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JANUARY 18, 2012 2:51PM

Pretty snow

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It's snowing here. I woke and the world looked sweetly pretty, like a fairy tale. This will be the first time in a decade I get to see what this much snow looks like in my yard. Out I go with camera and umbrella.


The weather vane is my favorite garden feature. Grandpa nextdoor made it years ago when Mr. Neighbor was out of town and no one was home to stop him.  Mr. Neighbor was sent by the Mrs. to apologize that junk had appeared on my fence and promised to take it down. We're all different, I'd been thinking I was lucky the other neighbor didn't get to enjoy it and asked him to leave it. Grandpa lived with them and was in his 90's, he passed on but the weather vane throws a pinwheel of light through my bay window every afternoon. 

While having coffee this morning I noted the wind was from the south and was grateful to a man I only knew as Grandpa. 



Finding a quiet spot to hold back tears in the Kansas City airport I looked down to see this tiny friend sitting all alone on the edge of a chair. She kept me company on my trip home. I named her Tabitha after Jeff's cat who is so tiny my spread hand spans her body. My travel companion is experiencing sitting on the fence in the  snow because Haley wouldn't come out with me.


Crazy Woman Tree provides shelter under her in all weather. 


 Crazy Woman Tree struggles to wave her laden arms in the wind.


The garden angel came from a soda shop in Nevada on my move to Idaho from California. She says "Seeds Of Love" so she came with me and is the first thing I planted here. 


I didn't take a ruler out, but by 9:30 the snow was ankle deep.  Warm old leggings that NEVER leave the house over stylish patent vinyl boots with faux fur trim. Snow means improvise.


I ventured out front and saw the lamp post with dried clematis, I didn't clean the garden this year. Snow makes lots of things pretty. 



I could see a few berries the Cedar Waxwings left on this crab apple tree. I also noticed a Robin on the left enjoying them.


It's good that birds let me come quite close, my camera zoom isn't very good. The robin stopped eating to see how close I would come.


Here he's stretching to grab anothe berry, I wish I had a better camera so you could enjoy what my eyes saw.


Here his beak is still open as he swallows them whole. Stretch, pluck and gulp.


This is the high desert and it can get very dry and brown. We're supposed to get 4 - 7 inches which is a big storm for us. It will all be gone by tomorrow or the next day. For today, the snow makes everything look really soft and pretty. 


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Lovely! You captured the beauty wonderfully in these photos!
How very awesome! I'm no snow enthusiast but I love the way it transforms everything.

I miss Crazy Woman Tree. :(
knock down fall dead gorgeous pix! I love it when the snow rests so heavily on the limbs...and a robin too! wow! So lovely, Lheure! thanks!
YAY, editor's pick! I like the feets best... na, the Robin ones. Ain't it weird, no snow in New York (as per daisy chain), yet you have it up there where it was so dry in the years we got plastered.
It is much prettier in someone elses yard. Enjoy.r
Beautiful L'Heure - love how you can just see the red berries in the pics with the robin - thank you for sharing your corner of the world
Beautiful! Snow makes things so special.
Pretty!! Heck, here yesterday, we had tornados!!! IN THE MIDDLE OF JANUARY!! EEK!! I would have taken pictures of it, but I was toooooo scared!! Hiding in my safe spot!!! :D
Looks mighty good Blue.
But I don't do cold very well anymore. That's why I am here, enjoying this afternoon's rain and the 71F warm weather..
congrats on this EP. you earned it.
rated for those cold looking feet...
Beautiful pictures, Doris. I miss robins in winter. We have a lot of pretty snow here too, but last night's heavy winds broke a few branches off the trees and damaged some power lines.
A winter wonderland! Enchanting.
P.S. and congratulations on the EP!
That's the best kind of snow, here today, great pictures, gone tomorrow. And I like the robin. We have some that winter here, too. Congrats on the EP.
Very pretty, and I really am no fan of the snow...~r
Just beautiful. My fave????
The one with the feet- hands down..
Well done and congrats on the EP
This photos make me nostalgic for one of these beautiful snows.
We have only had a couple small dustings, the snow removal people have only been out once. This is Minnesota, its supposed to snow.
I love these photos, especially the robin. Just delightful.
rated with love
Love the fluffy fresh snow! Great photos and love the robin in the snowy trees!
Michelle, most of the snow is gone now but I have photos of the beauty.

desert_rat, thanks.

nana, you got to see the yard with frosting! I wish you were here to take the photos, my hands were shaking by the time I got to the robin, brrr.

The crazy woman, cat and tree miss you very much. :(

Persistent Muse, thank you. It muffles the colors and sound, it's like buttercream frosting.

daisy jane, I don't miss Minnesota snow but this is already half gone. It's the best of both worlds. Please send us a snow plow 'cause it's a nightmare now.

trig, thank you. I have an endless fascination with feet and hands but the Robin was joy, joy, joy. So funny how the hork the berries down whole. He graciously posed for so many pics!

hugs, me, you said it. I'm hoping the neighbor with the ATV shovels the block.

LammChops, I was thrilled to find him and knew he'd be enjoyed here.

Sheila, it changes how things look.

Tink, brilliant! You realize that not hiding from a tornado is a sign of a low IQ. I hadn't seen the news but am very glad you're safe.

Mission, it's a freaky year, much colder than usual but we have to get it once in a while. I should be in the tropics, I'm highly allergic to the cold!

Fusun, the Robins love my pesticide free yard filled with summer bugs and worms and winter fruit. Sorry about the heavy branches, it's so sad when trees are injured.

Erica K, it really was enchanting. Thank you.

phyllis, yes, come and go snow is the best kind. I hope this is it for winter. Thanks

Larry, thank you.

Joan, it's only my eyes that are a fan, the rest of me doesn't like it.

Patrick, it really is pretty.

Romantic Poetess, you would giggle at the news about all the people preparing for this "big storm" who jammed the stores yesterday. They started laying down de-icer last night.

The news is reporting that all 46 county vehicles (snowplows, sand trucks and de icers) were out all day. There are wrecks all over the place. I stayed home and made chicken soup.

Cathy, it's wonderful how it doesn't last long enough to be gray, or a huge problem. It was great how I had a chance to catch the robin in the perfect spot.
It also seems to wash the world, if only for a few days in some places. It damn sure needs it!
Don't even TALK to me about snow!!! Just don't. My water lines are frozen. My sewage lines are frozen. My temperament is frozen. It is 6F and has been 6F for the last 24 hours. The wind chill is 9F below zero.

My adventure in trailer living through a winter is a whole lot more winter than adventure.........
sweet fairy tale?
It all looks pretty REAL from here.

I'm taking it on the Robin's authority that safety lies in all that crystal clarity...

white holds all the light from that pinwheel spinning complete circles round seeds of love wrapped in ribbons of bleue's real life...

pretty sweet
and an EP too! Good for you!!
scanner, snow looks pretty but like so many pretty things it creates problems. Still, it's nice to look out the window.

Julie, thanks.

skypixieO, poor thing. What a disaster! I despise that kind of cold. We're lucky, it's in the 40's and I'm grateful for the warm. Keep warm and dry.

Just Another AJ, how appropos, the weather vane is right above the angel. Wonderful comment, wonderful thoughts.

Myriad, thank you.
Love the robin pic. We too had people scrambling all over waiting for the big storm, which will be gone tomorrow. I was just commenting on how beautiful our ugly front yard looks when its all covered in snow! Enjoy while you can.
The tree is gorgeous, the robin a treat, but the weathervane! Your grandpa was an artist--I think it was Marcel duChamp who put a bicycle wheel atop a stool and now it's in a museum (in Philadelphia?). I like this one better.
Oh how beautiful. I am waiting for that storm to hit us. I hope by tomorrow. I got back from Southern California to brown brown brown. I would love to have some Winter white to look at. (Check out my new grandbaby) :0)
Beautiful photos. Late here because of work. Mrs. and I stayed up last night until near 2 a.m. watching a snow fall through the 100 year old double hung windows in our house. We took photos like you did. It was magical.
This morning I went out to find my Japanese Coral Bark Maple
( Acer palmatum "Sango Kaku") has suffered a severe split. I think I have the tree doctor skills to bolt and cable the large arms back together and bring the cambium back in contact. The two arms hang over our backyard bridge. I have treated this tree like a baby for 25 years. It was shocking.
Now I am excited to get to the surgery needed.
I really liked these photos.
Snow photos download slow if you have rural hiccups.
also known as (blogger) ought to snowboard with you.
Australia has hot weather. They call people `Ay Mate.

They should order from 7-11 some Coffee-Mate for tea.
It's cold or warm? You 'chillaxin' and may get frostbites.
OH WOW! OH WOW! OH WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I WANT TO BE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cheers to Grandpa
and the pinwheel of light
shining through your afternoons.
I think Tabitha would like being a Siamese.
That robin makes me think of hope. Lovely post. I enjoyed it.
Gorgeous, Gorgeous snow! Wonderful Robin pictures!
Says the woman hundreds of miles away who doesn't have to shovel it or feel the cold.
Such beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing~
Great photos! Hope you are keeping warm. Thank you for sharing!!
Trilogy, he's a handsome well fed fellow. I loved it and it left, easier that way.

The Good Daughter, beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, that weathervane delights me every day.

Blu, that little girl is adorable! Sigh, the brown will be back here tomorrow but I would have hated the snow had it stayed.

alsoknownas, that's terrible! My neighbor had her big maple split badly in a windstorm, they were able to save it. Yes, doctor yours and send it positive energy, it will heal. Believe it or not, such things work.

Did Jeff ever tell you the giant tree is a Box Elder? There's one in the neighbors yard right behind the weathervane his dad put up.

Art, I'm old and fragile now so no snowboarding for me. It's not too cold here but I am never warm, I stay indoors until spring.

Little Kate! I WISH YOU WERE HERE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Inverted Interrobang, it's such a lovely thing, once that wheel took children around to play, now it makes the wind play with the sun for me.

nanatehay, she's a sweet little creature.

Maureen, the birds don't worry about what's next, they simply spread their wings and fly.

Shiral, it's raining and I won't have to shovel either. Woo hoo!

Susie, thank you and you're welcome.

zanelle, you're welcome. I only stayed out long enough for photos, Haley and I like it warm, thanks.
You captured everything beautifully. It's raining right now but hope I wake up to some white stuff. I saw a bunch of robins today. What's up with that? Congrats on the EP. -R-
It does indeed look like a fairyland and I especially loved the pictures of the robin.
Love the feathered friends not going hungry =-} Nice pix.
Your photographs are simply gorgeous. Pictures are the only way I enjoy snow!
Christine, I'm not sure if the robins are always here. It's possible I never noticed when it was brown. I'll wake up and it will be almost gone, good thing I got pictures!

Miguela, he was a delight and I like those best too.

blufeather, I planted a silver hawthorne and some cotoneasters for fall and winter. Summer and fall the buddleia feed the hummingbirds and butterflies. The little crab apples are the real treat, we live harmoniously.

Margaret, thanks. I'm with you, I dashed out, captured photos and came in shivering.

The roads could be all ice tomorrow, hopefully I make it into Boise to volunteer at the VA. I hope it's all gone when I awake. Sigh.
♥▬▬●▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬●▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬●▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ ஜ▬▬●▬​▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬●▬▬♥
* BEAUTIFUL SOUL AWARD!**** Once you have been given this award, you are supposed to paste it on the wall of AT LEAST 5 women/ men who deserve it. If you receive more than 3, you know you are truly special....You rock!! Its just to appreciate each other. It is always sweet to know that someone thinks you're a wonderful and special Person ♥♥♥ you are dont ever forget.
Beautiful Bleue and Congrats on EP! YAY!
Algis, your soul is gorgeous too. Thank you.

rita, it really was pretty, and the robin was very sweet. Thank you.
I love it! Thanks for sharing.
These are wonderful. I am so jealous; we've had no snow to speak of this year and it's in the 60s every day. Nice, but not winter!
Such beautiful pictures! I love your sentimental creatures and Grandpa's weathervane and your robin, and that your tree has a name. They add a special warmth and magic. Thank you!
These pictures made me feel cold! Good job!
Wonderful shots. I like the robin in the crab apple tree. There's a lovely blend of randomness and familiarity. Congrats, too. You are referenced at Big Salon as well. (r)
Simply gorgeous! There is a serious blizzard happening outside my window as I write these words. Yours scene looks serene and peaceful. You've really caught the beauty of winter with these shots.
Hi D (I volunteer with at the VA Home), keep reading at Open Salon. Just click on any name here in blue and have fun, it's what all of us do!!!

Harry, thank you!

Foolish Monkey, they made me feel good too.

bluestocking babe, thanks and you're welcome.

Laura, it's completely gone now but we're not at 40 yet, just non-stop drizzle. Hot cocoa weather for sure.

Joanne, my yard feels like part of my home. The tree is a clump of paper birch and the winds make the branches wave like a crazy woman. The birds chatter all day in that big tree.

I Love Life, I was freezing taking them... but it was fun too. Thanks.

Stacey, thank you. I try to keep things around me that feel like warm friends. Big Salon, wow!

Scarlett, I hope you, your loved ones and all your trees are safe. I hated Minnesota blizzards, stay warm and serene. Thank you.
Love your low-key style. Mysterious too...I'm wondering about the tears in the airport... Gorgeous photos.
Margaret, everything around us really is mysterious isn't it? We only think things are as they appear. One day of a gentle fairy land, a gift to make me a smile.

I'd spent the holidays with my sweetheart and was heading home and felt very much like weeping. My apologies, I tend to think only those I'm familiar with read my blog and have become too casual. A bad habit, especially since I received an Editors Pick.

Welcome and thank you for a lovely comment.
I wish I had a yard for it to snow on. I miss that. Thank you for sharing!
Oh the magic of snow! Love these!
Great pic. of the robin!
Beautiful photos! Loved the trees, but especially loved the robin in the snow. :)
Razzle Dazzle, it's pretty to look at. You're welcome!

elizabethkirby, that was the word I was searching for, it looked like the world was magic.

From The Midwest, thanks, it really was like he was posing.

Simple Shutterbug, I love my trees but especially love my sweet little birds. Thank you.
I LOVE the Robin! I have snow here in Pennsylvania, too. Warm wishes.
Love the natural contrast of black and white with a hint of color thrown in. Delicate and soothing. A keen photographic eye.