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Poetry Posting w/o SPAM in the Title (oops)

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How some men drool over
luscious, summer,
bare, female apparatus.
Most women ache
hearing frantic whispers
of ugly
shot down and blown away
into rejection's blackness.
Only occasionally
do they dream of dwelling
in the purple moon forest
where beauty incubates
and all play in love.


AM Confusion

Sweet peace is broken.
Horror, unspoken!
Thunder cracks open my mind,
ramrods my spine.
An ear-bleeding
assures me
I am under siege
What on earth …
(or maybe not)
What dervishly whirling
devilishly whirring
monster alien craft
descends from above
onto my bedroom rug?
A racket of static!
Danger has emphatically arrived.
Can I survive?
I force open my eyes
anticipating the likelihood of
injury and harm
and manage to turn off
that damn
radio alarm!


The Longest Sentence

Another day lost,
I, self-scorning and cross,
surprised once again
the day's arc has an end
(since Procrastination's cheap tricks replay
so ferociously each day)
and the chance window to fulfill
Forever's yearning of will,
too easily flee
to TV's whatever ministry
convinced later will be time
to employ the treasure mind
but as Sleep's needs override
with familiar sorrow I comply.


College Honeymoon With Self

Stately trees
nod their good will.
A breeze
tenderly pushes her
across the great, green
sloping lawn.
Dormitory mansions
unobtrusive at luxurious distances
offer solace
of solidity and easy grandeur.

She positions her shoulders
and back
against a noble tree
whose radiating arms
uphold a great blue bowl of sky.
Here she intends
to commune with the likes of
Wordsworth, Woolf, Hardy
or even the great William S.
with only the occasional fly
or ant
to break her trance.

But shimmering green leaves
whisper their secrets.
A lone bird
cuts and curves its complaint
across the sky.
The sun intrudes through a leafy curtain,
kissing her face
with light and heat
like an overzealous pet
not to be denied.

She closes her eyes and savors the warmth.
The moment.
The paradise.

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"Only occasionally
do they dream of dwelling
in the purple moon forest
where beauty incubates
and all play in love."
Gorgeous passage! great works, all. Lovely post, Libby dear!
Nice break from the s-word posts... thanks.
Talk about your racket of static! Such a day. This is good - loved the radio alarm. /R
In your free time, in between making snarky comments about spam, y'all might want to stop by the READERS' PICKS page and read & rate the new posts of people who are the ones getting buried by the spam (and anti-spam) posts.

Their PEERS considered these posts to be noteworthy and I'm sure you will agree. (not a single "Best Barbershop" list in the bunch! )
The range of Your writing is astounding - time to start seriously thinking about submitting Your work, so a wider audience can benefit from You and Your thoughts.

I've been instructed to scold you for luring us here with da magic woid in your title, but now that I've read your fine poems I intend to disobey my instructions.
I love all of these wonderful poems. They are full of delightful imagery, and ways of expression that are new and fun.
rated with love
Rated fer spam...
God Libby, you take my breath away with your words and then give it back. Mark is right, if you want to, and if it would make you happy, then you might consider what he said. You have much to offer, maybe do what will let you also receive.
Well thought out, libby; great post. R
Only you could combine such eloquence with humor.

I too have gotten on the bandwagon. SPAM I have never given in to these Saturday night roundups, but all I could think about was Monty Python
Thanks all for your warm and encouraging comments. I took a cue from V. Corso whose lovely new poem showed me that a good bridge from the historical personal psychological angst over to my usual present political angst would be sharing the blessed poetry. :-)

I am still working on comments from the borderline blog and also hoping to get out and about and catch up more with your powerful writings and fellowship and the rest of my network here! I have been out of it with the spam war. Still in the fog about it but that didn't keep me from opening my mouth, anyway!

Poor Woman! thanks! I am glad you appreciated that particular passage.

jmac! thanks for being here once again!

nilesite, that really happened one morning. the neighbor in the apartment next door probably also thought we were under attack. Yeee Gads! :-)

toritto! :-) high praise coming from you, my friend. your poems show me how deep into the heart a poem can go.

mark, your consistent support of me at open salon honors and humbles me. I thank you once again. for a while before I got addicted to the politics I would write a haiku a day. I would like to get back there just to give me a variety and breaks from my political frustration!

matt, I am only now catching up with this apparent spam revolution!!! thanks for cutting me the slack! :-)

RP, thanks so much. your validation means a lot. your poems are so incredibly rich, deep and sensuous. Always a high to visit and read them.

Steel! nice to see you. ty.

Bleue! thank you for all the warmth and support, also!!! it honors and humbles me as I told Mark.

Thoth! thank you yet again, my friend!!!

Dianne!!! Nice to see you again. :-) ty

Safe Bet, yes, a very nice idea!! RP awards are a great idea. For recipient and for reader.
Amost too much to take in...such imagery.

All beautiful, but really enjoyed AM Confusion---I refuse to have an electric alarm clock, FOTI says the ticking of a Baby Ben wind-up drives him insane (further insane)... I do without. Mostly I wake up on time.

Beautiful poems.

RE: Aesthetics. So true. Our outer beauty is not our doing. We inherit it. And yet we are graded on something we did not personally achieve.
I’m with Mark (again) on this one.