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Leon Freilich
Park Slope, New York,
Ink, Inc.
Light verse is my medium For the war on tedium. Draw up a comfy chair, Give a look right here. What've you got to lose Other than the blues? Think of this as an app To make you a cheerier chapp.


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APRIL 8, 2012 12:29PM

Feeding Pigeons

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If I splash out far too many crumbs,

Do the pigeons need a supplement of Tums?

Am I blameworthy and ripe for a beating,

Encouraging them in their rampant overeating?

Will you go and call me amicus pigeoni,

A poor excuse for a feathery kind of guy?

Is it really better to give than receive

If it's only me myself I deceive?

First, though, before you judge my charity:

Did he who made the pigeon make thee?

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What a delightful poem. I love the questions you pose. r
A twist on Blake...worth the read!
As someone who once got ordered by the police near Notre-Dame to stop feeding the pigeons because it encouraged "public filthiness", I say RIGHT ON!
This was a neat poem, really like it. In Hawaii I fed the seagulls rice and my son told me later that can kill them, my bad!
Charming poem, thank you.
"A poor excuse for a feathery sort of guy."

LOVE that line.
He did! and thank God he made you!