elections and the American plutocracy” declare that the Democratic and Republican parties agree on austerity, government spying, tax breaks for the rich and war.

Hunger, homelessness, joblessness, Detroit’s bankruptcy are not worth serioRead full post »

Crane spotting on a lovely Fall Saturday early morning.  (No, not the bird.  This is NYC!!!)  About to head east.
01 - 10-27-14 big crane
Ricky's store, this week's supplier for Halloween celebrations.  Superman looking solid and strong.  Passersby sometimes enjoy posing… Read full post »

Sometimes the perfect photo shots serendipitously come to us.

Years and years ago one of my brothers gifted me with a "magic camera". Far more expensive than one I would have invested in on my own. A so-called idiot proof, point and click one. A beautiful, small -- seriously small --… Read full post »


[r] Mark: No one wants to believe this horrifying degree of saturation of racist hatred in Israel -- a group-think of profound disconnected non-identification with fellow global humans particularlyRead full post »

Interesting feel when one's posts are resurrected from the past. even the relatively near past like this one. I noticed an old one on obamacare also surfaced recently from 2011 was it. Time flies as your country continues to unravel and destroy its citizenry and the world with lots of help… Read full post »

A couple of friends and I decided to take the tram to Roosevelt Island recently to visit FDR's Four Freedoms Park, a 4-acre memorial honoring FDR and, particularly, his inspiring 1941 State of the Union address.  
In that speech FDR shared his vision of a world founded upon… Read full post »

“In all the ills that befall us, we are more concerned by the intention than the result. A tile that falls off a roof may injure us more seriously, but it will not wound us so deeply as a stone thrown deliberately by a malevolent hand. The blow may miss, butRead full post »

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According to Patrick Martin in “Political issues in the Ebola crisis”, the Ebola outbreak in West Africa has infected more than 8,000 people and 4,000 have died. There are no signs that this outbreak is about to be controlled.

The collapsed healthcare systems of Sierra Leone, LiRead full post »

 David Corn in "Hillary Clinton Praises a Guy With Lots of Blood on His Hands," Sept. 5, 2014:

Hillary Clinton often plays the hawk card: She voted for the Iraq war, dissed President Barack Obama for not being tough enough on Syria, and compared Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler. This

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So far there has been only a relatively tiny amount of international aid to combat the profoundly dangerous Ebola epidemic. There have only been a few hundred international volunteer doctors and nurses, many of whom are now dead or who have withdrawn to avoid infection.

According to Niles Willi

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Exterior wall art on Rock Center building:
1 - 10-7-14 sowing seeds
1 - 10-7-14 emblem
1 - 10-7-14 ge and emblem 
GE building and Rock Center always call out to me to take pix.  Flapping flags are a part of the attraction.
1 - 10-7-14 encircled by flags 
1 - 10-7-14 row of flags 

RE-POST from Open Salon 5-31-2012


While trying to research the REAL truth of what is going on with Syria, since clearly the big US media propaganda machine is stenographically on board for yet another massive destruction of a country on the US and NATO’s bloody faux-hRead full post »

[RE-POST and a true story -- from a number of years ago]

A noise at the window. I look over to see the curtain shuddering from the wind. It is raw outside. On my next trip to the bathroom I must remember to shut the window.

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Here are some excerpts dealing with the plight of the Palestinians vs. the willful denial of their horror by the US politicians and too many propaganda-saturated US and global citizens.

“Obama Blasts Brutality and Bullying, But Not by Israel” by Thalif Deen:

In his [UN] speech,

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SEPTEMBER 30, 2014 5:45PM

Still More NYC Pix & Bit of Commentary

I scurried on foot from the East side 6 train to my job on Sixth Ave. through the upscale midtown side streets Monday.  I noticed how thick the police security forces were once again.  I assumed the heavy security was still about the UN meetings, for the protection of the

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Brian J. Foley in “Dissident Thoughts Upon Learning of the ‘Latte Salute’ Scandal” writes:

Obama-haters are hopping mad that Obama saluted troops while holding a cup of café latte in his saluting hand.

Obama supporters (saluters?) and others who just like pointing

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SEPTEMBER 27, 2014 6:39PM

Favorite Funny Moments from the Movies



Carol Connelly: Stop it! Why can't I have a normal boyfriend? Why? Just a regular boyfriend that doesn't go nuts on me! I -
[Beverly (her mother) butts in, and Carol turns to her.]
Beverly Connelly: Everybody wants that, dear. It doesn't exist.


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This cartoon was included in  an email from The World Can't Wait organization: 

Cartoon by Mr. Fish

1 - 9-23-14 Peace-of-the-Action


Quote from vzn (from comments below):  "it took obama ~6 years but he finally embraces his inner WarMachine."


The following is from Dr. B (link in comments bel… Read full post »

Christopher Kennedy is the son of Robert F. Kennedy, assassinated senator and Democratic presidential candidate. Christopher Kennedy is chairman of the University of Illinois’ Board of Trustees, politically appointed by Illinois Democratic Governor Pat Quinn. Kennedy has also acted as a fundraiRead full post »

SEPTEMBER 24, 2014 4:46AM

More NYC Pix

1 - 9-23-14 bb and silohuettes


1 - 9-23-14 15 sec of fame 


1 - 9-23-14 get face up here 


1 - 9-23-14 bubbles


1 - 9-23-14 dark ge 


1 - 9-23-14 exciting 6th 


1 - 9-23-14 empty garage 


1 - 9-23-14 koons before 


1 - 9-23-14 dismantling koons 


1 - 9-23-14 apple store 


1 - 9-23-14 close up bbs 


1 - 9-23-14 flags and ge bldng 


1 - 9-23-14 blue hydranges 


1 - 9-23-14 anthro wreathes 


1 - 9-23-14 close up empire 

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“All people have the right to protection of their physical integrity, and children are people too." Dr. Peter Newell (coordinator of an organization called “End Punishment of Children”)

If you saw an adult excitedly striking another adult in public, there is a chanceRead full post »

Who’s your Daddy, ISIS? “ISIS has many, many fathers, all of whom now deny patrimony.” Glen Ford

1.Terrorism is the symptom. US imperialism is the cancer. The war on terror is TERRORISM! (Garikai Chengu)

2. Obama’s new army of rebels to supposedly degrade anRead full post »

Norman Pollack in “White House on Message” writes:

So, Dempsey and Hagel on the Hill spreading the message of war, covering the ass of Obama so as to make him look reluctant and forced into a decision he had already made. This is a delicate maneuver. It must not look like insub

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SEPTEMBER 16, 2014 9:41PM

Come Walk With Me On NYC's High Line!

I took the photos below last Wednesday afternoon.  It was a warm but comfortable day, sunny at times, but with ominous clouds covering large parts of the sky at others.


I found the High Line a disarmingly unpretentious borderland of the natural and the urban.  Amazing views of solidRead full post »

SEPTEMBER 11, 2014 6:15PM

Random 9/11 Conspiracy Thoughts, Anyone?

Paul Craig Roberts "9/11 After 13 years":

The 9/11 lie has persisted for 13 years. Millions of Muslims have paid for this lie with their lives, the destruction of their families, and with their dislocation. Most Americans remain comfortable with the fact that their government has destroyed in wh
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