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Obama’s Job Creation? Lower US Wages Below Mexico/China!

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Obama is now promising jobs to American workers. But there is a COLOSSAL catch. Savaged wages and benefits.

Repeat: SAVAGED!!!

Exactly what the one percenters have been lusting after and now enjoy coming to fruition from a DEMOCRATIC President, of all creatures, who has managed to hoodwink the American citizenry into not seriously noticing. You put the rhetorical emphasis on JOBS .... yadda yadda yadda ... then who seeks more reality-troubling negative details as to how this will come about. Who seriously applies individual critical thinking in this hysterical climate of political gamesmanship and mass corporate disinformation?

Apparently our Democratic president thinks he can keep up the big lie beyond his election in November. Sadly, I wouldn't make book against that.

Obama’s plan is exactly the kind of plan Mitt Romney would implement. It’s not a lesser evil plan at all. It is just as evil as what the pro-corporatists Republicans quest after. Easier for Obama to slide it by, of course, given the fog of denial still enveloping an incredibly large percentage of the original 80 million who put him in office. Such a perfect front man for oligarchy. Enough betrayal mojo in him for a whole next term.

This from Obama about job promotion in his first official re-election campaign speech:

“American workers are becoming more efficient, companies are becoming more and more competitive, so for a lot of businesses, it’s now starting to make sense to bring jobs back home.”

Andre Damon of wsws explains what is behind Obama’s shameless “job creation” rhetoric: 

By “efficiency,” Obama means nothing more than the increased exploitation of the American workforce as a result of the economic crisis. Even though the workforce has shrunk by millions of people during the recession, industrial output has surpassed 2007 levels.

This has been the policy of the Obama administration from the start. During the bailout of the auto industry, Obama made clear that he would provide the big three automakers with government funds if they imposed cuts to wages and benefits of autoworkers.

The lack of any meaningful measures to deal with the unemployment crisis is part of this program. Far from seeing unemployment as a social evil, the administration, together with the corporations it represents, has used mass unemployment to drive down wages, slash benefits, and impose workplace speedups.

As a result, corporate profits are at their highest levels in history, while the labor force participation rate is down to its lowest level since the 1980s.

Here we go again with the proverbial “jobless recovery”. Recovery for Obama’s corporate BFsF and not the American worker. Not even a molecule of pro-citizen consideration. No rising tide raises all boats in terms of trickle down profits sharing. The profits stopped trickling down beginning thirty years ago and Obama has no intention of restoring the flow. American workers are “efficient” enough now according to Obama, which translates to workers having been beaten down and desperate enough from the Bush/Obama regimes’ ongoing economic terrorism. “Efficient” meaning willing to work for non-living wages and crap or non-existent benefits. Corporate media and the rest of our corporate pimped out Congress have no problem with this screw-the-people jobs policy.

Obama is now effectively coaxing corporations to deign not to “outsource” for cheap labor in, say, Mexico or China since Obama is helping to arrange “cheap third world labor” for them domestically. What a guy! I mean, the corporatists already get VERY cheap labor domestically thanks to the scandalous ever-escalating exploitation of prisoners through privatization. The corporatists of course want more. Greed addicted and sociopathic. I suppose short of shoving all of us in prison to work for 23 cents or so an hour 24/7, they’ll settle for making us work for peanuts. Or in this case in the skillful hands of Barack, more like for the shells!

Obama spoke Tuesday at the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering at the State University of New York in Albany. His assuredly golden-tongued proposals according to Damon will do NOTHING to improve the lot of millions of unemployed people in the U.S.:

Three of Obama’s five proposals are simply tax handouts for businesses. One would create a ten percent income tax credit for companies that “create new jobs” in 2012, and the second would expand the current tax subsidy for “investments in clean energy manufacturing.”

Under the guise of helping homeowners facing foreclosures, Obama is proposing to “cut red tape in the mortgage market,” meaning further deregulation of the mortgage industry. This under conditions in which home prices continue to plummet, and hundreds of thousands of families are on the brink of foreclosure.

Only one of his proposals is not a hand-out to corporations. As such, it is predictably trivial: He called for a program that would put 20,000 military veterans to work on an environmental conservation program over five years and provide an “online training program” in “the fundamentals of small business ownership” for 10,000 veterans.

Obama also called for a government tax cut to corporations that “in-source” jobs to the United States. It would allow corporations to write off all of their costs for setting up production facilities in the US, plus provide a tax credit of 20 percent on investment in the country.

This is of a piece with Obama’s entire economic program, which has aimed to drive down wages to the point where workers in the United States can be exploited more cheaply than those in countries such as China and Mexico.

Damon concludes:

... Immediate measures must be taken to put people to work. This includes a multi-trillion dollar public works program to rebuild infrastructure and meet all the needs of a complex society.

The basic problem is the capitalist system itself. So long as the economy is run in the interests of private profit, and the financial elite exercises dictatorial control over economic and political life, the most basic rights of the working class, including the right to a job, cannot be addressed.

We are getting royally screwed as workers by Obama. As much as we probably would be getting screwed by Romney. But wiith Obama you get the rhetorical faux-caring flourishes.

Don’t call it lesser evil, fogged in rationalizers for Obama. It is so not. The knife may be going into our back from Obama not into our front as it would from the Romneys of this world, but it is sliding in to the same critical degree nonetheless!


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Yes I was just saying in Scanners blog Libby. Why would I want to be a landscape designer when I can be a waiter in an Italian restaurant (and have Luigi pillage my tips)? Probably two maybe three million people are going to vote in the next election. There are close to a hundred million people waiting to vote with the 400 million weapons floating around in America. All hells about to break lose in this country Libby, the government knows it, I know it, and anybody who is paying attention knows it. As Mick Jagger once said:

“You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometimes you just might find
You just might find
You get what you need”
Why does it take a genius on the mount to tell us what we already know. We destroy infrastructure in war and re-build while our own is crumbling. We employ a huge armed force and then it comes home to unemployment. Our children are being offered the same jobs they lost a year ago at a lesser wage. I know I harp on this: But people...we are in trouble. Big trouble. If a man is earning half as much and his mortgage payments stay the same will that house become a vacant piece of property? Mr. President...come visit the middle class. It is stretched so thin it is going to 'pop'.....this cannot sustain. If you lose the election it will be because people are desperate for real answers. Mr. Romney..I hope you are listening, because the 'job' is gonna test the best you have to offer. Rhetoric does not create jobs. the way...we should follow Canada's lead and stop making useless pennies.
Gawd....Libby...I forgot to say good morning and great post, before I jumped on my own soap box. I hope the White House has a staffer for OS. :)
If things don't improve--jobs for decent pay or jobs period--I foresee more crime and domestic violence, among other things. Perhap average citizens will start robbing banks, perhaps they should. Aren't they stealing from us, after all? Where's Bonnie and Clyde when you need them?
I did read that the US Army is hiring Libby.
Security/concentration camp guards.

I suppose we can all work for Foxconn in them making IPods...
Well at first I wasn't going to bother to read your post. Then I decided to see just what you had to say. I agree with you on many points, up until you mentioned " the lesser of two evils". If you think by not voting or voting for a third party candidate is going to change things, you are a fool! Until our country truly adapts to a multi party system, a third party candidate hasn't a chance in hell. Likewise by not voting, you throw the vote over to the other guy, and honestly who would you rather see in that position? Don't try and tell me there is no difference!
The Trilateral Commission, a non-governmental, non-partisan discussion group founded by David Rockefeller in July 1973, to foster closer cooperation among the United States, Europe and Japan, addressed the expansion of western corporate socialism into the "third world" as a means of fighting communism and stabilizing "first world" currencies.

The result of their discussions was the EU, the collapse of the Soviet Union and the expansion of the economies of India, China and Brazil...and the key to that has been the decline of unionized manufacturing jobs and standards of living in the US, Europe and Japan while transferring production and expanding the economies and markets of the "third world."

It's a strange, strange world.
This was Green Party Jill Stein's ( stance when the job report before this last one came out:

"We are years away from getting back to the 5% unemployment rate we had before the recession, and even at that rate, things were falling apart for tens of millions Americans. The economy before the recession was transfering wealth from working people to the super rich. Now almost half of Americans are living in poverty or near poverty."

"According to Stein, the 1980s began 30 years of what she called “The Stolen Decades” in which the real wages and purchasing power of the average American worker began to flatline, and the wages of corporate CEOs shot up dramatically.

""Unemployment is a serious concern. Equally devastating has been the fact that stagnant wages are not letting people get ahead. Workers are dropping out of the middle class. Workers are not able to save for retirement. After adjusting for inflation, the federal minimum wage is $2.75 lower than it was 40 years ago. These have been the stolen decades for working people."

"Stein noted that the so-called ‘signs of recovery’ do not offer any hope to the urban poor, overwhelmingly people of color, who have struggled with mass unemployment, extreme poverty, and lack of economic opportunity for many years.

"When you're dealing with the harsh reality of youth unemployment rates above 50% and major segments of the community trapped in a lifetime of crushing poverty, you don't want to hear your government officials brag about how well their economic policies are working. You want to hear about plans for decisive action. That's why I'm advocating for a Green New Deal that will provide all the jobs we need - full employment - in the hard-hit communities where we most need them."

"We need major policy changes to bring economic security to the working people of America" Stein asserted. "The fundamental flaws of an economic policy dictated by Wall Street are apparent, even if they have sometimes been masked by periods of apparent growth that were actually financed by unsustainable credit card and housing debt. Wealth that should be invested in our local economy to create jobs is being put in the hands of the super rich who build factories abroad instead. Families disintegrate while the income of the richest few surges upward. This is changing America in a way that we must not accept."
Jack, decidedly Obama and the rest of the corporatist elite's GROTESQUE INDIFFERENCE to the struggling going on in this country is so very much like the "let them eat cake" deafness of the French aristocracy. DC a/k/a Versailles on the Potomac. Remember when New Orleans was drowning, people were on roof tops, the lucky ones who hadn't drowned already, begging for help and CNN was there but not serious governmental help. Yes, those who did help were valiant, but the grotesque (I keep using the adjectives grotesque and surreal as I describe the levels of indifference and incompetence with this government system, as I did with Bush's) incompetence based on lack of bottom line respect and responsibility for the welfare of the individual citizen. Public trust and common good got dumped from the vocabs of our corporate pimped out pols.

Obama/Romney -- Obomney -- are protectors and puppets of the gated community of the fabulously rich and sociopathic. Obama gives rare lip service to the needs of the middle class (but never walks the walk to begin to help it) and never even acknowledges there are any lower drowning classes beneath that (though the children of those classes have been cannon fodder and still are for too, long, or are providing Charles Dickensian prison servitude when they don't belong in prisons at all). The rat bastards are beyond listening, beyond heeding, beyond sane and humane governance.

MSNBC is busily re-mythologizing Obama, it makes me want to puke when I hear it. As the economic terrorism continues. As a vast number of bubble people argue that we must save the country from Romney. Dear God! Obama like Bush is doing most of the evil heavy lifting. What will be left if Romney gets in. Not much of the constitution left to shred. Not much of the globe left unmessed with by the US/NATO killing machine or Goldman Sachs, for that matter. best, libby
Thanks, Ande!!! Good morning back!!! :)

Wow, your comment is so reminiscent of what I just posted from Jill Stein. Absolutely no sustainability of this situation and yet incredibly enuf Obama and Romney's solutions are to deregulate even more, trust the creators of the crisis over and over (why cannot people get this???), continue to reward them -- the WHITE COLLAR CRIMINALS??? The Republicans castigate big government but it is really all about BAD government (and I won't forgive Clinton for ending Glass Steagal!). We have BAD government. BAD GOVERNMENT BECAUSE IT IS CAPTURED BY THE CORPORATISTS. The crazymaking of the corporatist conservatives who then attack all government for being ineffectual when THEY ARE THE ONES THAT BROUGHT IT TO SUCH SATURATED CORRUPTION. Agggghhhhhhhhh!!!! As M. Moore I think says, if you are not outraged you are not paying attention. Placid Obama? Not placid. Stepford President as Romney would be -- OBOMNEY -- trying to trickle up even more of the wealth, squeezing squeezing squeezing citizens to take away pensions and all safety net protections so hard won long ago -- like the advantages union fighters risked their lives and welfare for in many cases -- to now make the 1% or really the .1% or the .01% even more OBSCENELY wealthy. To undo the New Deal totally.

We live in a spiritually DARK DARK age now. And what has been spent on mass global death and destruction, well, everyone on the planet or at least the US could probably have been handed over far more than $1 million each to enjoy a happy and secure life. But that is not the sociopathic will of our governance and their overlords. When you really stare at the surreal numbers of what has been invested in EVIL. Arbitrary genocides for profit.

The corporate media tells us we get to choose from Column A or Column B and we get to pretend we have a CHOICE in America. If 80 million Obama supporters from 2008 collectively recognized the truth, we could make a difference. But denial is not just a river in Egypt!!!! Obama as war criminal. Obama as destroyer of citizen opportunities for basic livelihood. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Not any more!!! Just found out my nephew lost his Pell grant for a second year of college. WTG, Barack et al!!!

We need a paradigm shift from patriarchy, power and competition to humanism, partnership and cooperation. We should be working as a global community to save the planet. To deal with Fukushima's disasters. To repair the war or climate changed nature that have ravaged many corners of the world. To invest in the children of the world. It is doable if we drain the swamp of corruption. best, libby
will be back to finish commenting!! thanks guys for visiting this blog!!! libby
The claim that the current version of capitalism involves incentives through competition is very selective; since corporations have been allowed to consolidate into oligarchies they provide no competition to each other. At the same time the workers have to compete with workers around the world and it comes at a large corporate bureaucratic expense.

Workers in sweat shops get paid squat half way around the world; jobs are shipped overseas suppressing local wages; shipping, advertising, lobbying, subcontracting and distribution expenses go through the roof while manufacturing is cut to the bone.

This leads to high prices, low wages, crappy merchandise that falls apart much faster than it used to and no accountability.

None of this is mentioned by the politicians or the media.

This economic system is a disaster.
I knew Obummer was horrible but I didn’t think he was that bad. Thanks for enlightening me. Rated.
As our current crony capitalist government now operates, I think that now that Obama has "backed the car out of the ditch", it's time to once again run it into the ditch to prevent it being driven off the cliff. I'm perfectly happy to see the government "stalled", as a means of keeping it from doing greater harm-

I believe the answer is a true grass roots takeover from the local level of government on up, by people who believe in the Love and Justice of ordinary people, not the "wisdom" of our professional "Law Givers"
Erica, thank you. Good empathetic focus. I was reading about prisons and how one guy who stole a bag of golf clubs was given 25 years. Then I look at the white collar crooks still stealing and I just don't get it. The problems of poverty and its stress boggle the mind and heart for sure. Thwarted dreams and sorrow and misdirected anger! Pity especially the children of poverty. This is all so unnecessary. US should stop giving $3 billion a year to Israel and use to help citizens. Stop gutting humanitarian discretionary spending. Stop giving tax dollars to murderous imperialism. Stop giving tax breaks to the rich and tax them seriously. Start taxing if not stopping credit default swaps that incredibly are still going on. best, libby
Mission, I hear you. shudder. soft fascism will harden fast in America. There is such evil. What more can one say? Well, then again it is important for us to keep calling out the evil. Hoping the ripple effect of truth and commitment will emanate out. Not at the rate we want assuredly but who knows what small movement can be encouraged going in the direction of decency and morality. best, libby
Kenny, yes I can see where you are coming from. I wish you could see where I am coming from re the lesser evil mantra. Why is championing "lesser evilism" the way to go, when we can reach out to someone who is MORE DECENT? The more of us who do, the more the message is sent to the people most deserving and vulnerable to millions of citizens protesting their amorality. Being more a champion of social justice.

Why do we let the television and a back-stabbing legacy Dem Party insist we must stay stuck in defensiveness or covert collusion with the Republicans and the corporatist overlords and back THEIR CORPORATE CHOICE???? I think of RFK, who was a hero of mine, who asserted that some people look at things they way they are and ask WHY, he looked at things the way they could be and asked WHY NOT? Why not????

How can someone -- anywone -- reward a leader who throws out constitutional rights arbitrarily. Who assumes the right to kill citizens without due process? Who gives the obscene profit-making advantage to the vendors of health care and exploiting employers of citizens at the sacrifice of citizen welfare? Who is indifferent to a growing horrifying level of poverty? Who declares wars for profiteering. HE OFFERS SO LITTLE and that makes people cling all the harder to him, as if in the battered spouse syndrome. Why not go for principles that are serious and not lips service and celebrity posturing and branding when the advantage always goes to corporate overlords at the expensive of the citizenry?

So tired of rhetorical bullshit that never results in pro-citizen action and relief. Dear God. 80 million people believed or at least hoped for significant change in 2008. Do we shrug and sigh and then reward the betrayer of the promises, and THEY WERE MIGHTY BETRAYALS. Like ending the war and addressing the torture/detention issue.

Blaming the messengers of conscience calling out indecent leadership is not assuming a responsibility as a citizen. What will one tell one's descendants when fascism has a total lock. Well, honey child, I was there back in the day and I really asserted hard for "lesser evil"! Not exactly heroic imho!

hey, thanks for commenting and coming by! best, libby
thanks, jmac! Western corporate socialism? Wasn't that begun with the Marshall Plan first? Were we naive citizens in believing extended non-war engagement in the past was genuinely or at least partially cooperation for humanitarian support and not grotesquely and not so covertly self-serving for the privileged ruling class?. There was at least some degree of balance in terms of respect for nationalism along with the appreciation of internationalism. The third world exploitation for slave labor and the ugly American persona admittedly existed. But now, it certainly has turned into a lose/lose proposition for both the third world and the US as the new third world. Karma for those of us who have been unaware or detached from the third world exploitations and ruthlessness of sociopathic and avaricious corporations. Thank you marriage of neocons and neolibs!!! you rotten neo-regressives! best, libby
toritto! thanks for commenting! you know I used to say about now, these are the times that try men and women's souls. But now I say, these are the times that SHOULD BE trying men and women's souls, but so not enuf!!!! best, libby
Zachd! Good point about selective competition. Oligarchical monopolies! And about the new or not so new any more global competition. My last job got outsourced to India. But then about a year or two later it had switched to the Philippines! Wow, what a win/lose for the exploiting corporations vs. the rest of us GLOBALLY!!!

It really does suck, doesn't it? And as for the non-reporting corporate media, you mean the 5 global mega-conglomerates who don't want us to get the system and protest. Of course not!!! Agghhhhhhh!!!

Best, libby
johnny fever! thanks for visiting! Oh-bummer is right! best, libby
Rudy, to God's ear!!! The tricky part is building grassroots awareness by getting people to recognize the degree of disinformation on the tube and other mass US media! The common denominator media can be a national gift at times and at other times a tool for profound manipulation and propaganda. It is dizzying at times. One wants to learn what is happening but one is spun so by the spokespeople and framing of stories, as well as the lying, lying, lying and the boycotting of important stories and important potential leaders like Jill Stein. best, libby
"Competitive" is and always has been IMF wordspeak for strict wage control - in other words a stranglehold on organized labor that will keep wage increases below inflationary increases in the cost of living. They called it "competitive" when the German government supported kept wages stagnant for ten years despite high inflation. The other European countries allowed wage increases to keep up with inflation, and now Angele Merkel wants them punished with austerity cuts.
ii :-) borrowed coinage but it resonated for me, too!

Stuart, i hate that the austerity hawks have the media message, but of course they would, it being corporate media and them having captured international governments (having the military as a convenient weapon of control is no small leverage). and the US, the former at least illusionary bastion of democracy, is leading the austerity charge, at least in this country!!! best, libby
Here ya go Bonnie. Try this on for size:
When President Obama sent me an email asking for yet more money immediately after announcing his ‘evolution’ on ‘marriage equally’ (the money grubbers couldn’t wait a New York minute) all I wanted to know was, Why should I give him money for saying no more than Dick Cheney said eight years ago?