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FEBRUARY 13, 2011 6:50AM

Happy! Happy! Valentine

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"Voof!  Voof!" barks the German Shepherd,
Otto, peering at the online heart,
Tilting his head and spiraling his tail.
(Could he really be that smart?)

Valentine's Day, this brainy canine
Always trots for the urgent mail,
Knowing his lovely human companion
Waits excitedly for the holy grail.

None this year, Otto sees,
Opening the box, finding no letter;
She--his lifelong friend of friends--
She is downcast, like a losing bettor. 

"Voof, voof!"  He understands--
Online heart's the  way of today;
Pulls his lady to the screen,
Where she reads this roundelay.

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Soooooo....... "Voof, voof"?!!
A German accent for a German Sheppard I presume.

........and the accent of a Border Collie is.........?

My Old English Sheepdog doesn't back with an English Accent. Maybe he's Canadian?
Otto is a verry smart dog. And Leon is a vitty vriter!
German shepherds are my favorite dog.
Sexy Sadie barks "Vroom, Vroom"!
Scanner, don't you touch that dog.
Awww Leon, I always knew you were a romantic! R
heh... stop mocking the Canadians OE..:)
Lovely my dearest Leon.
rated with hugs
Aw, all of us ladies need an Otto! German or Canadian.
"Voof, voof!" Captures my heart on Valentines day!
Seems letter writing is a lost art. I think the last time I received an actual letter was the later part of the 80's.

Otto is a very sensitive fellow to understand the lady's disappointment. What a dog!

what a poem!
awww. Another side of leon.....r
Wooof! Happy WoofValentine's Wooofday! xox
OE--Canadian humor's the best.

Fusun--Way ahead of me.

Victoria--They're certainly helpful.

Blu--Deep down, everyone's deep down.

Linda--Thanks. Happy V. Day.

Linda--Sweet as ever. How do you do it?

OB--Otto makes rounds.

Hey--Jesus loves you.

Angie--Hope you gets a bushelful of paper Valentines.

Hugs--Call it Herr Doktor Jekyll

Bonnie--Me too. She's still online reading about Egypt.

Kate--A day of love and laughter for you and your husband.

Robin--Thanks for staying calm, not waising the woof.